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Banner of House Dagoth, seen around Kogoruhn

The Sixth House, also known as House Dagoth, is what remains of the ancient, defunct, Sixth Great House of the Chimer, led in ancient times by the currently sleeping demi-god Dagoth Ur. The current members are descended from the bloodlines of those who were originally part of the House, and seek to reclaim their roots at the Forgotten Wastes, the grounds of the House's capital stronghold. For historical information, see the lore article.



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  • Though Dagoth Ur himself never appears, there are a few mentions of him:
    • During Reclaiming Vos, an ill Mistress Dratha says "The Sharmat... lurking. Waiting. Curses beneath the mountain... Hear me, Incarnate! Hear me.", "Not now... not yet. The fire. The unmourned house. Must... be ready." and "Hortator and Incarnate... must rise. I have to prepare. I have to..."
    • As alluded to in dialogue with Farena Andrano, Vivec's first presumption of the enemy causing the loss of his power is Dagoth Ur, though this is not the case.
    • In the quest To The Clockwork City, Divayth Fyr mentions him being a retainer to Nerevar who may have struck the mortal blow that killed him.
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