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Chief Bazrag
(lore page)
Location Varies
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 133,844
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower To Save a Chief
Blood on a King's Hands
Faction(s) Fharun Clan
Gaspard's Stalkers (formerly)
Chief Bazrag

Chief Bazrag is the chieftain of Fharun Clan, and rules from Fharun Stronghold. Ulsha is his shield-wife.

He opposes the rule of King Kurog and the religion of Trinimac. He was once known as Bazrag the Butcher when he was a member of Gaspard's Stalkers, a mercenary company that operated across Hammerfell and Elsweyr.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Invitation to OrsiniumEdit

As you leave the frozen cave, you'll hear him interrogating a Winterborn captive:

Chief Bazrag : "Where did you take our supplies?"
Chief Bazrag : "I'll kill a Winterborn every second until you tell me what I want to know!"

As you approach him north of the bridge, you'll hear him and Ulsha speaking:

Chief Bazrag : "The clan peasants? Are they on their way to Orsinium?"
Ulsha : "The soldiers escorted them and the wounded outsiders. They should be safe enough."
Chief Bazrag : "Safe enough isn't good enough. Go after them. I'll continue to look for the Winterborn and the missing supplies."

Speaking to him, he'll say:

"You're the outsider who leaped into the bear's den to fight the Winterborn? Ulsha and the Wood Elf mentioned you.
Surprised you didn't end up all bruised and bloody like the rest of these fools. This is our home, not an amusement for your pleasure!"
I saved your people.
"And I appreciate that. Doesn't change the fact that I despise that you're here, though, sticking your nose in our business."
I was invited ….
"Ah, yes, the king's invitation. And what a royal bag of snakes that is!
Look, you have my thanks for saving those people. And, as much as I hate it, I owe you a favor. But right now I need to determine where they took the stolen supplies."
Maybe this note will help you find the supplies.
"Let me see that.
We've been betrayed! And for gold, no less! By Malacath, I'll make sure someone pays for this. Look, I need to protect the next caravan to come through the Merchant's Gate. If you truly want to help Wrothgar, then you will help me."
What do you want me to do?
"This note indicates that the traitor has interests in the city. I want you to track down this traitor and find our stolen shipments.
The fastest way to get on my good side—and on Kurog's—is to expose the traitor and recover our supplies."
I'll go to Orsinium and see what I can learn.
"I suggest you start your search in the inn. Gold and dark dealings often go hand in hand with drinking and celebrating.
Don't disappoint me. I hate putting my trust in outsiders. Do everyone a favor and prove me wrong."
What are you the chief of?
"I'm the chief of the Fharun clan, one of the oldest and strongest clans in all of Wrothgar.
Kurog makes it sound like tradition is a bad thing, but by Malacath's broken tooth, tradition is the lifeblood of Orc culture. It's who we are!"
That's why you're giving me so much grief?
"You're a long way from home and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. That's a good way to get it cut off, at least in my stronghold.
Still, Malacath would call me a fool if I turned down help when it was freely offered."
Why would someone betray the Orc clans?
"Unfortunately, not even Orcs are immune to greed. War provides too many opportunities for those willing to trade in lives and suffering.
Gold! It turns brother against brother. We were better off when we bartered for everything we needed."
What should I look for in the city?
"Look for anything that would link this traitor to the note you found. Someone with a lot of gold to spend would be a good start. Then there are the Khajiiti traders that were mentioned. How many of the cat-people could there be in Orsinium?"

For King and GloryEdit

Arrive from Frostbreak Fortress and you'll find a contingent in the throne room:

Chief Bazrag: "We didn't come for a sermon, priestess. I'm just here to see Kurog."
High Priestess Solgra: "I meant no offense, Chief Bazrag. I only seek to spread Trinimac's good words."
Chief Targak: "Again with these Trinimac lies! Let me show you what Malacath thinks of your stupid words!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "Your anger is uncalled for, clan chiefs. Please excuse us, Solgra. I see our champion has returned."
Chief Bazrag: "You? They pulled you into their madness? How … disappointing."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I may be grateful for the help you provided me earlier, but you aren't one of us.
For your own good, stay out of this. Kurog will be the death of you, mark my words."

Speak to Forge-Mother Alga and tell her of you and Kurog's success. Kurog will then arrive in the room and address the other chiefs:

King Kurog: "Excellent! Everyone's here!"
King Kurog: "The time has come. Swear allegiance to me. Orsinium will prosper once the clans unite under my rule."
Chief Bazrag: "This again, Kurog? Why should we submit to you this time?"
King Kurog: "Behold! I wield the blade of Ice-Heart! With the help of outsiders, I have vanquished our greatest foe and retrieved the stolen supplies!"
King Kurog: "The chiefs could not stop the Winterborn! Only I have accomplished that!"
Chief Bazrag: "You ask much, Kurog. To turn away from Malacath? To abandon our most cherished customs?"
King Kurog: "Bazrag, my old friend, your outdated ideas will be the death of me."
Chief Targak: "Don't tempt us, Kurog! Our traditions won't bend to the will of an idiot chief who decides to call himself kin—"

Kurog impales Targak on the Ice-Heart's blade.

