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King Kurog
(lore page)
Home City Orsinium
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39,959
1,300,000 (During the fight against Urfon Ice-Heart)
15,000 (In Scarp Keep during For King and Glory)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower For King and Glory
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Gaspard's Stalkers (formerly)
King Kurog

King Kurog, alternatively known as Kurog gro-Orsinium and Kurog gro-Bagrakh, is the King of Wrothgar and rules from Orsinium. He only rules in theory in northern Wrothgar, which is a patchwork of Strongholds, but he does control southern Wrothgar.

Kurog is a controversial ruler, as he joined the Daggerfall Covenant—comprising primarily Redguard and Breton states, which had antagonized the Orcs for centuries. Moreover, Kurog publicly insists that his people worship Trinimac rather than the Daedric Prince Malacath, which fails to convince many other Covenant citizens and makes him unpopular with his people.

Prior to becoming the self-proclaimed king of Wrothgar, Kurog spent some time in his younger years among Gaspard's Stalkers, a mercenary band that operated abroad, mostly in Hammerfell and in Elsweyr, alongside his friend Bazrag.

King Kurog is Forge-Mother Alga's son, and has numerous wives including Forge-Wife Tugha, Hearth-Wife Barazal, Hunt-Wife Naroga, Shield-Wives Oshgana and Razbela, as well as Immigration-Wife Uulitag.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Circus of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

King Kurog
(lore page)
Location Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 146590 Difficulty  
Reaction Hostile Class Eviscerator
King Kurog in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter

A hostile version of the King Kurog will appear in the third act of Sheogorath's play in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter. He cannot be spoken to.

If you have completed Long Live the King, Bazrag will be in Sheogorath's play instead of Kurog.

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

When you arrive at the Vault Antechamber, Mannimarco's projection will continue to gloat about his plan, and a projection of the king will appear in his visualization if you have not completed the Orsinium storyline:

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of King Kurog and the other various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"

For King and GloryEdit

Arrive at Frostbreak Fortress and you'll hear Kurog speaking to two chiefs, Chief Ruzgrol and Chief Bolg:

King Kurog: "I want the soldiers from all the clans to circle the fort. Ice-Heart won't escape me this time."
Chief Ruzgrol: "Our soldiers know what to do, Kurog. You can count on that."
King Kurog: "Then maybe this victory will finally convince you and the other chiefs to fully accept my claim to the throne."

Speak to Kurog:

"Do you always just barge into the king's tent without so much as a "by your leave"?
Who in the name of the First Forge do you think you are, troll breath?"
I'm <Player's Name>. Your mother sent me to help you.
"So you're one of the outsiders my mother's been harping about. I'm Kurog, king of the Orsimer. Welcome to my war!
Your timing's perfect. I'm just finishing this damn fine leg of chub loon. You hungry? I do enjoy a good meal before a fight."
No thanks. I have news. The stolen supplies are inside the fortress.
"It's a good thing that that's where we're going then! This siege was taking too long anyway. Urfon Ice-Heart is the last of the Winterborn warlords and, frankly, I'm ready to be done with him.
He knows we're coming, so I'm expecting a good fight."
You told him we were coming?
"You bet your arse I told him we were coming! Fair's fair, and it probably scared the ice water out of his veins.
I want to see you in action. You lead. I'll follow. Now let's go kill old Ice-Heart! Then we can return to Orsinium and feast."
That works for me. Let's go.

If you have not started The Hidden Harvest, he'll say:

King Kurog: "We need to find a way into that fort to get to Ice-Heart. Talk to the siege commanders and see if they can get us inside."

Otherwise, he'll say:

King Kurog: "Let's show them who really controls Wrothgar."

As he follows you he occasionally will remark:

"I love being the king!"

