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Brina Merilis
(RefID: 0001A6B8)
Home City Dawnstar
House Brina's House
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-25) Class Warrior
RefID 0001A6B8 BaseID 0001A6B7
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×11.7
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×3.3
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Block
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleCommander
Faction(s) CrimeFactionPale; DawnstarBrinaHouseFaction; Favor256QuestGiverFaction; Imperial Government; TownDawnstarFaction
Brina Merilis
"The Jarl and I have our disagreements."

Brina Merilis is a Nord warrior who owns a house in Dawnstar. She is a retired Legion legate and fought in the Great War, and her former subordinate Horik Halfhand still follows her around at all times. Brina will become Jarl of Dawnstar should you side with the Legion in the civil war and take control of the Pale from the Stormcloaks. If she is deposed again, she and Horik will take residence in the Winking Skeever.

She gets out of bed at 8am and always starts the day with a one-hour breakfast with Horik. She then leaves the house and starts patrolling around town. She pauses at noon and 6pm for one-hour meals. At 8pm she returns to her house and spends a bit of time with Horik before she goes to bed at midnight. If she is appointed Jarl, she will abandon her house and move into the White Hall, still with Horik by her side as Housecarl. She holds court every day between 8am and midnight.

She wears upper class attire, specifically fine clothes and fine boots. She carries a steel dagger, her house key, and a selection of common items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


When you enter Dawnstar for the first time, you will witness her having a heated argument with Skald the Elder in front of the jarl's hall. Like all other Dawnstar citizens, Brina has trouble sleeping before Waking Nightmare is complete. She can tell you about the issue.

"You come to Dawnstar at a bad time. Tempers are... fiery."
I came at a bad time? What's wrong?
"Not a single man or woman in Dawnstar has gotten a good night's rest in days. We keep having the same nightmare, over and over.
If people aren't tired, they're angry, and if they aren't angry, they're afraid. It's made keeping order a mess.
I hear Mara has sent one of her priests to the inn to try to calm people down, but I don't know how much words will do now."

She will also apologize for the public argument with Skald.

"The Jarl and I have our disagreements. Sorry if you had to overhear one of them."
Did I see you arguing with someone?
"Skald supports Ulfric's rebellion, and he doesn't like having a couple of old Legionnaires living in his town.
He's a fool. A dragon has attacked Helgen. Dawnstar needs the Empire now more than ever."

Lastly, she will readily provide information on where to drink and where to work.

I was looking for a drink. Or some work.
"Drowning your troubles in mead? A lot of folks are doing that these days. You'll want the Windpeak Inn.
As for work, you could try to catch Skald in a good mood, but your best bet would be working in the mines. They're on opposite ends of town."

She has several other greetings.

"I wasn't born in Skyrim, but when I served in the Legion this land became my home."
"Horik and I have lived here ever since I retired. He's a good soldier."

When you exit a conversation with her, she may say:

"Stay out of trouble, now."
"Just like old times, huh Horik?"

If she is appointed jarl, she seems confident in her ability to rule.

"I will serve Dawnstar as I always have."
"You should see the grin on Horik's face now that we're in charge. I know he hides it, but I can tell."

If you ask her about the safety of Dawnstar from dragons she will tell you the worrying truth. You can also ask her about the war, to which she'll give you a summary of how it's going.

Is Dawnstar prepared for dragon attacks?
"No. We're completely exposed. Bows and arrows are in short supply. Every building is made of thatch and wood.
I've given standing orders to the guards to prepare water bucket runs to the harbor in case of a fire, but that's all we can do."
How's the war going?
"The Empire has stretched itself too far. This rebellion in Skyrim is one problem, but solving it won't fix everything.
But that's the kind of talk an old warhorse shouldn't be making. Don't worry. I have my problems with the Empire, but I'm still a soldier first.
We'll keep peace and order in Dawnstar."


The current Jarl of Dawnstar, Skald the Elder, is a staunch Stormcloak supporter, and spends most of his funds and personnel to help Ulfric Stormcloak battle the Legion. Brina can do very little about it, although she tries. When you arrive in Dawnstar for the first time, you will find her outside the White Hall, engaged in a hefty argument with Skald:

Brina: "Divines [sic] sake, Skald. Who do you think we're threatening with our old war wounds? We're not soldiers, anymore."
Skald: "Your man Horik is wearing his old Legion armor. What should I make of that?"
Brina: "He's proud of his service, Skald. The Legion taught us loyalty. And we're loyal to Dawnstar."
Skald: "This isn't over. I catch you sending one letter to General Tullius, I'll have you both executed."