King Kurog: "Idiot? Chief? I am your king! You would all do well to remember that! Now get out of my sight."
Chief Bazrag: "You embark upon a dangerous path, Kurog. We won't forget this."

Bazrag and Dular leave the room with Bazrag's threat hanging in the air.

To Save a ChiefEdit

As you search the Fharun Stronghold prison in search for an unknown clan chief, you'll hear a familiar voice:

Chief Bazrag: "Is that the best you can do? My mother hits harder than that and she's dead."

Dispatch his captors and he'll snark:

Chief Bazrag: "You again? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you liked me."
"So Kurog's pet shows up again. Are you here to make sure I'm still a prisoner, or has he sent you to cut my throat?
Come on, what are you waiting for? Just kill me and get it over with! Or don't you have the guts for that kind of work?"
You're the chief who got captured?
"Kurog sent you to kill the captured chief, but he didn't tell you it was me? Ha! How typical!
Well, the damn cultists couldn't kill me, the prison escapees couldn't kill me, and neither can you!"
High Priestess Solgra sent me, not Kurog.
"The Trinimac priestess? She's just like the idiots who attacked my stronghold and threw me down here. They released my prisoners and made a game out of letting them torture us.
But the joke's on them. I'm still alive!"
Why should I rescue you after what you did at the Orsinium temple?
"What are you talking about? After I left Orsinium, I returned here just in time to watch the Vosh Rakh overwhelm my stronghold. I've been a prisoner in my own dungeon ever since!
Definitely didn't have time to do anything at the temple."
The fanatics kept shouting your name as they attacked.
"That's nice. I have adoring admirers. But I had nothing to do with them or the temple.
Now do you want to chat or do you want to get out of here? My arm's hurt, so climbing up the well is right out. We need to find another exit."
Sounds like you've got a suggestion.
"I do, indeed. But the prison defenses are still active. That's going to make getting out of here a bit tricky.
Lucky for you, I'm here."
All right, let's go find the exit.
Chief Bazrag: "First we need to get through the Chamber of Scorn, where we keep the most dangerous prisoners."
Chief Bazrag: "Chamber's protected by poison gas. If we run into trouble, you'll have to deal with it, what with my injured arm and all."
"The Chamber of Scorn is defended by a mechanism that releases poison gas. We can deal with that, but the solution is rather complex. I employed the best engineers gold could buy, after all.
I'll explain what we need to do once we get inside."
Why does Fharun Stronghold have a prison?
"What? You think Malacath's Code only allows for death or exile?
Sometimes you want individuals to pay for their crimes, but you also want to keep them around, just in case. Besides, running a prison has turned out to be a lucrative business."
Lucrative? How so?
"Any clan that wants us to take in an undesirable pays us gold for the privilege. And, as I'm sure you noticed, we have a lot of undesirables down here.
But we can discuss this in more detail later, after we get out of here."

Enter the chamber and the other gates out will automatically shut:

Chief Bazrag: "Damn gates! I forgot about them. Blasted engineers always making upgrades …."
"So, just so you know, if we don't do this exactly right, we're both going to die. No pressure or anything, but I wanted you to know what we're dealing with here."
What do we need to do?
"I need to turn the manual override switches in the correct order to open the gate to the next chamber.
But this is the Chamber of Scorn. It was designed to hold our most dangerous inmates, so it won't be that simple."
It never is. What else is going to happen?
"As soon as I start the process, poison will begin filling the room and those cell doors are going to swing open.
I'll try to be quick, but with an injured arm, I can only work so fast. Just keep the prisoners away from me and stay out of the gas."

If you had avoided attention in the previous stages of this quest:

An engineer gave an elixir to drink. Said it would help with the poison.
"You met Frilan? Ha, I knew they couldn't kill that damned Breton. The man is a genius! Glad you took his advice. That potion might save your life.
You still need to keep the prisoners off my arse so I can open the gate though."
I'm ready when you are.


What happens if the gas touches me?
"You die a slow and painful death. Exciting, isn't it?
Now let's get this over with."
Chief Bazrag: "Once I turn this lever, there's no stopping, so get ready."
Chief Bazrag: "Turning the first lever … now!"

Defeat the two Ogres:

Chief Bazrag: "One down. I'll get the next one. Just keep those prisoners away from me!"

Defeat the two Trolls:

Chief Bazrag: "Good job! But things are about to get more complicated."

Defeat Ordun Clan-Slayer:

Chief Bazrag: "One more lever to go!"

Defeat Viras the Red:

Chief Bazrag: "All right, that's done. Let's keep moving."

Bazrag will exit the far door. Follow him and he'll be looking down on the spike trapped floor below:

"Welcome to the spike room. I'd brag about the craftsmanship if we weren't trapped down here.
See those valves on the wall? I need you to turn all three of them. Just watch out for the spikes."
I just need to turn the three valves?
"Well, not exactly. Those expensive engineers I hired built in override timers on the locks. If you don't close the valves fast enough, the trap resets.
We built it to hamper escape attempts, remember? It's not supposed to be easy."
Turn the valves quickly. Anything else?
"Just watch out for those spikes. They're reinforced metal sharpened to razor points. And they might be coated with poison. Depends on when the last maintenance tasks were performed.
Get skewered by a couple of those spikes and it's so long horker!"