As he follows you, if you speak to him he'll say:

(before starting The Hidden Harvest)"We need to find a way inside the fort. Talk to Chief Urgdosh. They're working on a plan to get into Frostbreak Fortress."
(after starting The Hidden Harvest)"I love the smell of the siege camp. It smells warm and sweet. Makes me anticipate the battle to come.
You know what it smells like? It smells like muffins. Really soft, fresh muffins. Covered in bog-iron ale jam. Mmm. I love that smell."
(after destroying both harpy aeries during the quest The Hidden Harvest)"I'm almost certain we can defeat Ice-Heart. Almost."
What can you tell me about Urfon Ice-Heart?
"Urfon? He's the leader of the Winterborn Reachmen. Last of the thirteen warlords that invaded Wrothgar, in fact.
Urfon's a tough son of a horker, I'll give him that. I let him know we were on our way. Hopefully, that'll spice up the battle to come."
You warned the Winterborn warlord that we were coming?
"Of course. I sent an archer to shoot a message over the wall the other day, just to give him a little notice.
It was the honorable thing to do. It's what Trinimac would do, of that I'm certain."
You're a follower of Trinimac?
"Absolutely. We've been praying to Malacath for centuries and where has that gotten us? Not very far, from what I can see.
I'm not a fanatic or anything, but Trinimac's ideals—honor, truth, and unity. The Orsimer can use some of that right now."
You're kind of obsessed with food, aren't you?(This option is unavalaible after entering Frostbreak Fortress)
"Food is life! Food is strength! And you certainly don't appear to have missed any meals lately.
Trinimac's followers in ancient times … I bet they enjoyed a good feast on a regular basis. I'll have to ask Solgra about that."

You can also ask him about all the chiefs (dialogue option only appears after you accecept The Hidden Harvest):

Why are there so many clan chiefs here?
"Usually the only way to make the clan chiefs come together is to throw an imminent threat in their faces. Luckily, we have the Winterborn.
But getting the chiefs to work together? That's like trying to feed salad to a Wood Elf."
You can't just order the chiefs to work together?
"You don't know how things work in Wrothgar, do you? None of the chiefs feel strong enough to challenge me, but only the most loyal actually submit to my authority.
And unfortunately, I had to send most of the loyal ones off to help the Covenant!"
So Wrothgar isn't really your kingdom?
"Mind your tongue, horker!
But no, I'm plagued by the same circumstances that have kept us from becoming a truly great people. Most of the remaining chiefs won't give up their independence, and we can't finish building Orsinium until they do."
Why can't you finish building Orsinium?
"I need the full support of the clans, which I don't have. Yet.
Bah! I promised myself I wouldn't worry about this. That's for tomorrow. Today, we kill Ice-Heart and retrieve the supplies. Maybe that will get more clans to commit to my vision. Maybe."

The Hidden HarvestEdit

Note If you have completed The Hidden Harvest prior to starting For King and Glory, King Kurog will say two lines from this quest as you move through the fortress:

King Kurog: "The Winterborn know how to set up a defense! This will be a battle to remember!"
King Kurog: "All right, let's go."

When approaching Siege Commander Dulph, suddenly several Harpies swoop in and take some of the soldiers:

Siege Commander Dulph: "Get down!"
Captain Gorrath: "No! No! Let me go!"
Siege Commander Dulph: "Damn it! I lose more soldiers that way!"
King Kurog: "Looks like General Dulph could use a hand."

When approaching Sergeant Rorburz, you'll hear:

Sergeant Rorburz: "Hold your position! Let no Winterborn get past you!"
Sergeant Rorburz: "They … stopped. Soldiers, lower your weapons. Looks like reinforcements have arrived."
King Kurog: "Glad to see these soldiers alive and well. I hate losing perfectly good troops to the Winterborn."

After you and Eveli destroy the two aeries, he'll try to express some reserved optimisim:

"I'm almost certain we can defeat Ice-Heart. Almost."

As you leave the tower, he'll comment:

King Kurog: "The Winterborn know how to set up a defense! This will be a battle to remember!"

Locate Alinon the Alchemist and he'll snark:

King Kurog: "So this is where the little alchemist has been hiding."

When Alinon joins you, he'll say:

King Kurog: "So another member for our group? Well, the more the merrier, I always say!"

Once inside the fortress keep, he'll announce:

King Kurog: "All right, let's go."

As you burn Briar Heart Saplings, he'll say:

King Kurog: "Alchemy has always fascinated me! Or maybe it's just the fire …."
King Kurog: "Do the Winterborn have any magic that isn't just vile and disgusting?"

