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General Renmus
Home City Senchal
Location Senchal Palace
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Imperial Legion
Shields of Senchal
General Renmus

General Meric Renmus is the Imperial commander of the Thirteenth Legion, a unit that was ordered by Emperor Aquilarios to restore order in Senchal following the Knahaten Flu. The Thirteenth Legion wound up staying on as Senchal's protectors; being bestowed the name Shields of Senchal by the city. He resides in the former royal palace along with his daughter, Aeliah.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Dragon's LairEdit

A meeting between the general and Sai Sahan

Sai Sahan will need to get his permission for a ship to the nearby Tideholm to investigate the reports of a dragon. After some maneuvering, you finally get an audience though General Renmus quickly shows his dislike of your companion:

General Renmus: "It's not every day that Captain Sai Sahan graces my office."
Sai Sahan: "Greetings, general. I am here to request a ship to hunt down a nearby Dragon."
General Renmus: "Slay a Dragon? And this from a man who couldn't even protect our emperor?"
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps you should speak to my companion. They can share the details of our plan."

You can then speak with him to try and convince him:

"So you're a companion of the infamous Captain Sai Sahan. Though I suppose that title no longer means anything, given the current state of Cyrodiil.
Well then. Care to share how you plan to slay this Dragon?"
We plan to travel to a nearby island and hunt the Dragon down. That's why we need a ship.
"An admirable venture, I'll admit, if not a foolhardy one.
Unfortunately, I have neither the ship nor crew to lend you for such an expedition. The city is chaotic enough as it is, and I can't afford to spread my resources."
You have to let us try. This Dragon could attack Senchal at any moment.
"Which is precisely why I can't agree to your request. If a Dragon does attack Senchal, I need every soldier and ship under my command here to defend the city.
I'm sorry. Your cause is commendable, but my mind is made up."
I understand. We'll look for a ship elsewhere.

After you're done speaking with the general, Sai leaves the room.

Sai Sahan: "Thank you for your time, general. Come, my friend. Let's speak outside."

Before you following Sai out of the office, you can ask General Renmus some more questions:

"I don't doubt your sincerity, you understand. Nor your bravery. I just can't take any risks right now, not when Senchal is in such disorder."
I want to know more about you and your position.
"Meric Renmus, general of the Thirteenth Legion. Or what's left of it, in any case.
Fives years ago, Emperor Aquilarios sent my legion to Senchal. The city had been decimated by the Knahaten Flu and we were sent to help restore order."
So you were sent to take over the city?
"Of course not. I'm a general, not a dictator.
We defended the city walls as the Khajiit rebuilt their homes. We even worked with citizens of influence to form a city council, given that the entire royal family was wiped out by the plague."
So the Khajiit accept you?
"They see our value as protectors, at the very least. The city council even named us the Shields of Senchal. Sounds a bit friendlier than the Thirteenth Legion, I suppose."
Tell me about the situation in Senchal.
"Our biggest issue, other than the Dragons, is the influx of refugees pouring in from the devastated countryside.
They hope to find protection inside our city walls, but many wind up hungry and homeless."
Have you been able to fight back against the Dragons?
"We're soldiers, not Dragon hunters. The best we can do is fortify our defenses and pray we escape the notice of the beasts.
Perhaps not the most heroic course of actions, but by far the most sensible."
You seem to have some animosity toward Sai Sahan. Do you two have a history?
"We've never formally met, if that's what you're asking. But there isn't an Imperial soldier who doesn't know how Captain Sai Sahan failed to protect our emperor.
Now the Empire lies in ruins and my legion pays the price of his failure."
How does the Thirteenth Legion pay for Sai's failure?
"We lost our home. Even if we did make our way back to Cyrodiil, where would we go? Who would we fight for?
And so we stay behind crumbling walls, waiting in vain for someone to issue new orders. Orders that will never come."

Order of the New MoonEdit

When you enter his office with Ahliah, you'll find him having a conversation with distressed mother, Buzinda:

General Renmus: "My hands are tied. We don't have the resources to investigate your daughter's disappearance."
Buzinda: "This one understands. Thank you for your time, general."