If you had avoided attention in the previous stages of this quest:

Your engineer mentioned a fourth valve that disables the reset mechanism?
"Clever bastard! That must be the valve near the exit gate. If I'd know, I would have had it removed. Circumvention measures can lead to a breakdown of the entire prison system!
But as long as it's there, we might as well take advantage of it."


Any last advice before I go down there?
"The spikes aren't random. You can watch from up here and you might be able to determine the pattern. It changes daily, so even I don't know the current sequence.
Just remember that if you take too long, it resets and you'll have to start over."

Throw all the switches in time and he'll say:

Chief Bazrag: "You figured it out. Not bad. Just a little farther and we'll be out of here."

If you speak to him again before leaving the prison:

"That wasn't too bad. We're almost out of here.
I guess once we get outside, my fate will be in your hand. At least I won't be trapped in my own prison anywhere."

Once outside the prison, he'll ask to catch his breath:

Chief Bazrag: "Finally! It's good to breathe free air again. Just … give me a moment … to compose myself."
"I refuse to leave one prison just to enter another. If you plan to take me to Kurog, forget about it.
I'd rather die here, with my clan, than have to see Kurog's gloating face again."
I'm not taking you to Kurog.

At this point he'll draw out a sword in front of you, using his injured arm:

"Damn right you're not!
Make a move and I'll cut you. Just a flick of my wrist and your guts will decorate the floor. Now tell me why Solgra sent you. What kind of game is Kurog playing this time?"
Your arm …?
"My arm is fine! But I couldn't get out of the prison on my own, so killing you down there wasn't an option.
Now I'll ask again. Why are you here? Why did Solgra send you to help me?"
She didn't want the Vosh Rakh to kill you in Trinimac's name.
"Now I understand! Kurog wants to save face. Can't have a rival chief die at the hands of fanatics who worship the same god as our so-called king.
Now I see where Kurog's priorities lie."

While he is speaking, you'll notice Eveli sneaking up and aiming her loaded bow at the chiefs head:

Isn't he trying to unite your people? You could help him.
"Me? Help Kurog?
Where was our so-called king when my clan was at the mercy of the Vosh Rakh? Where was he when my people were dying or being forced to join this cult against their will?"
Is that why you attacked the temple?
"How many times do I have to tell you? I had nothing to do with that!
You want to know the truth? Find Ulsha. I sent her away during the attack. She's camped outside Fharun. She'll tell you everything you need to know."

At this point you have to suspend your conversation with Bazrag and let Eveli to handle the situation:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Chief Bazrag, lower your weapon. Please. I don't want to loose this arrow, but I will if you don't stand down."
Chief Bazrag: "Damn it, Wood Elf! Fine. But you might as well put that arrow in my heart, because I won't let you turn me over to Kurog."

If you speak to him before speaking to Eveli, he'll warn:

"Something isn't right in all this. I hope you can see that.
In any case, just kill me or let me go, because I'm not letting you turn me over to Kurog."

Speak to Eveli and the chief will interrupt:

Chief Bazrag: "You can put the bow down, Elf. I'll go with you as long as you promise not to turn me over to Kurog."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sorry, no. I'm keeping the bow. But I promise not to take you to Kurog."
Chief Bazrag: "Fine. Just watch where you're pointing that thing."

Speak to him before leaving:

"You saved my life, so I'll go along with this nonsense. For now. Just find Ulsha. She'll prove I had nothing to do with the attack on the temple.
But if this is a trick, there's nowhere in Oblivion where you'll be able to hide from my wrath."

The Anger of a KingEdit

Decipher Eveli's cryptic message and you'll find her with a small contingent of Orsinium movers and shakers:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We can't just walk into the Vosh Rakh base. That's suicide!"
High Priestess Solgra: "We have to find out what the Vosh Rakh have planned. If we wait for them to strike, it will be too late."
Chief Bazrag: "Whatever they're planning, it's going to happen soon. They just about told me as much when they threw me into my own prison!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Maybe we should have left you in there. For all we know, you deserve to be in prison!"
Chief Bazrag: "Listen to me, Elf. I didn't attack anyone. I left Orsinium and they ambushed me."
High Priestess Solgra: "I sent you to rescue the chief, Eveli. I wouldn't have done that if I believed he was guilty."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You lied to us, high priestess! You knew who you were sending us to rescue the entire time! This feels like one giant trap and we walked right into it."

Eveli will leave the room in disgust.

High Priestess Solgra: "Ah, you found us. I'm sorry that Eveli is upset, but I did what had to be done. Please, let's talk."

Speak to him before speaking to the priestess and he'll say:

"Who would have thought that Solgra would help me? After all I said about her?
Well, I was wrong. Even if she does worship a false god, she still cares about the people. I can respect that."