After the argument, Brina will return to her regular duties.

After a long day of patrolling, she will often have conversations with her old friend Horik when they spend time in the house before bedtime. Horik occasionally asks Brina how she's holding up.

"I'm fine, Horik. I just... are you worried about this war?"
Horik: "Are you all right? You seem tired."
Brina: "I'm fine, Horik. I just... are you worried about this war?"
Horik: "No. If we must fight, we will, and you will lead us to victory. As you always have."
Brina: "With you by my side, is that right Horik?"
Horik: "Of course. I would have it no other way."
Brina: "So much for old soldiers settling down to a life of luxury, eh?"

Sometimes, Brina asks Horik about himself.

Brina: "You never talk much about yourself, do you Horik? I swear, these past 30 years you've been at my side, and I think I barely know you."
Horik: "What's to say? I was born on a farm, joined the Legion when I came of age, and I've served you ever since."
Brina: "What about your family? There must have been someone waiting for you back at the farm. Wondering if you were ever coming home?"
Horik: "No. Can't say there was. My parents died when I was young. You and the Legion have been my only family since."
Brina: "I see. You're a good soldier, Horik. I'm sorry for intruding."
Horik: "You weren't. There's just not much to it."

The staff in the White Hall will also notice the difference between their new jarl and her predecessor. While Skald the Elder spent all day trying to persuade his court wizard to aid the Stormcloaks, Brina takes a more peaceful approach.

Brina: "Madena, I was wondering if you could help me with something. Your magic would be invaluable."
Madena: "If this is about battle magic, forget it. I've told every Jarl I've served under that I won't...."
Brina: "Actually, I was just wondering if you could make sure people are tended to if they get hurt. I'm sure you wouldn't object to that."
Madena: "I, well, no of course not. I would be glad to help."
Brina: "Thank you, Madena. I appreciate your assistance."

Brina and Horik's relationship will also change somewhat, with new responsibilities and more formality.

Brina: "Just like old times, huh Horik? You and me fighting in a war over some forsaken scrap of land."
Horik: "Brings back memories. Do you have any orders for me, Legate?"
Brina: "Keep the guard alert. I want to make sure no townspeople get hurt if there's trouble."
Horik: "Yes, Legate. No one is getting through us."
Brina: "Shor's bones, I hope you're right."

Horik and Brina occasionally talk about the ongoing civil war.

Horik: "We should go over our strategy again in case the Stormcloaks attack."
Brina: "I don't think that's needed, Horik. It's the same strategy we used for every major defense during the Great War. It'll serve just as well now."
Horik: "Considering how the Great War ended, I think we need to be cautious about what we rely on."
Brina: "Maybe you're right. I guess the battles I won yesterday won't win today's wars."
Horik: "I'm sorry, Legate. I didn't want to imply anything about your ability to lead. You're a hero to the Empire, and I...."
Brina: "Oh, don't be such an old stick, Horik. I was joking. I can do that, you know. Redo the battle plans. I'll look over them later."
Horik: "Yes, Legate."


"Brina was once renowned throughout the Legion for her leadership and her tactical ability. She is a stern woman who tolerates no foolishness from those under her command. She does have a warm side that sometimes shows through, although it is rarely seen since the start of the war."
  • The court of Dawnstar, whether under the control of Skald or Brina Merilis, is the only one that doesn't employ the services of a steward.
  • Although Brina says she was not born in Skyrim, she seems to have moved there early, as Frida's dialogue indicates Brina having been a respected citizen of Dawnstar since well before the Great War.
  • Game data lists Brina's relationship with Horik as lovers, as their relationship rank is 4.


  • Bounty quests turned in to Brina will not be removed from the quest journal upon completion, and cannot be removed with the console.
  • With Hearthfire, when she is made Jarl, Brina may be asked if the property she mentioned is still available, even if she hasn't mentioned it before.
  • If Dawnstar is transferred to Legion control via Season Unending or completion of the Civil War in favor of the Empire before visiting Dawnstar and witnessing Brina's argument with Jarl Skald, she may stand on the steps of the longhouse permanently. This will not affect her dialogue or any quest related behavior.
  •  Bypass the conversation by using the console to SetStage DialogueDawnstarIntroBrinaHorikSkaldScene 100