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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Discover what has put King Kurog in such a foul mood.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Shield-Wife Razbela
Location(s): Orsinium, Paragon's Remembrance, Chambers of Loyalty, Scarp Keep
Prerequisite Quest: To Save a Chief
Next Quest: The King's Gambit
Reward: Vosh Rakh Ceremonial Mask
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 5468
The Anger of a King
King Kurog seems to be in a foul mood, which has affected everyone in the royal court.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to King Kurog.
  2. Find Eveli Sharp-Arrow.
  3. Convince Eveli not to give up.
  4. Meet the scouts outside Paragon's Remembrance.
  5. Infiltrate the Vosh Rakh and discover their plan.
  6. Warn Eveli about the Vosh Rakh's plan.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You will be offered this quest when next in Orsinium after completing To Save a Chief, by Shield-Wife Razbela running up to you and calling for your attention. You will be sent to Scarp Keep to meet King Kurog, who has heard rumors that Eveli Sharp-Arrow - who was supposed to be in his service - is working with Chief Bazrag, of whose escape he already knows (though not of your involvement): Eveli has apparently shot two guards who challenged her. He stops short of actually sending you to kill her, but says that if you meet her again, he trusts you to "do the right thing"...

When you leave the keep, a messenger is standing there with a letter for you from Eveli. You have the option of talking to Owayine, the messenger. If you talk to him, he suggests Kalina at the Mages Guild may help decipher the message. She is unable to provide much help, but if you bribe her she suggests checking at the Outlaw's Den below the city. There, approach Watzhi Fast-Claw. If you pay her, she also will not tell you what the message says, but will hint that you should look at the first word of each sentence.

The message says: "We are at the inn. Hidden Room. Secret words: Orcs don't smell". The inn referenced is The Greedy Gut (because Bazrag is hardly likely to turn up at The King's Cornerclub.) Head up the stairs and talk to Mulzah, give the password and you will be directed down the stairs and into a storage area where you will walk into the middle of a conference: Chief Bazrag, High Priestess Solgra (who knew all along the identity of the chief whose rescue she has just ordered, even though her religion is supposed to oppose his) and Eveli Sharp-Arrow (who did NOT know, and will actually walk out of the conference because she feels she has been tricked, given that she does not want to get involved in a conflict between Kurog and Bazrag.) Two others will be present: Talviah Aliaria and Flies-In-Wind, though they will not speak much at this point.

Solgra will confirm that she initially believed Bazrag was responsible for the attack on the Temple, but has since learned - via Bazrag's wife - that he himself was kidnapped by the Vosh Rakh at the same time as the assault was taking place, and cannot have had anything to do with it (confirming what Bazrag has already told you), thus Bazrag and the worshippers of Malacath must have been framed by attackers shouting in their name, and thus the Vosh Rakh are the most likely culprits. Solgra, although a priestess of Trinimac, opposes the Vosh Rakh who are extremists in Trinimac's name. If you talk to Bazrag, he will have overheard during his imprisonment, that the Vosh Rakh have plans for the Clan Chiefs' Moot that Kurog intends to call. Solgra will ask you to follow Eveli upstairs - she has not run far - and persuade her to get back on board, then follow to Paragon's Remembrance in the far southwest of Wrothgar, where Talviah and Flies-In-Wind have already been sent. Eveli doesn't know who is in the right any more, and moreover is feeling guilty about having killed the two guards who were only doing their jobs. She will however agree to join you: at least the Vosh Rakh are an enemy in common to the moderates of both the Trinimac and Malacath religions.

In Paragon's Remembrance, Elder Uznom appears at the entrance and urges you to make your way to the Chambers of Loyalty. After most quest objectives you will have the ability to talk to Talviah for more details or his thoughts. He has a quest marker but no objective appears in the journal or the tracker. When you get to the Chambers of Loyalty, you will be given the choice of three "blessings" to help you during the trials. One will increase your run speed (Avalian's Speed), one will increase your defense (Vaia's Protection), and one will increase your attack (Usunok's Strength). The timer is set for two minutes and 30 seconds, which starts after you speak to Elder Yozth, so you must be quick.

Recommendations: Carefully study the map before you enter. Run through enemies to confront them in groups to save time.

When you reach the next room, the Vosh Rakh Taskmasters will have seen through your disguise, but you will be given a choice: sacrifice Talviah to prove your loyalty / conversion to the Vosh Rakh, or else take on everybody else in the room.