After speaking to Solgra, he'll add:

"The Vosh Rakh practically bragged about their plan as they tossed me in that cell. They said it was going to be big and bold and really show the world what Trinimac is all about.
They didn't tell me any details, but I think it involves the moot."

If you speak to him after speaking to Eveli, he'll remark:

"I have a feeling that the Wood Elf isn't the only one around here who's been lied to.
Hurry back. I don't think we have a lot of time before the Vosh Rakh make their move."

The King's GambitEdit

At this point, the storyline takes two different paths. One path happens if Talviah Aliaria was spared at Paragon's Remembrance. The other if Talviah Aliaria was sacrificed.

Talviah Aliaria sparedEdit

Rescue Eveli and Bazrag from the dungeons of Scarp Keep:

"We have to stop meeting like this. Maybe next time I could rescue you, what do you say?
What in Malacath's name is Kurog up to, I wonder? This is brash, even for him."
Kurog is working with the Vosh Rakh.
"You better not be pulling my tusk, outsider.
I've known Kurog for a long time. We may disagree on certain issues, but he's always had the best interests of our people in mind. This makes no sense!"
He's using the moot as a trap. He's going to eliminate the chiefs who oppose him.
"Then there isn't any time to waste. Give me the key and head for the throne room. There's a passage in there that will lead you directly to the moot.
I'll get Eveli to safety and try to gather some additional help."
Additional help?
"There are still some people here in the city that I can count on.
Now do whatever you have to and get to the moot. If you run into any problems, find me outside the keep and we'll figure something out."
"Get moving! The throne room is upstairs, remember?
Once Eveli and I get out of here, we'll try to rally some additional help. You can find us outside if you run into any problems."

Find out where the moot is and meet up with Eveli and Bazrag outside the keep:

"I had a feeling I'd find you here. Kurog sealed the route to the moot, didn't he?
Damn it! Most of my contacts have gone deep into hiding and we're no closer to saving the chiefs than we were when I scraped you up off the floor of the keep!"
I found this note in the throne room.
"Let me see that ….
You can get to the moot through the temple? I had no idea that path even existed! But they sent soldiers after Solgra. That's bad. We need a new plan and we need it now."
Any ideas?
"You go ahead to the temple and check on the high priestess.
Eveli and I have one more place where we can look for some help. If we're successful, it might make the path to the moot slightly less complicated."
Just be careful. The soldiers and guards are still looking for both of you.
"I'm well aware of that! I'm counting on the start of the moot to keep them distracted, but we won't take any unnecessary chances.
We need Solgra alive to tell her side of the story. Then we can get to the moot and save the chiefs."
I'll try to make this quick then.
"You've done more for me and my people than I could have ever expected. I appreciate that. It shows you have honor.
Now get to the temple and make sure the high priestess is all right. We need her alive!"

If you exit the dialogue and talk to him again:

"Get to the temple and make sure the high priestess is all right. "
I'm ready. What do you want me to do next?
"You've done more for me and my people than I could have ever expected. I appreciate that. It shows you have honor.
Now get to the temple and make sure the high priestess is all right. We need her alive!"

Talviah Aliaria sacrificedEdit

Inside The Greedy Gut, you'll find Eveli and Bazrag upstairs dispatching the last of the Disguised Vosh Rakh:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Keep your head down!"
Chief Bazrag: "This is the best Kurog has to send against us? Pitiful!"
"Thanks to the timely arrival of the Wood Elf, we were ready for those Vosh Rakh bastards. You should have seen their expressions when we started cutting them down to size. It was glorious!
So, are there more of these tuskless wonders out there?"
Not too many, at least not at the moment.
"As you can see, we've been rather busy ourselves, so I haven't had a chance to get the entire story out of Eveli.
Tell me, what else did you learn at Paragon's Remembrance?"
Alga leads the Vosh Rakh, but they're going to blame Solgra for everything that's happening.
"By the sacred tusk, the forge-mother? The Vosh Rakh answer to Alga? That's … well, come to think of it, that makes a certain amount of sense.
The cowards blame the high priestess and then get to smell like sunshine on a cloudy day."
Where is High Priestess Solgra?
"Solgra doesn't have a bounty on her head—at least not yet. She went back to the temple. Business as usual, and all that.
What a mess Kurog has made. He thinks we're the traitors, but his mother is running a cult right under his nose."
What do you think we should do now?
"As much as it galls me to help him, Kurog needs to be warned. He's in as much danger as the clan chiefs, especially if Alga plans to usurp her son.
You go talk to Kurog. I'll send Eveli to protect Solgra."
"Go tell Kurog what's happening in his own kingdom and don't leave his side until you make him listen. Do whatever you have to, but you have to convince him to postpone the moot.
I'll catch up with you as soon as I can."

