Location South Guard Ruins
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Safik is a Khajiit found at South Guard Ruins. He lives there with his sister, Daini.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Childhood in FlamesEdit

You will find him at Daini's shelter, stirring a pot of soup.

Sormund: "I can't wait much longer, Safik. If Daini doesn't come back soon ...."
Galeneth: "Ugh. Don't get your beard in a twist, Sormund."
Safik: "She will be back any minute! Trust Safik! Here, have some soup while you wait. You love soup! Right? Everyone loves soup."

Speak with him.

"Oh! Greetings, walker. Apologies, but have we met before?"
Are you Safik? Your sister sent me to check on you and your friends.
"Yes, this one is Safik. Daini sent you, eh? If she sent you to check on me, we must be in danger.
Let this one guess—she tried to rob Turo and made a mess of it."
Yes, that's exactly what happened. How did you know?
"Daini, why can you not just—? Safik's sister is wise and prudent in all things except this business with Turo. You must understand, he hurt us deeply. She refuses to let it go, even as we try to escape this place.
Is she coming soon?"
She's busy covering her tracks. She should be here any moment.

Speaking with him after Daini arrives:

"You should speak with this one's sister quickly. Safik fears we may not have much time left here.

Speaking with him after speaking to Daini:

"So, it is off to Papa's old warehouse. You will be careful, yes? In and out, like a serpent's fangs.
And do not let this one's sister wander, all right? That place is full of old ghosts. Bad memories. Moons protect you, walker."

Speaking with him before freeing Daini:

"Safik is very glad to see you, walker. Go … cut Daini down first."'

After freeing Daini:

"Oh dear, oh dear. What will we do now?"

Before opening the gate so he and Daini can escape on Turo's boat:

"Time to leave, yes? Let's get out of here."

Daini turns to her brother and frees him after you free her.

Daini: "Quickly, get the gate open while this one frees her brother. Let's get out of here!"
Safik: "What a nightmare! Daini, say we are leaving?"
Daini: "Yes little brother, we are going far, far away. Let's get on the boat. Come."

Speaking with him before ending the quest with Daini:

"Seems Daini finally put her faith in the right person, yes? Thank you for getting us out of that horrible place!"

After the quest:

"Safik has no idea how to sail a vessel that size, but he will do his best to do his part!
They say the surest way to a sailor's heart is through the belly, yes? And no one makes soups like Safik!"

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

If you completed his quest in Southern Elsweyr before finishing the zone story's epilogue, he appears at the ceremony with Daini and Sormund.

"Ha! This one thought you brave when you marched against Turo and his slavers. And now this one hears you went to a floating island and bested a Dragon? It makes Safik feel foolish."
Weren't you and Daini heading north?
"Yes, this one and Daini still plan to take the voyage. But we could not leave without seeing the queen and honoring the Dragonguard!
Isn't all this ceremony grand?"