His daughter will interrupt:

Aeliah Renmus : "Pardon the interruption. Do you have a moment, father?"
General Renmus : "A moment? Yes, but only that."

When spoken to:

"Here for another ship? Last I heard, the Perfect Pounce was still in condition enough to sail. Or perhaps you find her crew lacking?"
I'm here about a Dragon cult that may be recruiting in your city. They wear dark robes.
"The Order of the New Moon. Yes, I know of them. They've been recruiting in Senchal for some time, preying on skooma addicts and vagrants. A repugnant practice.
You believe this order is a Dragon cult?"
Yes. They serve the Dragon Laatvulon. I've faced them several times.
"As if Dragons weren't troublesome enough.
As you heard, the Shields' resources are stretched thin. Senchal is one disaster away from a full–blown riot, and I need my soldiers on the streets. I can't spare any to deal with this matter."
Tell me what you know and I'll take care of the cult.
"You want to investigate? By all means. Buzinda, the Khajiit who was just in my office, believes the Order of the New Moon recruited her daughter, Lahini. Find Lahini and you should find the cult.
Speak to Buzinda and see what she can tell you."
All right, I'll speak to Buzinda.

He can then be asked questions:

"I'd consider it a personal favor if you find Lahini and return her to her family. I wish I had the resources to do more."
You mentioned that Senchal was close to rioting. Did something happen?
"Not a specific event, but a simmering pot eventually boils over. As long as refugees continue to pour into Senchal, turmoil will continue to brew.
It doesn't help that my city envoy has abandoned me."
Your city envoy?
"My daughter, Aeliah.
She has a good head for diplomacy. Her understanding of both Imperial and Khajiit culture has been a great help to my legion over the years. Then you showed up and she deserted me."
Aeliah chose to join the Dragonguard.
"And I respect her right to do so. She chose to fight this Dragon invasion directly, and I'm proud of her.
But that doesn't mean I'm not worried. Or that I regret losing one of the few resources I still had."
If you care about Lahini's safety, why refuse to help find her?
"Karzerr, twenty-nine. Silver hair, green eyes, scar under right eye. Missing thirty-one days. Abazita, forty-three. Orange hair, yellow eyes, wears flower-pendant necklace. Missing fourteen days. Lahini, twenty-one…
The list goes on and on."
You have a lot of missing citizens?
"Thirty-two, by last count. And those are just the ones that have been reported.
A lot of them have left the city, what with the Dragons and all. The rest? I don't have the resources to conduct investigations and defend Senchal."
Sounds like a desperate situation.
"Indeed. Perhaps I'm a fool to keep turning you away like this. The more I hear about the forces we're up against, the more I realize that this threat extends far beyond our city walls. Yet my duty must be to Senchal, no matter the cost."

The DragonguardEdit

Before you have the chance to return to Senchal to speak the General, Renmus himself arrives in Nahfahlaar's Chamber.

General Renmus: "No need to travel to Senchal, Dragonguard."
General Renmus: "I owe all of you an apology. I thought I acted for the good of Senchal, but there is blood on my hands."
General Renmus: "If you'll have us, the Shields of Senchal will fight alongside the Dragonguard."
Sai Sahan: "We've always been on the same side. I'm glad you finally realized that."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"You can thank my daughter for all this. She can be quite persuasive when she wants to be. Just like her mother.
The Shields of Senchal are ready to aid you, Dragonguard."
We're looking for two Dragons battling each other, one red and the other black.
"Yes, those particular Dragons aren't very subtle. There's been an abundance of sightings.
The latest reports indicate they were heading north of Senchal, in the company of a great deal of cultists and several Dragons."
Any idea where they're headed?
"Not yet.
I have a contingent of soldiers stationed at the west sentry tower, just northwest of Senchal. They can let you know the current location of your fighting Dragons."
I'll head to the west sentry tower at once.