When you discover that Alinon is missing, Kurog will defend Eveli:

King Kurog: "Don't blame the Elf. She was just following orders. Tell you the truth, I need more soldiers like her in my army."

Defeat the hagraven holding Alinon's alchemy bag and he'll remark:

King Kurog: "What vile sorcery! We'll all be better off when this tree finally burns."

Destroy the tree and he'll now be ready to face Urfon:

King Kurog: "One more problem solved! Now let's go take care of Ice-Heart!"

For King and Glory (Continued)Edit

Approach Ice-Heart's Lair and he'll say:

King Kurog: "If you have any questions before we go in there, now's the time."
"I can see why my mother was so insistent about you. You're pretty good in a fight.
I was going to do this by myself, but I'm damn glad I waited for you. I'd be a fool to challenge Ice-Heart without you."
You seemed confident before.
"Confident, yes. Stupid? No. Urfon Ice-Heart is a legend among the Reachmen. For a while, we didn't even think he was a real person.
But he's very real. And if the rumors are true, he's going to be extremely difficult to kill."
Tell me about these rumors.
"They say Urfon has ice in his veins. That he can freeze an Orc's blood with the flick of his wrist. Probably an exaggeration, but we should be careful.
Either way, between the two of us, I'm certain we can beat him."
As long as you're certain ….
"Of course. More or less. But in case the battle goes badly, I should thank you now. I haven't fought alongside anyone I trusted since I became king. It's been an honor.
Enough with the deep conversation! You ready to smash Ice-Heart's face?"
I'm ready. Let's go.

Enter his lair, and Ice-Heart will taunt Kurog:

Urfon Ice-Heart: "So the king of the pig children has come to die. Your soldiers failed, Kurog. And so will you."
King Kurog: "I love it when my enemies mock me. Helps me work up a good rage."
Urfon Ice-Heart: "You treat everything like a joke! That's why the Orcs refuse to follow you. You mock the fallen and dishonor their sacrifices!"
King Kurog: "Dishonor them? I'll honor them by separating your head from your body!"

Defeat the Reachman and Kurog will exclaim:

King Kurog: "How do you like that, you cold bastard?"
King Kurog: "Ice-Heart's blade is mine! Now maybe the clans will finally accept my rule."
"You don't know how good that feels! Urfon Ice-Heart is finally dead!
Imagine you ate too much and, try as you might, you can't get out that really big belch. Then, finally, you let out a thunderous burp. Yeah, that's how I feel right now."
Is the siege over now?
"For all practical purposes, yes. The remaining Winterborn will put up a fight, but without a warlord, my soldiers should be able to wrap this up in short order.
As for me, I can't wait to show off my trophy to the clan chiefs!"
Trophy? / You mentioned a trophy?
"Yeah, Ice-Heart's fancy sword. That should prove to the clan chiefs that we killed the warlord. Might even convince the fence-sitters to finally accept me as the rightful king of all the Orsimer."

If you have not completed The Hidden Harvest:

I still need to deal with the briar hearts.
"Well, don't let me keep you!
You've shown that you're capable enough. You have my full confidence. Just don't go and get yourself killed, all right? I have plans for you, my friend. Big plans!"
What are you going to do now?
"Someone needs to examine the stolen supplies and get them ready for transport. Might as well be me.
Meet me back at the keep when you're done. I want you there when I tell the chiefs what we accomplished today."

If you have already completed The Hidden Harvest:

What is your next move?
"I want to check on the supplies the Winterborn stole from us and get them ready to transport back to the city.
Meet me at the keep when you're finished here. I want you there when I tell the chiefs what we accomplished today."
"Don't you worry about me. I can take care of myself, no matter what my shield-wives think. Besides, you'll kill everything on your way out. I've seen how you fight!
Probably won't be anything left for me by the time you get done out there."

