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Home City Orsinium
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Rasna is a Redguard antique dealer who sells her wares from an open stall in Orsinium's marketplace.

While her antiques aren't available for you to peruse, Mages Guild member Deechee-Noo needs an ancient wing bone to perform a ritual to attempt to revert a hagraven transformation curse. She can either be intimidated to give the item gratis or it can simply be purchased with gold.

Like Nednor and Telarnel, Rasna has a casual relationship with the promiscuous Argonian and is looking forward to a future rendezvous with her.

Related QuestsEdit


"I carry only the rarest items from the ancient deserts of Alik'r.
Are you a collector of rare antiquities? If not, then I fear that my wares will be of little interest to you. Have a nice day."

Birdsong's CurseEdit

Do you have an ancient wing bone?
"Tava smiles in your general direction today, friend, for I do indeed have many ancient bones to choose from. This wing bone, for example, comes from a bird that hasn't been seen alive since the Merethic Era.
May I ask why such a thing interests you?"
Deechee-Noo sent me. She needs the bone for a ritual.
"The lovely Deechee-Noo sent you? How intriguing. But as much as I enjoy the fair Argonian's company, I would hate to see such a rare and beautiful item destroyed.
Perhaps we should just tell her I wasn't able to help you today, wayfarer."
[Intimidate] Do you really want me to tell Deechee-Noo that you lied to avoid helping her?
"You would do such a thing? How despicable of you! But I would never do anything to alienate the beautiful Deechee-Noo.
Take the wing bone and give it to her with my deepest regards. And remind her that I look forward to our rendezvous on Turdas."
I have gold. [Leveled ON-icon-Gold.png]
"Gold is almost as lovely as our fair Argonian. Very well, my friend, we have a deal. Take the wing bone and tell Deechee-Noo that I am looking forward to our rendezvous on Turdas eve.
If you need any other ancient bones, remember Rasna, yes?"

If spoken to again, she will say

"I hate to see rare antiquities mishandled and poorly used, but I suppose Deechee-Noo knows what she's doing.
And I never could say no to that lovely Argonian."