Online: People
Location South Guard Ruins
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Daini is a Khajiit who can be found outside of the South Guard Ruins. She lives there with her brother, Safik and their friends, at the mercy of the Black Gulls and their leader. Daini is trying to put together enough funds to leave the place behind, and she will need some assistance after her plan goes awry.

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A Childhood in FlamesEdit

She can be encountered on the path leading into the ruins, looking over at nearby destroyed caravan, exclaiming, "Damned dungy birds!"

You can then talk with her to see what is wrong, she will not notice you at first.

"Ziss'vo, Daini! Can you do nothing right? How will we escape now? Just have to—oh!
Can I … can I help you, walker?"
You seem upset. Is something wrong?
"Oh, this one was just …. Ugh, I will not fib. Daini meant to rob this caravan. Do not judge! I swear on the Moons I did not … this was an accident! Even if it was not, those muskarses were slavers, killers, and worse!
Dull-witted terror birds!"
What happened with the terror birds? Did they wreck all those wagons?
"Yes. Daini set them on the caravaners. Only to scare them! But the birds gobbled the guards up. Bad luck for them and for Daini. The goods I meant to steal are ruined!
Daini can fix this. I just … I really need help. You will help, yes?"
All right, I'll help you get out of this.

Once you have agreed to help, you can ask her more about herself.

"Thank you, walker. If we can find something valuable in the wreckage, Daini can use it to pay for her passage out of South Guard.
I know how this looks, but I swear my brother Safik and I only want to escape this place and the jeeks who ruined it."
You said these caravaners were criminals. What else do you know about them?
"Bah! What else is there to know? Nothing but clawless brutes, all of them!
Sorry. Daini has lived under the heel of these muskarses—and muskarses like them—all her life. I did not mean for them to die, but I cannot shed a tear at their passing."
Did you know any of them personally?
"No. The cat they serve, though? Daini knows him all too well. But he is not worth talking about. Someone in my position does not have the luxury of vendettas.
This one needs wealth to leave South Guard. It is as simple as that."
How did you manage to corral all these terror birds?
"Impressive yes? An old trick that Daini's father taught her. Set a campfire and fan the smoke toward a herd. They think a blaze approaches and run in the opposite direction. Not much left to burn here nowadays, but it still works."
I noticed the fire damage. What happened here anyway?
"New here, eh? You ask what happened? The Scorch happened.
At the height of the Knahaten Flu, the Khajiit went mad trying to halt the spread. Frantic cats set fire to houses, towns, whole cities to try to burn out the sickness. It did not work."
So someone burned this place to deal with the flu?
"Heh. That is what we are meant to believe. One great blaze to purge the flu from South Guard!
In truth, there were two fires. One meant to deal with the sickness, and another meant to kill …. A story for another time, I think."
Why do you and Safik want to leave South Guard? / Why do you want to leave South Guard?
"Is it not obvious? Ever since the flu, South Guard stinks of ash and bloodshed. No artisans ply their trade here. No merchants sell their wares. Only skooma-dealers, and slavers, and cutthroats remain.
We cannot live this way anymore."
You tried to rob a carvan. Doesn't that make you a criminal too?
"I …. We live hand-to-mouth here, walker. In South Guard, you learn to steal or you starve. It is that simple.
Daini does what she has to to keep us afloat, but Safik has a gentle heart. He still has a chance to do something good with his life."
So, how will these goods help you and Safik escape?
"This one secured passage on a Nord merchant ship bound for Mistral. Plenty of opportunities there for people like my brother and me.
I owe the ship's captain, Sormund, just a few drakes more. Soon we will turn our backs on this place for good."

After you've retrieved what remains of the valuables from the caravan, you can hear the end of her conversation with Antonia Matias.

Antonia Matias: "Turo? This was Turo's caravan? Daini, he'll kill us all for this!"
Daini: "Calm down, Antonia. Just come back to the house, yes? Daini will explain everything."
Antonia Matias: "I need to ... maybe he'll go easy if I tell him what happened! Get away from me!"

Antonia with then run off, you can then speak with Daini and show her what you have found.

"Ah, you are back. And with all your limbs. Good. Good.
What did you find in the wreckage? Please tell Daini you found something more than splintered crates and giant murder-chickens."
This is all I was able to salvage.
"Ugh! Shattered bottles and ruined silks would not earn us a berth on a dingy, let alone a seafaring vessel. And now Antonia goes to sell our pelts to Turo. Kra!
Daini will think of something. She has to."
Who is this Turo, exactly? I found his name on the cargo manifest.
"A short-snouted arsonist with a heart as black as those scorched trees. He controls all of South Guard. He … it does not matter.
Daini has a shelter south of here. My brother is there. Can you check on him? Daini will follow soon."
I'll check on your brother, but I need some answers.

You can ask her more about Antonia and Turo, though she is more forthcoming about the former.

