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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Receive your accolades for dealing with Elsweyr's dragon menace.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Dragonguard
Quest Giver: Sai Sahan
Location(s): Dragonguard Sanctum, Senchal Palace
Previous Quest: New Moon Rising
Reward: Eminence of Elsweyr
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6402
Attend Queen Khamira's ceremony
We reformed the Dragonguard and defeated Kaalgrontiid. I should see if there's anything else we need to take care of here in Southern Elsweyr.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Nahfahlaar in the Dragonguard Sanctum.
  2. Speak with Khamira in Senchal Palace.
  3. Speak with General Renmus in his office.
  4. Attend the ceremony in the palace courtyard.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The battle has been won. Sai Sahan would like you to check in on Nahfahlaar, and perhaps find out what happened after you escaped from the island. You also have the option of speaking with the rest of the Dragonguard, if you'd like. Nahfahlaar reveals that he and Tharn contained the explosion, destroying the island. He's not sure what happened to Abnur Tharn, but considering how weak he was, Nahfahlaar is sure he's probably dead. He thanks you for defeating his ancient enemy, but laments the death of Kaalgrontiid. He finds it unfortunate that such a powerful creature had to be put down, but he was too much of a danger to the rest of the world for Nahfahlaar to ignore. He flies off after your conversation. Sai enters the room just as Nahfahlaar leaves, and informs you that Queen Khamira has invited the entire Dragonguard to Senchal Palace for a ceremony. Sai says she wants to speak to you.

Head over to Senchal Palace and speak with Khamira, who is accompanied by the Cygnus Irregulars, Prefect Calo, Zamarak and Cadwell. Khamira has one last request for you: she would like you to speak with General Renmus and ask him if he and his Shields would like to have a place in the Elsweyr Confederacy. The General is in his office. You can either tell him to stay in Senchal and join the Confederacy, or convince him to leave for Cyrodiil. Once you've dealt with the general, head to the courtyard out the back end of Senchal Palace and speak with Queen Khamira. She rewards you for your valiant efforts. Depending on which quests you completed in Southern Elsweyr, the following characters can be in attendance: Skordo the Knife, Shazar the Sibilant, Catina Garrana, Daini, Safik, Sormund and Adara'hai. Zamarak, Prefect Calo and Cadwell from Northern Elsweyr will also be in attendance with three Khajiit Dominion Soldiers.

After the quest ends, the ceremony begins.

Queen Khamira: "People of Senchal, let us recognize the efforts of the Dragonguard. They saved Elsweyr from the rage of Dragons."
Queen Khamira: "First, let us bow our heads and remember Abnur Tharn, who gave his life to save Tamriel."
Queen Khamira: "Second, it brings me great joy to mark the return of Sai Sahan and the Dragonguard. May you always watch over us all."
Sai Sahan: "The honor is ours, Queen Khamira."
Queen Khamira: "And finally, join me in honoring my friend and champion, who ended the threat of Kaalgrontiid once and for all. Three cheers for five-claw! Three cheers for the Dragonguard!"

With this, the quest is completed. However, as you depart you may hear the voice of Khunzar-ri call out to you from the northern pavilion. Approach and he will appear for one final farewell.


  • Approaching the Spirit Alfiq sitting in front of the doors leading back into the palace will cause it to run down the steps and to the northeast. If you follow it to the gazebo there, it will disappear and Khunzar-ri will appear lounging on a sofa, where you can speak to him and receive a reward.

Quest StagesEdit

The Pride of Elsweyr
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sai Sahan asked me to speak to Nahfahlaar and find out what happened after we left the island. He also suggested I check in with the rest of the Dragonguard if I have the time.
Objective: Talk to Nahfahlaar
Optional Step: Talk to the Dragonguard
Hidden Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Hidden Objective: Talk to Za'ji
Hidden Objective: Talk to Caska
Hidden Objective: Talk to General Renmus
I should find Sai Sahan and let him know what I learned from Nahfahlaar.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Khamira requested my presence at Senchal Palace. I should go and see what she wants.
Objective: Go to Senchal Palace
I arrived at Senchal Palace. Now to talk to Khamira and see why she summoned me here.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Khamira wants me to offer General Renmus and the Shields of Senchal a position in the Elsweyr Confederacy that she hopes to reform.
Objective: Talk to General Renmus
Khamira is holding a ceremony to honor the Dragonguard. I should attend the ceremony.
Objective: Attend the Queen's Ceremony
Finishes quest  Queen Khamira wants to speak with me before she begins the ceremony.
Objective: Talk to Queen Khamira
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