Arrive from Frostbreak Fortress and you'll find a contingent in the throne room. Speak to Forge-Mother Alga and tell her of you and Kurog's success. Kurog will then arrive in the room and address the other chiefs:

King Kurog: "Excellent! Everyone's here!"
King Kurog: "The time has come. Swear allegiance to me. Orsinium will prosper once the clans unite under my rule."
Chief Bazrag: "This again, Kurog? Why should we submit to you this time?"
King Kurog: "Behold! I wield the blade of Ice-Heart! With the help of outsiders, I have vanquished our greatest foe and retrieved the stolen supplies!"
King Kurog: "The chiefs could not stop the Winterborn! Only I have accomplished that!"
Chief Bazrag: "You ask much, Kurog. To turn away from Malacath? To abandon our most cherished customs?"
King Kurog: "Bazrag, my old friend, your outdated ideas will be the death of me."
Chief Targak: "Don't tempt us, Kurog! Our traditions won't bend to the will of an idiot chief who decides to call himself kin—"

Kurog impales Targak on the Ice-Heart's blade.

King Kurog: "Idiot? Chief? I am your king! You would all do well to remember that! Now get out of my sight."
Chief Bazrag: "You embark upon a dangerous path, Kurog. We won't forget this."

Bazrag and Dular leave the room with Bazrag's threat hanging in the air. Speak to him and he'll defend himself:

"Treasonous bastards! I just saved their ungrateful arses and this is the thanks I get?
I even showed them Ice-Heart's sword! How can I create a united nation when the chiefs refuse to accept my rule?"
Was that a typical example of your usual meetings?
"More often than not, yes. There's always some fool who wants to quote the Code of Malacath or insult my honor. It infuriates me!
How can we build a respectable kingdom when we can't even abandon our most ridiculous superstitions?"
Did you really need to kill Chief Targak?
"Targak? It was all I could do not to kill all three of those troll lovers!
Let Bazrag and Dular think about what happened. I only hope they can set aside old traditions and accept the future I envision. Their support would make things much easier."
Do you need anything else from me?
"For now? No. Go explore Wrothgar and get to know this great city. Enjoy yourself!
When you're ready for a new challenge, find me at my private tavern in the city. I'm sure I'll have something that requires your specific skill set by then."

After the quest, he'll repeat:

"Go on. See the wonders of Wrothgar. I'll be at my private cornerclub when you're ready for a new challenge.
Just don't get yourself killed. I still have plans for you!"

A King-Sized ProblemEdit

At the request of Talviah Aliaria, find his majesty at the King's Cornerclub:

"Try the ice-berry ale. It's delicious!
I love this place! Back at the keep, I'm always being pulled in a dozen directions. Fighting over here, debating over there. Gives me a headache! But here? Here I can just eat and drink until I pass out."
Sent by Talviah Aliaria
Approached Kurog on your own
You wanted to see me?
"Took you long enough to show up. I could have you flogged for that ….
Ha! That look on your face! Priceless! But I'm just yanking your tusk. I usually never have anyone flogged for a first offense."
Are you safe out here in the city like this?
"What are you implying? That Kurog needs protection? Ha! Ice-Heart wasn't the first to challenge me and he won't be the last. Let my enemies come! They'll wind up dead and bloody at my feet!"
"That's what royal servants are for - to clean up the mess!"
Is violence your solution to every problem?
"It's a good thing I like you, because the last person who asked me these sorts of questions had the curiosity beaten out of him!
But I don't want to fight with you. That's not why I called you here. Are you ready to listen?"
All right, what can I do for King Kurog?
"You helped Chief Bazrag. You fought at my side as we defeated Ice-Heart and his Winterborn warriors. In short, you impressed me.
People who impress me either turn out to be a help or a hindrance to my plans. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Not exactly.
"Let me speak plainly. You could pose a threat to me, but I prefer to consider you an ally. Share a few drinks. Like we're doing now.
I could use someone like you. Someone to deal with problems that require a more personal touch."
What kinds of problems are we talking about?
"Clan chief problems. There are still stubborn chiefs out there who don't agree with my vision. Who don't want to see our people united. They're stuck in the old ways. Ways that have failed our people time and time again.
It's time to change that."
You want me to talk to the clan chiefs?
"You made an impression on Bazrag. Whether he likes it or not, he owes you for helping the clans.
The other chiefs respect Bazrag. We can use this whole situation to our advantage. Get them to listen to matters they would normally refuse to hear."
So what do you want me to do?
"For now, nothing. Relax, have a drink. Enjoy all the pleasantries that Roxanne and her fine establishment have to offer. But when I need you, I expect you to be ready and willing to get the job done.
Oh for—what are those two doing here?"