"Of course, walker. Daini owes you a few answers at least."
Who is Antonia, exactly? / And who is Antonia, exactly?
"A friend. Well, Daini uses that word loosely. An acquaintance, really.
She fixed herself to me like a barnacle some years back—eating much, but providing little, you see? When I resolved to leave South Guard, she insisted on coming along."
And now?
"Now she sells us out to save her own hide. Typical.
In her heart, Daini always knew Antonia would get cold paws and call off before long. This one just hoped the little skeever would do it quietly."
Do you think she'll go through with it and tell Turo?
"Oh yes. Antonia lies often, but never about something like this. She is a survivor—always has been. Like a Rimmenite alley roach. For now, anyway.
Mara help her."
What do you mean, for now?
"Turo does not respond well to bad news. The people who deliver it … more often than not, it is the last message they ever deliver.
He will come for us soon after. We must move quicker."
Why are you so reluctant to talk about Turo?
"He is not worth talking about. Daini hates him, and will continue to hate him until the day she dies.
All you need know is that he is both evil and wealthy. This one will take that wealth away from him. Daini has nothing else to say on the subject."

Speaking with her again:

"Why do you linger? Daini will be along soon. See to my brother, yes? South, past the walls. You cannot miss him."

She will arrive at the shelter after you have spoken with Safik.

Daini: "Safik? Galeneth? Ah, there you are. And Sormund remains? Good."
Sormund: "Not for much longer, Daini. I leave with the tide, with or without you."

When you speak with her again, Daini will want your assurances that you are still with her and will then explain her plan to hit Turo's warehouse.

"You found the place! And Safik is well? Good. Let this one guess, Sormund blusters like a Pahmar squall. Pay him no mind. He is like a harbor mutt, yes? Bark, bark, bark, but no teeth.
Now, we have work to do—that is, if you still mean to help?"
I'll help, but Safik seems worried.
"Safik …. Daini loves him dearly, but he lacks a thief's edge. He sees mortal risk in loose cobblestones and old rusty nails. We needn't worry.
This one found a new target. Turo owns a warehouse to the east, packed with trade goods and treasures."
So, you plan to rob Turo a second time?
"Who else should Daini rob? Turo owns South Guard!
Safik told you this was personal, didn't he? Moons …. I will say it one last time: Daini does not care about Turo. She wants his treasures, nothing more. Now, are you in?"
Yes, I'm still in. I'll meet you at this warehouse.

You can ask her more questions about the warehouse.

"Many guards patrol Turo's warehouse, walker. Make sure you are ready, yes?"
How do you know about this warehouse?
"It belonged to Daini's father. Before Turo.
This one's father said old Moon Priests used to conduct rituals in there—back before all the old temples started falling down. Some folk think turning an old temple into a warehouse is blasphemy."
What do you think?
"It never bothered Papa. He said storing goods in a sacred place kept the ghosts out. Daini does not know why ghosts would try to get into boxes of sugarcane. Just silly, you know?
Papa used to say silly things like that all the time."
What does Turo store in there?
"More than sugarcane, I can tell you that.
That place might have kept the ghosts out, but it will not thwart us, walker. We will take what's ours."

After you're done speaking to Daini, Sormund will sight and ask:

Sormund: "What are you up to now, Daini?"
Daini: "What you asked, Sormund! Don't worry. You'll have your goods soon enough."

Once you arrive at the warehouse, Daini will appear in a puff of smoke.

Daini: "Daini is here! Quick, let us discuss strategy."

When you speak with her, she will explain what happened to South Guard and her father when Turo took over.

"So, this is Turo's warehouse, such as it is. Formerly my father's warehouse.
Coming back … it brings me no joy. I used to play here. Darting between the crates … hiding in barrels. Then, Papa died. Ironic that we rob his grave, yes?"
His grave? He died here in this warehouse?
"Yes. Burned alive.
Fires raged across South Guard at the time—to deal with the flu, yes? Turo used this. He and his thugs pushed their competitors—Khajiit like my father—into this warehouse and set it ablaze. To make it look like an accident."
I'm sorry. So, that's why you hate Turo.
"Yes. But this is in the past. Daini must see to the present.
Turo marks his personal goods with a crude seal to ward off idiots who might be tempted to skim off the top. Search the marked crates, and we should find something valuable."

Daini will comment on the things you find in the crates.
About the Stolen Ceramics:

Daini: "Hmm. Stolen pottery? Too cumbersome. Let us keep looking, yes?"

About the Stolen Books:

Daini: "Books? Daini doubts Turo even knows how to read. Hmm. No rare titles. Leave them."

On the Torval Brandy:

Daini: "Torval spirits? Mara knows Sormund's crew drinks enough already. There has to be something else around here."

Upon reaching the cellar door:

Daini: "Ah, the door to the cellar. Papa always kept the most valuable goods down there. Let's have a look."