  • If you kill Talviah, you will see a vision of Forge-Mother Alga, welcoming you into the Vosh Rakh fold, and explaining that the Vosh Rakh were the true attackers at the Temple, dressed in the robes of Malacath and shouting the names of Malacath and Chief Bazrag: and that they intend to attack and murder the remaining chiefs at Kurog's Moot, recapture and kill Bazrag as he escapes, and pin the entire blame on High Priestess Solgra - a Trinimac cultist who is not a member of the Vosh Rakh, who has just helped you rescue Bazrag.
  • If you choose instead to take on the whole roomful of cultists, Talviah will survive but it is a tough fight against a dozen enemies, and you can learn an incomplete version of their plans by reading the "Vosh Rakh Orders" document: and you do not see the vision of Alga, or learn of her involvement, and you do not learn that Solgra is also in danger.

When you come out, you'll meet Eveli in the chamber outside. Since Talviah is not with you, she'll ask questions. If Talviah is dead, you can either tell her the truth (you sacrificed him to gain knowledge of the Vosh Rakh's plans) or lie and say that he sacrificed himself for the cause. If you tell her the truth, she will accuse you of being as great a monster as the enemies you and she are supposedly fighting, and resolve to leave Orsinium after its political crisis is over - even though she will accept your word, that Bazrag and Solgra are both in immediate danger. If Talviah is with you, you've still learned something about a planned Vosh Rakh attack on the moot, and that there are Vosh Rakh among Kurog's soldiers.

Either way, make your own way out of the fortress. The front entrance is nearby: alternatively, if you have started the sidequest Forcing the Faith, now would be a good time to finish it and give the Vosh Rakh plenty more to remember you by.


  • Unlike most other readable quest items that must be used to progress a quest objective, there is no quick-use prompt that appears on-screen to read Eveli's letter. You must go into the quest items yourself and use it from there instead.
  • Watzhi Fast-Claw won't exist in the outlaws refuge before starting this quest or reaching the related objective.
  • You do not have to go through and decode the letter. You can decode it yourself, and head straight for the inn.
    • Approaching the inn while still not having had the letter decoded via outside help (which then still has the very large search radius in the city map) still results in an objective marker pointing the way inside.
  • While normally accessible, the front door to Mazabakh's House becomes locked off during this quest.
  • Eveli and her group won't exist inside until speaking with Mulzah.
  • The enemies at the entrance of and inside the ruins become neutral while wearing the Vosh Rakh disguise.
    • This effect wears off (as indicated by blue magical swirls) when going into the larger area where the side-quest Forcing the Faith.
  • Elder Uznom won't exist in the ruins before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
    • His ambient dialogue directing you to the Chambers of Loyalty isn't subtitled.
    • Backing away then approaching him again causes him to repeatedly repeat his ambient dialogue, to the point of cutting himself off.
  • None of the scrolls in the Chambers of Loyalty have the typical golden glow of readable notes.
  • While displayed as a hint required to progress the quest, speaking with Elder Yozth isn't mandatory and the gauntlet starts automatically when entering its associated room.
  • Other than having to retry, there is no consequence to failing the gauntlet.
  • Killing all the Vosh Rakh Conjurers during the gauntlet will stop the ice meteors for a time, until the conjurers start respawning.
    • Unlike the other enemies in the room, the conjurers despawn after the gauntlet is completed.
  • Falling on the spikes in the floor of the gauntlet room doesn't inflict damage.
  • Despite Talviah being tired out when you speak to him after the gauntlet, he doesn't actually participate in it with you in the previous objective.
  • It's possible to exit the Council Chamber without speaking with the council. Since the door is one-way only, make sure to do this before using the door.
  • If you can't defeat the Vosh Rakh council, you will be forced to sacrifice Talviah to progress the quest.
  • If you have Lightning Form active at the start of the sequence where you have to chose to sacrifice Talviah or not, he may be damaged and become hostile precluding any choice.
  • If you do not sacrifice Talviah, High Priestess Solgra will die later in the questline.
  • The "Vosh Rakh Orders" note doesn't exist in the council chamber before making the decision to attack the taskmasters.
    • The note lacks the typical golden glow of readable notes.
  • Enemies don't exist in the corridor leading back to the entrance of the Chambers of Loyalty if it is accessed before making a decision in the Council Chamber.
  • The previously friendly cultists encountered in the ruins disappear if the council is slain.


