Online:Xivkyn Dreadweaver

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Xivkyn Dreadweaver
Location Dark Anchors
Imperial City; Memorial District, Arena District, Elven Gardens DistrictImperial City
Unfinished DolmenOrsinium
Race Xivkyn Gender Varies
Health 140824
108669 (Imperial City), 103494 (Arena District)Imperial City
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Dreadweaver
Daedra Hearts
A Xivkyn Dreadweaver at a dolmen
A Dreadweaver in the Imperial City

Xivkyn Dreadweavers are generic Xivkyn fear mages found in the Imperial City or at Dark Anchors.


At the Unfinished Dolmen, Dreadweavers can be heard when summoned.

Xivkyn Dreadweaver: "Spill the blood of the innocent! Desecrate the stones!"

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ice Arrow
A basic ranged attack that does moderate frost damage.
Aspect of Terror
The enemy casts a spell that does moderate magic damage and fears the player for a short time, in which they cannot move or perform any actions. This effect passes through block, and players can break free from it. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance, or avoided using roll dodge.
Shadow Cloak
If the target is in close proximity to the Dreadweaver, they will turn themselves invisible and move to a better location and set the player off balance.
Dark Shade
The enemy summons a shade version of itself to attack a player. The shade's attacks inflict Minor Maim, reducing the player's damage done by 15% for 4 seconds. The summon will die if the Dreadweaver is killed.
Summon Burdening Eye
The enemy summons a Burdening Eye that moves toward the player.
If the Burdening Eye touches the player, it explodes, temporarily rooting the player in place and doing moderate magic damage.
The enemy summons a mote of magelight, revealing stealthed and invisible players around itself for 5 seconds. Exposed players cannot return to stealth or invisibility for 3 seconds.
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