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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defend a garrison from the forces of Molag Bal.
Zone: Imperial City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Nobles District — Discover how Imperial soldiers survived Molag Bal's attacks.
Quest Giver: Zelanus Equitius
Location(s): Nobles District
Previous Quest: Scouting the Nobles District
Next Quest: Scouting Quests;
The Sublime Brazier
Reward: Medium Tel Var Sack: 0000300300Tel Var Stones
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 5483
Help Captain Caudex and his group of legionary loyalists
I met a scout who serves an Imperial resistance fighter named Captain Caudex. The captain, and a small group of legionary loyalists, have held a garrison at the heart of the Nobles District for nearly two months.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Zelanus Equitius at the Alliance Rally Point in the Nobles District.
  2. Talk to Captain Caudex in the Improvised Garrison.
  3. Defend the garrison doors.
  4. Return to Captain Caudex.
  5. Report to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You'll find an Imperial soldier named Zelanus Equitius at your Alliance's rally point. He assures you he's not a member of Legion Zero before asking that you lend his captain your aid. He and a few other soldiers have held the Improvised Garrison in the center of the district since Legion Zero handed the Imperial City over to Mannimarco. Unfortunately, things aren't going perfectly for them, and Zelanus asks that you to speak with Captain Caudex and offer your aid.

You can enter the Improvised Garrison through in the northeast side of the outer barricade, near the district's Capture Point. Head upstairs and speak with Captain Caudex. Molag Bal's minions are preparing to assault the garrison, and it would be nice if you would help his soldiers defend their keep. The soldiers are exhausted from their damn-near constant fight against the Daedra; if you cooperate, you'll earn Caudex's trust.

The garrison's weak points are the blocked doors on the north, west and south sides of the garrison. These doors have been marked by glowing yellow sigils, so you can't miss them. Head over to one of these doors and help the survivors defend them. You'll have to face down five waves of enemies at each door, with a boss spawning on the fifth wave. Each door has a set amount of health. The goal is to kill the enemies before they reduce the door's health to zero, knocking it down and storming the garrison. If you allow them to knock the door down, the soldiers in the garrison have the inner doors to defend themselves, but it's still not beneficial for the outer doors to fall. After the second wave of enemies at each door falls, Captain Caudex and his crew will restore your chosen door to max health. Once you've successfully defended a door, a chest appears, rewarding you with a Light Tel Var Satchel

The Western DoorEdit

The western door is close to the district's portal. You'll face Legion Zero traitors here.

On the first wave, two Legion Zero Dreadnaughts, a Legion Zero Saboteur, a healer and an archer spawn. After you defeat the first wave of enemies, Statius Vettiena joins you in battle. The second wave consists of two Legion Zero Dreadnaughts, a saboteur and a healer. The third wave contains two Dremora Caitiffs, two Dremora Kyngalds and a Legion Zero Templar. The fourth group of enemies at the western door contains two ogrim, a Legion Zero Templar and an archer. The final wave consists of two archers, a healer and a Legion Commander, the boss of the western door.

The Southern DoorEdit

Daedra are besieging the southern door.

For the first wave, you'll face, two Clannfear, two Flame Atronachs and two Scamps. Arrianus Capius joins you after the first wave is down. The second wave consists of two Scamps, two Clannfear and one Spider Daedra. At the end of the second wave, Justianas Gratus appears on the scaffolding above the door to fire off spells at the enemy while you and Arrianus are in the thick of it. The third wave contains two Flame Atronachs and a Xivkyn Banelord, while the fourth consists of two Clannfear and a Harvester.

During the fifth wave, you'll face an armored Flesh Colossus as a boss. The boss is accompanied by two Daedric Arches, which spit out weak scamps. These scamps have 200 health, so even the weakest of light attacks or AoEs will burn them down easily, but they will charge the Barracks Door and explode, dealing devastating damage to it. You need to set down an AoE to keep the scamps at bay, or focus your attention on those scamps until the arches disappear, or else all of your effort at this door will be reset when they blow the door down.

The Northern DoorEdit

Daedra also assault the northern door.