Turn around and you'll discover two of Kurog's Shield-Wives have joined the two of you:

King Kurog: "Damn it! You two always show up and ruin my fun."
Shield-Wife Razbela: "Oh, I have not even begun to ruin your fun, my king. But let's leave the pleasantries for later. We have an urgent situation to report."
King Kurog: "I can never tell when you're joking. Fine. What's so important?"
Shield-Wife Oshgana: "The Trinimac temple has been attacked, my beloved. Malacath devotees have barricaded the doors and taken the priests as hostages."
King Kurog: "These fanatics dare to attack my city? My people? I'll deal with them personally!"

Just then, the king's mother enters the place:

Forge-Mother Alga: "You will do no such thing, my son. After what happened in the throne room, this is undoubtedly a trap."
King Kurog: "I won't sit by while they attack my city!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "This problem requires a personal solution, and I have a perfect idea. Outsider, let us talk."

If you speak to him before speaking to Alga, he'll say:

"Best not to keep my mother waiting.
Go. Speak to her. Let's see if her plan sounds better than mine."

After hearing Alga's plan, he'll say:

"It pains me to admit it, but mother is right. Again. I do have a bit of a temper, but I'm working on that.
Anyway, I'll sit this one out and let you handle it. Regardless of what happens, you will have my full support."

In the Name of the KingEdit

In the throne room, the king will be flanked by Razbela and Oshgana as he sits on his throne. If you accepted the quest from Talviah, he'll say:

"Ah, my friend and ally has returned! Let's talk.
I heard what you did at the temple. Your efforts no doubt saved countless lives. It pains me to learn that Chief Bazrag was involved, though."
You know Chief Bazrag well. What do you think he hopes to accomplish?
"Bazrag's never agreed with my plans. He's a traditionalist, stubborn and old-fashioned to the end.
His unwavering devotion to Malacath. His hatred of Trinimac. His refusal to recognize my authority. I'd say Chief Bazrag is getting desperate."
What are you going to do?

If you came to the king directly:

"I heard what you did at the temple. Your efforts no doubt saved countless lives. I would have been a bit more spectacular in my actions, but I am the king after all.
The news troubles me, however. It pains me to hear that Chief Bazrag was involved."
Are you sure Chief Bazrag was behind the attack on the temple?
"Between what you learned and what my scouts uncovered, I'm afraid so.
His unwavering devotion to Malacath. His absolute hatred of Trinimac. His refusal to recognize my authority. I'd say Chief Bazrag is getting desperate."
What are you going to do?

Either way, he will continue:

"Bazrag wants to start a war. Damn it all to Oblivion, we have to stop him!
He has the strength to overwhelm the lesser clans, and he's no suckling cub when it comes to fighting, either. If he were to make a challenge for my throne …."
How can I help you, King Kurog?
"It's time to assemble the Great Moot. I want you to visit the clan chiefs that still haven't come around to our way of thinking. Talk some sense into them.
You need to get to them before Bazrag poisons the well and turns them against me."
Do you really think the clan chiefs will listen to me?
"You made an impression already. But don't worry. I'm not expecting them to come just because you ask nicely.
The chiefs are stubborn, but they each have a problem that's confounding their clan. Solve their problems and they'll attend the moot."
You want me to help the chiefs?
"Now you get it! Help the chiefs and they'll be obligated to accept your invitation!
I've tried to convince the chiefs of Tumnosh, Morkul, and Shatul to join my kingdom. I even married a few of their daughters! We need a better solution."
Do I need to say anything specific?
"Tell them that you come to help in the name of King Kurog. That I'm hosting a gathering of clans and I want the chiefs to attend.
And it needs to be the clan's chief that comes to the moot. If they try to send a subordinate, I'll be highly insulted."
I'll deliver the message and help the clan chiefs.
"Do whatever it takes. The chiefs must attend the moot. I trust you won't fail me. When this is over, Wrothgar will finally be forged into a united kingdom!
Meet me at my cornerclub after you finish. All this planning has given me a powerful thirst."
Can you tell me more about the clans and their chiefs?
"More? What more is there to say? They refuse my every overture and laugh at my authority! We need to convince them of the veracity of my grand vision.
Oh, very well. What specifically do you want to know?"
Tell me about Clan Tumnosh.
"The stone workers? Tumnosh operates the Graystone Quarry, the primary source of building materials for Orsinium.
I'm not sure what Chief Ramash is up to, but he's fallen behind on his shipments. Maybe you can help get the quarry back on track."
Tell me about Clan Morkul.
"The Morkul Clan is famous for its smiths. Some of the finest arms and armor has come out of their forges.
I've been trying to get them to send experts to help us build the city, but Chief Abzug continues to hem and haw. Family troubles, he says."
Tell me about Clan Shatul.
"One of the best clans as far as food production and livestock is concerned. Expert hunters and farmers, every one of them.
Chief Ogzor promised to send herds of echateres to help feed the city, but we haven't seen so much as a bushel of apples yet."

Visit and assist the three clans, then return to the king at his club:

"And my champion returns, still alive and with most of your vital body parts intact! My shield-wives owe me. I told them not to bet against me!
But enough of that. Were you successful? Are the clan chiefs going to attend the moot?"
The clan chiefs have agreed to attend the moot.
"Perfect! You've done me a great service, my friend.
The moot will be remembered as the turning point for Wrothgar. The day when all the clans united under the rule of a strong and visionary king. A new golden age for the Orsimer begins here!"
(If you are an Orc and solved Shatul's problems by becoming chief yourself:)
I … might also be the new chief of Shatul clan.
"You … what? Ha! I like how your mind works, my friend!
I guess if you can't get a chief to listen, you just beat him and take over his clan. Let's drink to non-traditional thinking!"
What happens now?
"Now? Why, we prepare for the moot, of course! It will be packed! Clan chiefs from the farthest reaches of Wrothgar will come together to finally accept my vision for the future. This is how a kingdom is born!
Too bad Bazrag is going to miss it."


"Now we prepare for the moot and wait for the clan chiefs to gather. They'll come from the farthest corners of Wrothgar and finally accept my vision for the future. This is how a kingdom is born!
A shame Bazrag will miss out."
Chief Bazrag's not attending the moot?
"Don't worry about Bazrag. He hasn't been seen since the attack on the temple. He's probably gone so deep into hiding or run so far away that we'll never see that traitor again."
You don't seem very concerned about Chief Bazrag.
"Why should I be? You're concerned enough for both of us! But come on, you're worse than my shield-wives! Have a drink. Have the whole damn keg, if you want!
And take this. For services rendered. Now all we have to do is sit back and wait."
"Relax. Enjoy yourself. You earned a good rest.
I'm sure I'll have something else for you to do before the Great Moot commences. In the meantime, go and mingle or something."

The Anger of a KingEdit

Kurog ruminating

Within the Keep, Kurog will be in a room full of statues, looking up at the likeness of Baloth Bloodtusk:

"Have you ever looked at these statues? I mean really looked at them? Legends carved into bronze or stone. The work of hundreds of hours, likely crafted by people who didn't know a thing about their subject matter.
And for what purpose, do you think?"
To honor and remember them?
"And who decides who we honor and remember? The victors, of course, for they get to write the history.
But there are two sides to every story. No one remembers the losers. They fought for what they believed in and failed, and so they are forgotten."
What are you getting at?
"To the vanquished, this isn't the statue of a hero. It's a tribute to a tyrant.
Many see me in the same way. A tyrant, forcing my ideas upon the people. They say I'm wrong, that I'll destroy the Orsimer. They seek to turn everyone against me."
Has someone turned against you?
"I get reports. Things my advisors think I need to know. One report claims that the Wood Elf is keeping company with Bazrag. When two of my scouts confronted her, she killed them both.
I'm concerned that Bazrag has turned Eveli against us."
You think that Eveli Sharp-Arrow is a traitor?
"Eveli aids my enemy. The Wood Elf has chosen the wrong side. I worry that you might follow her example.
But I have a moot to prepare for and I've said what I had to say. When you see Eveli, I expect you to do the right thing."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll say:

"The Wood Elf has been corrupted by that traitor, Bazrag. I will see them brought to justice. If you happen to find them before I do ….
Well, don't disappoint me. The anger of a king can have deadly consequences, my friend."