Wake up in the dungeons of Scarp Keep and you'll hear a familiar voice:

Chief Bazrag: "It's about time you woke up. Took you long enough."
"What in Malacath's name did they do to you? You had more holes in you than a block of echatere cheese after a skeever attack!
I tended to your wounds as best I could, but I'm kind of surprised you woke up at all."
What happened?
"Not sure. I slipped inside before Kurog locked down the keep. Found you lying on the floor and dragged you back here before all the Vosh Rakh showed up.
I thought they were Orsimer soldiers at first, but those are definitely the cultists up there."
Where are Kurog and the chiefs?
"They headed for the moot. It's going to start soon.
Kurog and the chiefs don't realize what they're walking into. It's going to be a blood bath!"
Kurog's in on the plan. Where are they holding the moot?
"I knew it, the tuskless bastard! He plans to kill the chiefs and unite the clans over the corpses of our people. Despicable!
They're holding the moot in the mountains overlooking the city. A path beyond the throne room leads right to it."
Then we should get moving.
"You go ahead. Just watch yourself. Those Vosh Rakh maniacs aren't going to stand aside and let you march in there.
I'll go gather some other allies in the city. If you run into problems, meet me outside the keep and we'll figure something else out."
Before I go, can I ask you something?
"Before Kurog started all this, I honestly never gave it a lot of thought. It certainly goes against all our most-cherished traditions.
I have to admit, there are advantages to a united Orc nation. But not this way. Not this way."
Do you think Kurog planned this from the beginning?
"Who can say? I want to believe that Kurog started out with the best intentions. He thought the death of Ice-Heart would unite us under his banner.
But the clan chiefs, they're a stubborn lot."
So he turned to this plan in desperation?
"I assume that he and Alga had it in mind, just in case. I can't help wonder if this is my fault, though. I should have talked to Kurog, listened to what he had to say.
Instead, I turned away. I refused to hear him out. And now look where we are."
Why are Kurog and Alga so determined to get rid of you?
"I have a reputation. Most of the chiefs and their clans respect me. That makes me a threat to Kurog's plans.
By discrediting me, Alga and her son give the people someone to hate. Then they can remove me from the field of battle without consequence."
Are the Orcs really that fickle?
"People believe whatever's right in front of them. By throwing me in my own prison and making sure no one could talk to me, Kurog could direct the story to his own purposes.
The fanatics shouted my name, and that's all the people heard."
Is a united Orsimer really that bad of an idea?
"Some of Kurog's ideas have merit, I'll give him that.
But the cost he's willing to bear to see his plans through to fruition? Murder. A city built on fresh graves. And the madness doesn't end there."
It doesn't?
"No, it doesn't. With a united nation at his beck and call, Kurog assembles an army. And then he points that army at our supposed enemies.
Suddenly it's the Orsimer against the world, for good or ill."
Would Kurog really be that bold?
"You've seen our so-called king in action. You know him as well as anyone. Perhaps better. What do you think?
His pride will eventually be his downfall—and the downfall of his newly formed Orc nation."

Find out where the moot is and meet up with Eveli and Bazrag outside the keep:

"I had a feeling I'd find you here. Kurog sealed the route to the moot, didn't he?
Damn it! Most of my contacts have gone deep into hiding and we're no closer to saving the chiefs than we were when I scraped you up off the floor of the keep!"
I found this note in the throne room.
"Let me see that ….
You can get to the moot through the temple? I had no idea that path existed. But they sent soldiers? I hope Eveli can handle things until we get there."
To the temple then?
"You go ahead and check on the Wood Elf. I'll meet you there.
I have one more place where I can look for some help. If I'm successful, it might make the path to the moot slightly less complicated."
Just be careful. The soldiers and guards are still looking for you.
"I'm well aware of that! I'm counting on the start of the moot to keep them distracted, but I won't take any unnecessary chances.
Besides, I was supposed to be dead by now."
Weren't we all.
"You've done more for me and my people than I could have ever expected. Thank you.
Now get to the temple and make sure Eveli and the high priestess are all right."

Blood on a King's HandsEdit

Talviah Aliaria sparedEdit

"The temple, besieged by weapon-wielding fanatics twice in the same season. It's insane!
Kurog has set this avalanche in motion. Now it's up to us to try to stop it."
I'll do what I can.
"I know you will. I've seen you in action!
I have a feeling that the fate of Wrothgar depends on what we do next. Our actions, whether we succeed or fail, will determine the future of Orsinium and the Orc people."
Do you really think everything comes down to this?
"How could it not? The temple, the moot. Those are the fires that will test our mettle. We'll either come out stronger or be consumed in the flames.
Now go help Solgra!"
I'll go to the temple and help the high priestess.
"No matter what, you need to get to Solgra before Kurog's soldiers do. She might be our only way to get inside the moot."