Two Clannfear and two Flame Atronachs make up the first wave of enemies. Dulcilla Iullus appears on the scaffolding above and to the right of the door to offer you her marksmanship after they're defeated. The second wave of Daedra includes two Flame Atronachs, two Clannfear and one Dremora Narkynaz. Kyleus Herminia will show up on the scaffolding above the northern door while you're defending it, after the second wave of enemies goes down. She flings spells at the Daedra. The third group of Daedra consists of two Flame Atronachs, two Winged Twilights and a Grievous Twilight. The fourth wave contains a Watcher and two Daedric Arches. The strategy for this is the same as when you fight the flesh colossus at the southern door. The final wave of Daedra contains two Dremora Kyngalds, a Dremora Narkynaz and a Daedroth.


Once you've defended all three doors, return to Captain Caudex on the garrison's second floor.

"That was some damn fine soldiering out there. Nothing I didn't expect, but it's refreshing to have something go right."
Now can you tell me how you've held out for so long?
"I suppose it's time for that. It's all due to a scroll. Old magic.
Just before Molag Bal's assault on Imperial City, a group of priests unearthed an ancient scroll they claimed dated back to the time of St. Alessia. Never asked where they found it."
Is this scroll really that old?
"Do I look like a priest? All I know is one of them, Father Egnatius, was obsessed with it. He brought it to me and urged me to keep it safe.
I wrote it off as nonsense until I had my first dream. It came the night before the city fell."
What was this dream about?
"I saw the empress regent and her generals taking Molag Bal's hand. I heard creaking chains and smelled charred flesh …. Then I saw the scroll. It was just out of reach, covered in blood. Woke up screaming.
After that, I knew I had to keep it safe."
So how has an old scroll helped you defend the garrison?
"Like I said, it carries some kind of enchantment … magic strong enough to bring us back when we fall in battle. It's not pleasant, mind you, and each time I come back I feel less like myself. But it's kept us fighting.
Simply put, we can't die."
So this scroll made all eight of you immortal?
"So long as we hold the garrison … so long as we keep fighting, yes. Zel's taken to calling us the "Immortal Eight." Nonsense, but I let him do it. It's good for morale.
There's more. Some of the dreams that scroll sent me involved you."
"These were prophetic dreams, like the one that warned me of the invasion and betrayal. I dreamed you would come for the scroll, along with a masked woman.
I knew we had to protect it for you. And so we have. Now, you should take it."
So I should take this to the masked woman? The Drake of Blades?
"It's for both of you … but her especially. I can't say more.
You'd best go find her. Somehow, I'm certain this scroll is key to stopping whatever Molag Bal has planned for our city. Keep it safe."
All right. I'll take this scroll to the Drake of Blades.

Captain Caudex and his soldiers have been made virtually immortal through the use of an old scroll given to Caudex for safekeeping by a priest named Father Egnatius. The soldiers can die, but when they do, they return, albeit having lost a little part of themselves. Caudex has had prophetic dreams, one of which involved you and the Drake of Blades. He gives the Ancient Scroll to you to bring to the Drake, and insists that you keep it safe. You should return to the Drake back in your Alliance base, give her the scroll and tell her what happened in the Nobles District today.

Quest StagesEdit

The Imperial Standard
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The scout urged me to head to the garrison at the center of the Nobles District. One inside, I should seek out Captain Caudex to learn how they have resisted the Daedric onslaught for so long.
Objective: Talk to Captain Caudex
Daedra will soon assault the doors of the garrison. I must defend the doors from all attackers.
Objective: Defend the North Door
Objective: Defend the West Door
Objective: Defend the South Door
We've pushed back the Daedric invaders assaulting the garrison. Now that I've proven myself an ally, Captain Caudex may tell me more about how he and his soldiers have held out for so long.
Objective: Talk to Captain Caudex
Finishes quest  Captain Caudex gave me an ancient scroll. According to him, it has the power to make people immortal and may even bestow prophetic dreams. He had a dream that I would deliver this scroll to the Drake of Blades.
Objective: Talk to the Drake of Blades
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