The King's GambitEdit

At this point, the storyline takes two different paths. One path happens if Talviah Aliaria was spared at Paragon's Remembrance, the other if Talviah Aliaria was sacrificed. Either way you'll find the chief upstairs.

Talviah Aliaria sparedEdit

"Ah, my favorite problem-handler has returned! Have you come to see what you accomplished? Thanks to you, the clan chiefs have gathered to hear what I have to say.
This is going to be a moot that all of Wrothgar won't soon forget!"
I need to talk to you about something important.
"That sounds serious. But this is a time for celebration! The next age of the Orsimer people begins today!"
Why did you send soldiers to the inn?
"You dare to question my actions? To imply that I don't have the best interests of my people in mind?
If you must know, we received word of the location of the traitors. I sent my soldiers to capture them for interrogation."
Did you know that your soldiers were infiltrated by the Vosh Rakh?
"What? How dare you spread such false accusations! Has Bazrag filled your head with more of his Malacath lies?
I won't hear such things, not on the verge of my greatest victory!"
Where are Chief Bazrag and Eveli?
"More questions? You're beginning to try my patience.
But let's not talk about such matters in front of the clan chiefs. Meet me down in the dining hall and we can continue this discussion in private."
"Let's continue this fascinating discussion in the dining hall downstairs. I'll meet you there after I make apologies to my guests.
And you better have proof to substantiate these wild claims or I might just have you flayed for ruining my good mood."

Talviah Aliaria sacrificedEdit

"Look who it is! You made all this possible, my friend. You brought all the chiefs together.
I needed to step away and have a moment to myself. All this excitement! But I promise you, this will be a moot the Orsimer won't soon forget!"
I need to talk to you about something important.
"That sounds serious. But this is a time for celebration! The next age of the Orsimer people begins today!"
You and the chiefs are in danger. The Vosh Rakh plan to attack the moot.
"Really? In danger you say? And you came upon this knowledge how?
If you're frightened by a few idle rumors in the streets …."
Forge-Mother Alga told me. She's the Vosh Rakh's leader.
"Keep your voice down! Do you know how easy it is to panic a clan chief? We just got them here, so let's not scare them away needlessly.
Meet me down in the dining hall and we can continue this discussion in private."

The King's Gambit (continued)Edit

From here, his dialogue is the same regardless of what happened at Paragon's Rememberance

Go to meet him in the dining room. However, when you get there, you'll find Alga there instead. She'll either reveal herself as being the power behind the Vosh Rakh or gloat about it if you already knew. Not only that, but Kurog will admit his part in the plot as well:

King Kurog: "I'm sorry it had to come to this. But what I do I do for the good of the Orsimer people."

Then the world goes black.

Blood on a King's HandsEdit

Make you way into the tunnel leading to the moot. Past the gate you'll hear a familiar voice:

King Kurog: "Silence, chiefs! Your constant bickering has plagued our people for long enough!"

Continue through the tunnel taking out Vosh Rakh, and you'll continue to hear Kurog speaking to the chiefs as well as your companions commenting on the situation:

King Kurog: "You isolate yourselves in your own strongholds, perpetuating our selfish nature. We must change who and what we are!"
King Kurog: "I tried to appeal to you as equals, but you refused to listen. I grow tired of arguing with you."
Forge-Mother Alga: "The king cares for our people and all you do is break his heart."
King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation—or die!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."

Enter the moot and all becomes chaotic. Kurog and Alga attack the chiefs.