Once inside the cellar she'll ask you to keep searching.

Daini: "More crates. Hurry and check them, walker. I thought I heard someone approaching."

After searching the marked crate in the cellar:

Daini: "Shh! Someone is coming. Hide, quickly!"

After witnesing Antonia and Turo's meeting, Daini leaves with urgency.

Daini: "Blessed Mara, we're out of time. He's going to kill Safik! We have to get back! Now!"

When you arrive back at the shelter, you will find everyone else missing except for a distraught Dani. True to his word, Turo abducted her friends with plans to either enslave or kill them.

"They are gone, walker! Daini's brother, Malahbu, Galeneth … and Sormund also! Turo took them."
Are you absolutely sure? They might have gone somewhere else to hide, right?
"No. Turo left a note telling Daini to turn herself in. He holds Safik prisoner in his fortress and will kill him if she refuses. Mara's heart, we were so close!
Stupid! Reckless! This is all Daini's fault. No … no, it is Turo's fault!"
You said this wasn't personal.
"It isn't. It isn't. This one just needs … Turo has all the gold, and …."
"He murdered my father! Burned him like kindling-wood! And now he steals my friends? Daini will make him pay! She will rake his eyes out and feed what remains to the dogs! She will ….
No. No, this has gone on long enough. Safik is all that matters."
How do we get him and the others back?
"Daini will turn herself in to keep Turo distracted. While he gloats and blusters, you must find and free the others. Start at his harbor safe house. It lies south of here, along the coast.
Meet me in his fortress as soon as you can. Moons guide you."
All right, I'll rescue the others and meet you in Turo's fortress. Good luck.

Speaking with her again before leaving to rescue the others:

"Please, do not delay. Save the others.
I will hold out as long as I can, but eventually Turo will tire of hurting me. Then …. Just hurry, walker."

While you go and track down her abducted friends, Daini will turn herself in to Turo. Once you have made your way into Turo's fortress and dealt with him, you can find Daini and Safik chained up within the Secret Cellar. She will be relieved to see you.

Daini: "Walker? Praise Alkosh! Quickly, cut me down and get this door open. We can use Turo's boat to escape!"

Once you have freed her she will want to know what happened to Turo.

"You came for us! Truly, walker, Daini did not think she would see another sunrise.
Did you slip past Turo, or …?"
I killed Turo.
"Daini would be lying if she said she was not glad to hear it. But then, this one's thirst for vengeance very nearly got us killed.
Enough of that. We should go before Turo's thugs find us. Into the boat, yes?"

Daini turns to her brother and frees him.

Daini: "Quickly, get the gate open while this one frees her brother. Let's get out of here!"
Safik: "What a nightmare! Daini, say we are leaving?"
Daini: "Yes little brother, we are going far, far away. Let's get on the boat. Come."

After you have escaped Turo's fortress, you can find Daini gathered with the others around the sailboat. She managed to hide Turo's jewels away which are more than enough to pay for their passage out of South Guard.

"Well, that was an adventure. Of sorts. Thank you, walker. Truly, we would never have made it out of that place alive without you."
You're welcome. What happens now?
"Daini managed to stash a handful of Turo's jewels away before the thugs captured her. This one feared that Sormund would demand more, but something softened him a bit. Daini does not ask questions. He agreed to take us aboard. That is enough, yes?"
Where will you and Safik go?
"Wherever Sormund takes us, yes? After years of waking to the same nightmare, Daini could do with a surprise or two.
Speaking of nightmares, thank you for ridding Daini of hers. Knowing that Turo lies dead … it lightens the soul. Farewell, walker."

If you speak with her afterwards you can discuss her future plans.

"Do you seek a berth on Sormund's ship, too? Ha. No, you are bound for greater things than deck-swabbing and sail-mending.
As for Daini? Deck-swabbing and sail-mending sound like a dream come true! Thank you again, my friend."
What kind of business is Sormund into, exactly?
"Ha! You mean to ask if his business stays above board? This is Pellitine, walker. Every hand is dirty.
Do not fear. Sormund makes his gold smuggling. No slaving or piracy. Daini had her fill of violence and evil here in South Guard."
So, you'll still be an outlaw.
"It is like this one's father always said: you can take the cat out of the alley, but you cannot take the alley out of the cat.
Skirting the law is all this one knows. But you have Daini's word, she may break the law, but she will never do harm."

The Pride of ElsweyrEdit

If you completed her quest in Southern Elsweyr before finishing the zone story's epilogue, she appears at the ceremony with Sormund and Safik.

"Daini is so glad to see you again! When she and Safik heard about the island in the sky, and your duel with the Dragon … how could she not come? How could she not wish you well!?"
I thought you were heading north?
"Oh, we are, we are! Sormund will take us.
But none of us felt right leaving without seeing you and the Dragonguard receive the queen's honor. Plus, we all wanted to see Queen Khamira! She's sleek!"