After dealing with Vumnish, return to the temple. Inside you'll hear:

Priest Uugus: "They were soldiers! Trying to stop them would have only put us all in danger!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You could have done something! You're cowards! All of you!"
Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, enough! Solgra's gone. More priests getting killed wouldn't have changed that."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I should have been here … to save her."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Her death was quick, if that makes you feel any better.
What in Malacath's name happened out there?"
Kurog sent soldiers. Put out the word that she was the leader of the Vosh Rakh. I couldn't save her.
"Solgra didn't deserve this fate. As much as I disagreed with her, she was a good person. A caring person. Kurog has gone too far this time. He has to be stopped."
We talked about the tunnels before she died.
"Did Solgra know about the tunnels beneath the temple? Was she able to tell you how we can reach the moot before more people die?"
Solgra gave me a key to the library. She thought the tunnels would be accessible through there.
"This isn't going to be like swimming in mud with the Argonians. We're talking about defying the king! At best, we'll be branded as king-slayers. At worst, we'll be dead.
This isn't your fight. Not really. Are you still ready to go through with this?"
Kurog betrayed us all. I'm ready to end this.
"Then we take the fight to Kurog and Alga. If they refuse to give up their mad plans, then we fight on until one side or the other has been defeated.
Kurog's reign ends today! So swears Bazrag of Clan Fharun! So swears Bazrag of the Orsimer!"
Let me think about this for a moment.
"Of course. Even a snow bear pauses to consider the elk before delivering the killing blow.
Just remember what Kurog plans to do to the clan chiefs, to our friends. Even to you. Time isn't on our side, so don't take too long to make up your mind."

Bazrag will turn to the body of Solgra:

Chief Bazrag: "May Trinimac take you to your final reward, high priestess."
Priest Uugus: "Chief Bazrag! I thought you were a firm believer in Malacath?"
Chief Bazrag: "There's no place for a gentle soul in the Ashen Forge, priest. So why not let Trinimac have her?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Goodbye, my friend. I'm going to miss you."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll say:

"The final battle approaches like the wind before a storm. We either stop Kurog now or we die trying.
Strike true and strike often, my friend. And make every strike count!"

Talviah Aliaria sacrificedEdit

"What are you doing? Taking in the sights while everything crumbles around us?
You need to get to the temple and you need to get there now!"
What am I supposed to do again?
"You're not inspiring confidence, that's for sure.
You need to guarantee that High Priestess Solgra survives. She knows the temple better than anyone. If there's a way to the moot in there, she'll know about it. I just hope we're not too late."
Do you really think everything comes down to this?
"How could it not? The temple, the moot. This is the battle that tests our resolve. We need to stop Kurog. His good intentions have become twisted, corrupted.
Besides, if Solgra doesn't live to refute Kurog's story, we'll all be branded as traitors."
I'm on my way to the temple.
"Enough talk! The time has come for action!
Go check on Solgra while I see what I can do about rallying some aid from my remaining contacts."

After Eveli is shot, Bazrag will join you inside the temple:

Chief Bazrag: "This wasn't suppose to happen. I should have never sent her here by herself."
High Priestess Solgra: "Eveli saved me. I plan to return the favor."
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog won't get away with this, little one. We'll stop him."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kick him in his tusks … for me …."
High Priestess Solgra: "Rest now, Eveli. You need your sleep."
Chief Bazrag: "I need to speak to you for a moment. This way."

Speak to him:

"Are you as mad about what happened as I am?
We need to use that outrage to bring Kurog down. If we can get to the moot, he's going to throw everything he has at us to slow us down."
Solgra gave me the key to the library.
"I've heard about the tunnels under the city. Kurog left the ancient pathways in place and just built the new structures on top.
I suppose if the passage is clear, we can reach the moot using that route."
She suggested that might be some kind of secret passage.
"Then let's go investigate the library! We'll turn over every floor board and bookcase until we find something."
Anything else before we head out?
"This isn't going to be like drinking mead with the Nords. We're talking about defying the king! At best, we'll be branded as king-slayers. At worst, we'll be dead.
This isn't your fight. Not really. Are you still ready to go through with this?"
Kurog betrayed us all. I'm ready to end this.
"Then we take the fight to Kurog and Alga. If they refuse to yield, then we fight on until either they or us can fight no more!
Kurog's reign ends today! So swears Bazrag of Clan Fharun! So swears Bazrag of the Orsimer!"
Let me think about this for a moment.
"I understand. Even a snow bear pauses to consider the elk before delivering the killing blow.
Just remember what Kurog plans to do to the clan chiefs, to our friends. Even to you. Time is running out, so don't take too long to make up your mind."
"The final battle approaches like the wind before a storm. We either stop Kurog now or we die trying.
Strike true and strike often, my friend. And make every strike count!"

Blood on a King's Hands (continued)Edit

From here, his dialogue is the same regardless of what happened at Paragon's Rememberance

Inside the Temple Library:

Chief Bazrag: "Look at this mess! We'll never find anything in here! Look around and see if you can find something that looks like a hidden passage."

Bazrag will start searching the bookcases:

"You'd think that temple priests would be neater. These manuscripts are all over the place.
Start searching. We've got to find a way into the tunnels."
Any idea where I should start looking?
"Look everywhere! It'll probably be something odd or out of place, like those switches over there.
But this is a library. Maybe one of these dusty old tomes can help. There's bound to be a book that talks about the construction of the temple in here."

Solve the switch puzzle and open the passageway:

Chief Bazrag: "Well, I'll be a puny Dark Elf! You found it! I guess we're climbing down that hole."
"Be on your guard. Kurog's soldiers are everywhere."

Inside the tunnel:

Chief Bazrag: "That gate doesn't appear to be locked. Go on. I'm right behind you."