King Kurog: "Archers, eliminate the clan chiefs!"
Chief Ramash: "We've been betrayed! Defend yourselves!"
King Kurog: "And now the last guest has arrived. I'm going to make you pay for your disloyalty."
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King Kurog
(lore page)
Home City Orsinium
Location Path to the Moot
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 243,100rounded Difficulty  
Reaction Hostile

Kurog will now give all his attention to you:

King Kurog: "As impressive as always, but it doesn't matter. My soldiers are already moving to block the tunnels."
King Kurog: "But even impressive criminals must pay for their crimes. I'm going to deal with you—personally!"
King Kurog: "Bow before the king of the Orsimer!"

Slay Alga and Kurog will become mad with rage:

King Kurog: "Mother? No!"
King Kurog: "I demand a blood price for my mother's death, outsider!"
King Kurog: "Mother, grant me your power! May the fires of your forge engulf the traitors!"

Despite drawing power from Alga, you overtake the king and he is truly defeated.

Long Live the KingEdit

King Kurog
(lore page)
Location Castle Overlook, Scarp Keep
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)
Kurog at the pyre

King Kurog will be laid in honor on the pyre at his funeral. You will be the one to light the fires, consuming his body in flames.

Old Life ObservanceEdit

King Kurog
(lore page)
Location Old Life shrines
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
The spirit of Kurog

After his death, the spirit of King Kurog may return from Aetherius and appear to you during the New Life Festival event quest Old Life Observance when you perform a remembrance ceremony at one of the Old Life shrines.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

When fought during Blood on a King's Hands:

First PhaseEdit

Explosive Entrance
King Kurog vaults down from his podium in a violent explosion, staggering and stunning you at the opening of the fight.
Skyward Slam
Similar to his opening move, King Kurog jumps very high into the air and comes crashing down at your location, indicated by a large circular AoE, creating a large fire shockwave at the landing location, dealing high flame damage and stunning you.
Shield Bash
King Kurog knocks on his shields a few time before bashing you with it, dealing very high physical damage and knocking you far away. This attack can be blocked.
Motherly Assistance
When King Kurog reaches 25% health, his mother begins bolstering his health with her own life force, making it impossible to kill him until she is slain. Killing Forge-Mother Alga triggers the transition to the second phase.

Second PhaseEdit

Upon killing Forge-Mother Alga, King Kurog rushes over to her, cries out to her before becoming enraged. He takes her remaining life force to shoot back up to full health and one of two attacks becomes modified:

Raging War Cry
Similar to the start of the first phase, King Kurog will cry out in anger at his mother's death, shattering a large section of the arena and stunning you in the process, for a longer duration.
Shield Bash
Shield Bash now becomes practically instant as he no longer knocks his shield to announce the move.

Upon reaching 25% health again, transition to the final phase occurs.

Last PhaseEdit

Upon arriving to the last phase, King Kurog regains full health again and now adds his deceased mother's move to his arsenal, ontop of his pre-existing moves that behave the same as the second phase:

Enraged Explosion
At the start of the last phase, with the newly-acquired fire powers of his mother, King Kurog causes a violent explosion to occur in the arena, devastating it even further and now adding a circle of burning hot embers on the floor on the outer edge of the arena, dealing high continuous flame damage when stood into. Same as the first two phases, this also stuns you for a long duration unless broken free from.
Roiling Flames
King Kurog uses his mother's power to summon waves of fire outward from his position in a 360 degree angle, dealing moderate flame damage each.
Magma Armor
Upon reaching 25% health again, he applies an armor of burning magma over himself, reducing the damage he receives as well as dealing continuous moderate flame damage to anyone standing close to him.



  • Kurog possesses several unique animations. The only other NPCs to utilize them are the Orsimer Soldier followers who take his place at Frostbreak Fortress. They were later adapted into the Heroic personality for players.
  • King Kurog's voice actor is JB Blanc (IMDb), who had previously played Bosmer characters in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Prior to Orsinium, King Kurog appeared in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter as a decoy actor and Sancre Tor as a projection under the name of King Kurog gro-Orsinium in each. He was later renamed after the DLC's release to just "King Kurog" in both and had his appearance updated; his original look had him with blue eyes and Orcish Style armor.