You can continue to speak to him to get more info:

"I'll work with Captain Sai Sahan to formulate a plan of attack. We'll march north of Senchal as soon as we're able."
Why have you decided to join us now?
"To be honest, I've been mulling over this alliance since you first entered my office.
But I was certain that if I left Senchal defenseless, it would fall to ruin. Just like Cyrodiil."
Just like Cyrodiil? What do you mean?
"When I left Cyrodiil all those years ago, the unimaginable happened. My emperor was killed and Daedra attacked. And I wasn't there to defend my home. That knowledge changed me.
I couldn't let something similar happen to Senchal."
So why the change of heart?
"'We face the darkness of fear to find the light of courage.' That's something my wife often said. And something Aeliah just recently reminded me.
I can't let fear dictate my actions. And so I will join with you."
What aid can the Shields of Senchal offer our Dragonguard?/And what aid can the Shields of Senchal offer our Dragonguard?
"Tactical information, supplies, soldiers. Now that we're in this fight, you'll find the Shields of Senchal an invaluable ally."
And what about Senchal? Can you still defend the city while helping us?
"I haven't left Senchal completely defenseless.
Besides, if we don't defeat Laatvulon now there won't be a city left to defend. Unless my daughter has exaggerated the dangers?"
No. Laatvulon means to destroy all of Tamriel and start a new order of Dragon rule.
"A cruel race, these Dragons. They would rather rule over ashes than allow us to remain free. It's not just Senchal at stake, or even Elsweyr. All of Tamriel is in peril."

Arrive at Doomstone Keep and Sai, Aeliah, and Renmus will be there already:

Sai Sahan : "Look! Above the ruins!"

Nahfahlaar is being attacked by another unidentified dragon and falls behind the keep walls:

Sai Sahan : "Nahfahlaar has fallen. We need to get into that keep."
Aeliah Renmus : "What are we going to do now?"
General Renmus : "Without reinforcements, we have no way to take the keep."
Sai Sahan : "As long as the Dragonguard still stand, there is always a way."

Speak to Renmus and he'll say:

"Despite my rank, I defer to Captain Sai Sahan in this battle. You should speak to him about our next step."

After speaking to Sai, he'll tell you:

"Searching for Nahfahlaar may be a fool's errand, you understand. We don't even know if he's still alive.
No matter. My reluctance to aid you has done little good so far. I'll lead the others while you and Sai Sahan search."

After returning from Doomkeep to the Dragonguard Sanctuary, he'll say:

"Excellent fighting out there, Dragonguard. Of course, your work isn't done. There remain plenty of Dragons for your order to slay.
But I swear to you, from here on, that the Shields of Senchal will aid you however we can."
What's next for the Shields of Senchal?
"We'll continue to protect Senchal and its citizens, of course. Try our best to keep order.
But I do have plans beyond that. On day, the Shields of Senchal will protect all of Pellitine. No more hiding behind city walls."
And what about Aeliah? Will you ask her to join you?
"As much as I would like to keep my daughter by my side, I don't think that would be wise. She's grown so much during her time with the Dragonguard. Her place is here.
I couldn't be prouder of the woman she has become."

New Moon RisingEdit

After you have returned to the Sanctum from Khunzar-ri's tomb in the Moonlit Cove, the General can be found there accompanied by his soldiers and talking to his daughter.

General Renmus: "If this Kaalgrontiid actually exists, how can either the Shields or the Dragonguard hope to stand against it?"
Aeliah Renmus: "Just trust us, father. I swear, we won't let you down."

You have the option of speaking with him before talking with Sai Sahan upstairs:

"Well met. I hear you've been busy since we last spoke. Is it true you were on that island as it began to rise into the sky?
No, don't tell me. I'd prefer not to learn the no doubt insanity inducing details."
What brings you to the sanctum, general?
"Information, obviously. It isn't every day an island flies up into the sky. I wanted to find out what the Dragonguard knew about it.
My daughter provided more than I bargained for, what with the details concerning a mad Dragon's plans for godhood."
Will the Senchal Shields help us fight?
"The Shields will do as they have always done—keep Senchal safe and make sure its people come to no harm.
I wish I believed this threat were confined to Senchal or even Southern Elsweyr, but I fear the danger extends beyond our borders."
Isn't that a reason to help us?
"When the conflagration begins, all we can do is attempt to keep our own space drenched against the flames.
I wish the Dragonguard success, but I must see to my own. I hope you understand."

He will be standing by as Khamira opens a portal to the Jonelight Path.

