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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Home City Orsinium
Location Hydalion's Potions & Elixirs
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Telarnel is a High Elf alchemist who can be found at Hydalion's Potions & Elixirs in Orsinium. Unlike Hydalion, Telarnel specializes in potions of a mundane nature that are used for domestic and agricultural purposes, so her products would be of little use to an adventurer like you.

During the related quest, Deechee-Noo sends you to her for a potion of feather plucking, which you can either purchase from her or persuade her to give you one free of charge. Telarnel also reveals she enjoys the carnal company of the lusty Argonian mage.

Related QuestsEdit


"My potions are more mundane, best used to help around a farm or a homestead. You'd be surprised how many clan wives come by on a regular basis.
If you want something more suited to an adventuring life, you'll need to talk to Hydalion."
I need a potion of feather plucking if you happen to have one.
"Well, now, that's one of my most popular elixirs! You'd be amazed how many of those I sell to the clan hearth-wives on a regular basis.
I'm afraid I'm down to my last one until the next batch is ready. For that reason, it's going to cost you dearly."
Actually, it's for Deechee-Noo.
"Deechee-Noo? From the Mages Guild? I haven't seen her since that time we... um, well, never mind about that.
Still, my potions are made with quality ingredients. Very expensive."
[Persuade] That's too bad. I guess I'll have to tell Deechee-Noo you weren't willing to help her out.
"Now let's not be too hasty! Take this and present it to the lovely Deechee-Noo with my compliments.
And let her know that I'm free next Fredas. I have a bottle of gossamer tawny port I've been saving and I can't think of a more special occasion."'
Will this cover your expenses? [Leveled ON-icon-Gold.png]
"Oh, yes, this will do nicely!
And please let Deechee-Noo know that she's welcome to come over whenever she likes. I've been saving a bottle of gossamer tawny port for the next time she comes to visit."

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Maybe Deechee-Noo can help me acquire an exclusive contract with the Mages Guild. That would probably add a touch of authenticity to my wares, and you can't buy that kind of publicity without spending a wagon-full of gold."