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Home City Orsinium
Location Green-Tusk Grocery; Morkul Stronghold
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Nednor is a Wood Elf merchant who can be found hawking his sole product, eggs, at Green-Tusk Grocery located in the marketplace in Orsinium.

During a quest to try and reverse a hagraven transformation ritual by Mages Guild member Deechee-Noo you must obtain a frozen egg from Nednor, which he gladly gives free of charge. He, like Telarnel and Rasna, has a venereal relationship with the Argonian mage.

Related QuestsEdit


"Eggs! Beautiful, glorious eggs! Get your eggs right here!
Scramble them, fry them, hard boil them—you can even throw them at people when they annoy you! You can't do that with a tomato! Well, I guess you could, but an egg works so much better!"

Birdsong's CurseEdit

Deechee-Noo sent me to get a frozen egg.
"Deechee-Noo? I haven't seen her since we… well, never mind about that.
She does love my frozen eggs, though! I bury them in the snow near Shatul Ranch. Freezes them so solid they won't thaw in less than a week! She can't get enough of them."
What do I owe you for the frozen egg?
"It's for Deechee-Noo, right? No charge!
Just tell that lusty Argonian that I want to see her on Loredas. She can repay my generosity with a little generosity of her own. And she'll know exactly what I mean."

If spoken to again, he'll say:

"Deechee-Noo is a little strange, but she knows how to have a good time!
I did try one of those frozen eggs once myself, though. You know what I got? A chipped tooth! I don't know what she sees in those things."

Breakfast of the BizarreEdit

He can also be found at the Morkul Stronghold, where he has a job request: When you do the quest for the first time:

"So you're the one seeking out my eggs? Excellent! I know I can count on you to get the job done right.
Just be careful bringing them back. Eggs don't travel well."

Subsequent times:

"Oh, thank Auri-El. I had hoped that Guruzug would seek you out again. I hope you're ready for another trip to Coldperch Cavern."
You're the egg merchant from Orsinium, aren't you? (If you have completed Birdsong's Curse)
"Yes indeed. As you may recall, I specialize in the sale of all things ovoid. I've heard rumors about some bizarre eggs tucked away in Coldperch Cavern, and I'm keen to get my hands on some."
What's so unusual about those eggs?
"Do you really want to know? Fair enough. I have it on very good authority that some of the people Kraala transformed into birds, uh … produced."
"Yes. Eggs, I mean. They laid eggs."
You're comfortable selling eggs laid by hexed bird-people?
"Comfortable? No! It's an abomination. But it's not for me to judge. Somewhere out there, there's a customer who's desperate to consume a magical person-egg. Who am I to deny them that opportunity?"
What about what's inside?
"Oh no, never mind that. Our mutual friend Deechee told me that none of the eggs were ever viable. Thank goodness, eh? That's an ethical debate I'd just as soon avoid."
What are you doing here, Nednor?
"Ah, the work of an egg merchant is never done. The tastes of Orsinium have become much more refined, you see. I used to be able to make a living on goose eggs alone. Now I've got orders for kwama, and chub loon, and even spider eggs!
So you have to travel to find them?
"Indeed I do. I make the best of it though. Where there are eggs, there are also women.
I've got to say though, these Orc ladies are a bit chilly. Must be the diet. Nothing but meat and turnips would turn even Dibella sour, am I right?"

Once you have returned with the eggs:

"Ah, back again! I trust your mission was a success? I'm anxious to see these eggs."
I've got your eggs right here. The hagraven is dead as well.
"Excellent! Wow, they're much larger than I expected. Much fleshier, too. Mara's heart.
Well, I suppose that's that! Here's your payment. Thanks for all your help. I'm sure these will make someone very happy."

If you talk to him afterwards:

"Thanks again for collecting these eggs for me. I've already got a handful of potential buyers. They're very odd people—but also very wealthy!"
What are you doing here, Nednor? (Repeats above replies)