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

You must speak with him in his office on behalf of Queen Khamira.

General Renmus: "How can I get any work done with these constant interruptions?"

Despite this, speak with him about the queen's offer:

"Ah, it's you. I understand we have you to thank for stopping the Dragon and getting rid of the floating island? Thank you.
But what brings you to my office at this particular point in time?"
Queen Khamira sent me to offer the Shields a position in the restored Elsweyr Confederacy.
"So, Anequina seeks to come to the rescue of Pellitine? We've been doing quite well on our own, I'll have you know.
Oh, who am I kidding? The Shields have been getting by on luck and tenacity … and then the Dragons came."
Queen Khamira just wants help.
"My soldiers and I, we swore an oath to the Empire. If we forsake that oath and take up with Rimmen's queen, what does that say about our commitment and loyalty?
I seem to be caught between my pride and my honor. What do you think, Dragonguard?"
Accept the Queen's offer. Senchal needs the Shields, and the Shields need support.
"You make an excellent point. The Empire no longer exists but Senchal continues to need us. It would be dishonorable to turn away from our duty.
Very well. For Senchal and its people, I will agree to Queen Khamira's terms."
Good luck, General Renmus.
You don't have to accept. You did your duty. You can return to Cyrodiil with your head held high.
"Your words ring true. It's time to return home … to whatever remains of it, at any rate.
I will let Queen Khamira know of my decision. I'll leave it to the rest of the Shields to determine their own course of action."
Good luck, General Renmus.

Aeliah will appear in General Renmus's office after you've spoken with him. Her conversation with her father will be differ depending on what you advised the general to do.

If you convinced General Renmus to allow the Shields to stay in Senchal:

Aeliah Renmus: "Father, excuse the interruption, but the ceremony is about to begin!"
General Renmus: "Perfect timing! And Aeliah, I've accepted Queen Khamira's offer. We shall help her reestablish the Elsweyr Confederacy."
Aeliah Renmus: "That's excellent news, father!"
General Renmus: "Senchal needs the Shields. And the Shields need the support of a monarch."
General Renmus: "Now come along. We need to get all of you to that ceremony!"
Aeliah Renmus: "As you say, father."

If you convinced him to return to Cyrodiil, the conversation will turn out a little differently.

Aeliah Renmus: "Father, excuse the interruption, but the ceremony is about to begin!"
General Renmus: "Perfect timing! And Aeliah, I won't be accepting Queen Khamira's offer. It's time I returned home."
Aeliah Renmus: "You're leaving Senchal? Returning to Cyrodiil?"
General Renmus: "I've done all I can here. And you have the Dragonguard now. It's time I checked in on the Empire."
Aeliah Renmus: "We can discuss this later. We need to get all of you to the ceremony."

Speaking with him before leaving for the ceremony:

"I suggest we make our way to the gardens and attend the queen's ceremony. If we're late, Aeliah's apt to use us as target practice!"

Speaking to him before the ceremony if you asked him to stay:

"No matter what the morrow may bring, tonight is for celebration! I'm so proud of Aeliah. And you and the Dragonguard, of course.
But I'm especially proud of Aeliah."
How will the rest of the Shields accept your decision?
"With gratitude, I should expect. With Queen Khamira's support, we'll finally have access to proper equipment, supplies. Watches can be shorter, patrols can be increased… everything will be safer. The Empire could not give us that, I must admit."

If he is leaving the city, you can ask what he will do once he returns to Cyrodiil:

What will you do back in Cyrodiil?
"Return to Imperial City. Find the person in charge. Then introduce myself and offer my services. If they remember me, all the better!
We'll work block by block, district by district. With the heart restored, in time the Empire will flourish."

After the ceremony, he can be found in the main hall of the palace. He will note that there is still plenty of work for the Dragonguard.

"Even with Laatvulon killed, there's still plenty of Dragons in Southern Elsweyr. The sooner your Dragonguard can rid us of these blasted beasts, the better."


  • He is voiced by David Lodge.
  • General Renmus is a renowned tactician. According to Prefect Calo, his tactical withdrawal from Cheydinhal was studied at the legionary academy.
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