Past the gate you'll hear a familiar voice:

King Kurog: "Silence, chiefs! Your constant bickering has plagued our people for long enough!"
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog's belittling the chiefs. They won't stand for that."

Continue through the tunnel taking out Vosh Rakh, and you'll continue to hear Kurog speaking to the chiefs as well as your companions commenting on the situation:

King Kurog: "You isolate yourselves in your own strongholds, perpetuating our selfish nature. We must change who and what we are!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kurog's got a point. We're still going to kill the bastard, right."
King Kurog: "I tried to appeal to you as equals, but you refused to listen. I grow tired of arguing with you."
Forge-Mother Alga: "The king cares for our people and all you do is break his heart."
Chief Bazrag: "Wonderful. The murderous king and his lunatic mother. This will be interesting."
Chief Bazrag: "We're getting close. Be ready for anything."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sounds like the time I walked in on an Imga courting ritual!"
King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation—or die!"
Chief Bazrag: "We need to move faster. Kurog's about to start slaughtering the chiefs!"
Chief Bazrag: "Once we get inside, find Kurog and take him down. We need to save as many chiefs as we can."

Inside the Path to the Moot, Bazrag will open the gate:

Chief Bazrag: "There's still time if we move fast. We need to open this gate."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There's no lever. They must have shut it from the other side."
Chief Bazrag: "Stand aside and let me work! Get ready to get those people out of there!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."

Enter the moot and all becomes chaotic. Kurog and Alga attack you and the chiefs while Bazrag helps the chiefs escape.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll take care of the archers!"
King Kurog: "Archers, eliminate the clan chiefs!"
Chief Ramash: "We've been betrayed! Defend yourselves!"
King Kurog: "And now the last guest has arrived. I'm going to make you pay for your disloyalty."
(If Eveli is with you)Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, I need you! Keep those Vosh Rakh bastards off of me!"
Chief Bazrag: "Clan chiefs, over here! Arrgh! Hurry, this gate is … heavier than it looks."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll go back and help Chief Bazrag. Don't get yourself killed without me!"

Battle and defeat Kurog. Bazrag will approach you:

Chief Bazrag: "We saved many of the chiefs, but this doesn't feel like a victory."
"You fought valiantly, bravely. Maybe the best display of martial skill I've ever seen. I just wish we weren't forced to become king slayers.
Kurog and his mother are dead, but look at the price he made us pay."
What price?
"The murdered chiefs. But they're just the tip of Malacath's tusk. More Orcs will die as they fight to take control of their clans, all the while ignoring the approach of winter and the coming starvation.
I've seen enough death for two lifetimes."
Are you saying we should have left Kurog in power?
"No. Kurog went from good intentions to madness faster than a horker swallows a bucket of fish. Killing him was the right thing to do.
In the end, he left us no choice."
So why does Kurog's death seem to bother you?
"How could it not? Once, Kurog was like a brother to me. He was a great Orc, a visionary. Before his mother corrupted him.
Ah, but I've become as gloomy as a drunken Dark Elf on a rainy day. Must be because Kurog won, despite everything we did."
What do you mean?
"Please, enough talk. I want to be alone for awhile. Think about what happened here and what has to happen next.
Meet me back at the keep. We'll continue this discussion then and you'll get the explanation you desire."

Bazrag will turn to Kurog's body:

Chief Bazrag: "May your path to the Ashen Forge be lit with the braziers of courage, my one-time blade-brother."

Speak to him before leaving:

"I need a few moments to remember the Kurog I once called "Blade-Brother." To wash away thoughts of the chief-slayer and his hagraven of a mother.
We'll talk more back at the keep."

Back at the keep:

"Ah, you're just in time. We finished clearing out the Vosh Rakh and the remaining chiefs are waiting for me to address them.
But, word of Kurog's death is spreading through the city like wildfire. I don't know how the people will react to the news."
Are the Vosh Rakh really defeated?
"Not completely. I'm sure there are still pockets of deluded cultists hiding throughout the countryside. We'll deal with them eventually.
Right now, I need to figure out what to do with the clans that lost their chiefs. And with this damnable city."
What did you mean when you said Kurog had won?
"Kurog dreamed of a united Orsimer nation. Of all Orc clans standing shoulder to shoulder as equals with the other races.
Despite everything that happened, I think he's going to get his wish."
I'm still not sure what you mean by that. How did Kurog win?
"It will all become clear in time. Right now, I need to talk to the chiefs. Figure out how we're going to stabilize the clans without the need for more death and destruction.
If you're up to it, I have one more favor to ask of you."
What do you need me to do?
"You came to Wrothgar to help Kurog unite our people and rebuild this great city. Despite how we got here, you accomplished everything the king asked of you.
Now I have a request, if you're willing to provide one more service to the Orcs."