  • Shield-Wife Razbela very briefly behaves like a follower (as well as having the related icon) after accepting the quest but vanishes after walking a moderate distance away from where you accepted the quest from. ?
  • Although there is an option to use the disguise amulet in the quest items, doing so in the aforementioned area won't do anything. ?
  • After speaking with Eveli before the Chambers of Loyalty, an objective marker appears over Talviah, though no objective is added to the HUD to match it. It goes away after speaking with him. ?
    • The same occurs after completing the gauntlet. ?
  • In the Chambers of Loyalty, during the objective to speak with Elder Azulg, objective markers will still appear over Elder Akarah and the scrolls when they are not relevant to this objective. This results in this hint being skippable, but it will linger in the HUD. ?
  • The ice meteors that fall in the trial room clip through the ceiling instead of coming out of specially-carved out entry points. ?
  • The Vosh Rakh Taskmaster's dialogue when you enter the Council Chamber lacks audio to match the subtitles. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The Anger of a King
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Shield-wife Razbela brought me a message from King Kurog. He wants me to appear before him at the keep in Orsinium. I should go and see what he wants.
Objective: Talk to King Kurog
King Kurog has discovered that Eveli Sharp-Arrow is trying to get Chief Bazrag to High-Priestess Solgra safely. I should try to find Eveli and warn her that the king is looking for her.
Objective: Find Eveli Sharp-Arrow
A messenger brought me a letter. He said he received it from a Wood Elf. I should open my inventory and ready the letter.
Objective: Read the letter in your inventory
Eveli's message is in some kind of code. She told the messenger that the letter itself wasn't important, that what really matters is the beginning of every thought. I wonder if that's a clue to help me decipher the letter?
Objective: Decipher the letter to find Eveli
Optional Step: Ask Owayine for more information
Objective Hint: Seek help to decipher the message
Objective Hint: Seek help in Orsinium's Outlaw Den
The innkeeper's daughter directed me to a hidden passage in the lower storage area of the Greedy Gut. She said it would lead to a secret room where Eveli and Solgra are waiting for me. I should go and meet them there.
Objective: Enter the Secret Room
I entered the secret area and heard Eveli, Solgra, and Bazrag talking in the room above. I should go up there and talk to High Priestess Solgra.
Objective: Talk to High Priestess Solgra
High-Priestess Solgra explained her position. The Vosh Rakh are the real threat and they have to be contained. I should talk to Eveli and see if I can make her understand what's at stake here.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
I need to meet up with Eveli and the scouts at the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance.
Objective: Meet the scouts at Paragon's Remembrance
I rendezvoused with Eveli and the scouts, Talviah and Flies-in-Wind. I should talk to Eveli and find out what they've learned about the area around Paragon's Remembrance.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
I need to find a way to disguise ourselves as a Vosh Rakh cultist so that Eveli, the scouts, and I can gain entry to the ruins. Eveli suggested I follow the group that went west toward the echatere mating grounds.
Objective: Find a Vosh Rakh disguise
With the amulet I found, I should be able to enter the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance undetected.
Objective: Enter Paragon's Remembrance
I'm disguised as a Vosh Rakh cultist and I'm inside the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance. Now I should find Eveli and the scouts and see what we can learn about the cult's plans.
Objective: Find your companions
Talviah and I have our disguises. Now to head into the Chambers of Loyalty and see what the high-ranking cultists are meeting about.
Objective: Enter the Chambers of Loyalty
I entered the Chambers of Loyalty. I need to find out what the high-ranking Vosh Rakh are meeting about. Then I should rendezvous with Talviah and compare notes.
Objective: Discover the purpose of the meeting
I need to complete the trials in order to learn what the Vosh Rakh are planning for Orsinium. Apparently, I can read the scrolls and select one of Trinimac's blessings to aid me.
Objective: Complete the trials
Objective Hint: Talk to Elder Azulg
Objective Hint: Talk to Elder Yozth
Now that we completed the Gauntlet, I need to find the Vosh Rakh council so they can tell me about the "sacred" mission.
Objective: Find the Vosh Rakh council
The Vosh Rakh council seems to know who I am. They want me to kill Talviah to prove my devotion to Trinimac. If I do that, they'll tell me the information I came here to uncover. So, should I kill my ally or attack the Vosh Rakh?
Complete one: Sacrifice Talviah to learn valuable information or Kill the Vosh Rakh
(If you kill Vosh Rakh)

I need to search the council chamber and see if I can discover the nature of the Vosh Rakh's plan for disrupting the king's moot.

Objective: Find the information you seek
(If you kill Talviah)

After I killed Talviah, Forge-Mother Alga appeared as a vision in the council chamber. I should talk to her and find out what the Vosh Rakh are actually planning.

Objective: Talk to the Vision of Alga
(If you killed the Vosh Rakh)
I need to leave the Chambers of Loyalty and find Eveli and Flies-In-Wind. Chief Bazrag and Eveli are in danger, and the Vosh Rakh plan to kill the clan chiefs at the moot.
Objective: Rendezvous with Eveli Sharp-Arrow
(If you killed Talviah)
I learned the Vosh Rakh's plan to eliminate the chiefs at the moot and blame High Priestess Solgra from Forge-Mother Alga. I should rendezvous with Eveli and Flies-in-Wind to let them know.
Objective: Rendezvous with Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Finishes quest  (If you killed the Vosh Rakh)
I should talk to Eveli and let her know what we uncovered before I head back to Orsinium to warn about the upcoming attack on the moot.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Finishes quest  (If you killed Talviah)
I need to talk to Eveli and explain what happened to Talviah. She also needs to know what I learned from Forge-Mother Alga.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
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