Long Live the KingEdit

"This last favor is of a more personal nature.
I want to give Kurog a proper funeral, to honor him for the warrior and leader he was and not the crazed despot he turned out to be."
You really want to pay tribute to Kurog?
"I do. Kurog was my friend once. And he was a great Orc before his ambition got the better of him.
Besides, the people need to know the whole truth, the good as well as the bad. A traditional Orc requiem is just what we need to get past this."
What do you need me to do?
"Take these notes and deliver them. Everyone should be somewhere in the city.
Make them listen to you. Get them to attend Kurog's funeral. Meanwhile, I'll make sure everything is prepared for the ceremony."
I'll deliver the letters.
"On your way back, after you've delivered the letters, stop by the King's Cornerclub. Speak to the barkeep and get a bottle of Kurog's favorite ale.
It's foul stuff, but he loved it. We'll use it to drink to his memory at the service."
Are you happy with the rebuilt Orsinium?
"Happy? What an odd question. To tell you the truth, I never thought I'd live to see the city rise again. But I've been wrong before. You're a good example of that.
If you're asking if I'm proud of what Kurog created, then yes, I guess I am."
Are you worried that without a king the city might make a tempting target?
"The thought has crossed my mind. At least under Kurog, as part of the Daggerfall Covenant, we were considered strong. We had allies. That's something I need to think about. I used to dismiss Kurog and his deals with our enemies. Now I'm not so sure."
Are you thinking of withdrawing from the alliance?
"Emeric's agreement was with Kurog, not the clan chiefs. We need to discuss our options and make a decision, hopefully before the next siege camp sets up outside our walls."
Who am I delivering the letter to?
"Mostly to people you know. People who helped us stop Kurog and the Vosh Rakh.
There are also a few friends of mine. We trained together long ago, but they recently returned to Wrothgar. I want them to see what happened here."
How will I recognize these friends of yours?
"There's Bizra, who rarely removes her war paint. She'll tell you to tusk off, but give her the letter anyway.
The other one, he's a unique character. Has a code of honor all his own. If Bizra's here, he won't be far from her side."
Why hold a special funeral for a king who tried to murder you?
"The chiefs and I discussed this. We think it's better to remember Kurog for who he was rather than vilify him as a tyrant.
We honor the Orc I knew as a friend, not the one I fought with as a rival and an enemy."
I didn't think that you and Kurog ever liked each other.
"We fought side-by-side long ago. When he left Wrothgar to become a mercenary, I went with him. It was a glorious time!
But I had responsibilities to return to. When next I saw my friend, he was making his own challenge to become chief of his clan."
Then how did Kurog become king?
"Kurog struck a deal with High King Emeric. Agreed to support the Breton ruler in Ranser's War in exchange for the return of Wrothgar. That's when he declared himself king.
Some of us were furious with him, but his actions saved countless lives."

The FuneralEdit

Make your way to the Castle Overlook:

Chief Bazrag: "Old friends, I'm glad to see you. This … is very important to me."
Bumnog: "I'm just sorry I missed all the action. It looks like you could have used another hand or two."
Bizra: "Bumnog and hands. I think it's an obsession."
"Thank you for gathering everyone. It's important that they're all here to see what happens next."
What does happen next?
"We proceed with the funeral.
The ceremony is as much about Kurog and the others as it is about the future of the city. Of the Orsimer people. Everyone will want to be here for this."
It sounds like you've come to a decision.
"Don't worry. I'm not planning anything as audacious as Kurog.
Everyone in the city has a choice to make, but it will be peaceful. Nothing will be forced upon them. No more harm will come to the Orsimer. You have my word on that."
Remember that you said that. Too many people died because of this.
"I can't forget, even if I wanted to. But we need to move forward.
Now please, we should begin the ceremony. There will be things I ask you to do during the requiem. Listen to what I say and act accordingly."

If Solgra was killed:

Chief Bazrag: "Today tests our resolve. We have lost friends, allies. And the one responsible for all this, we've gathered to honor him."
Chief Bazrag: "Some of you question the wisdom of that, but we need to see the Orsimer in a new light. We need to respect and honor each other. That starts today!"

If Solgra lives:

Chief Bazrag: "I believe we're ready to begin."
<Eveli and Solgra come up to the pyre terrace.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hope you weren't planning to start without me, chief."
Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, it's good to see you here. Everyone, in fact. Thank you all for coming."
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog's intentions were good, but his actions were not. Let's set aside the actions and reexamine his intentions."

Either way...

Chief Bazrag: "Even a good Orc can fall prey to ill-conceived notions. We need to bury the past with the king and look to the future."
Chief Bazrag: "Outsider, step forward. Your help has been invaluable and I want you to be a part of this. Please, light the first torch."

Light the fire

Chief Bazrag: "We ignite these fires to remember Kurog's true goal—unity for the Orsimer people."
Chief Bazrag: "Instead, we have clans without chiefs, a city without a king. We will support these people, guide them."
Chief Bazrag: "We must look to tomorrow. Outsider, light the second torch. It will burn away the past and guide us to the future."

Light the second fire.

Chief Bazrag: "Remember the Kurog who was. Strong, confident. A king who cared about his people. We will carry on that legacy, offering help but never forcing it upon anyone."
Chief Bazrag: "Much to my regret, the clan chiefs have asked me to take on the mantle of king of the Orsimer. To this request, I have cautiously agreed."
Chief Bazrag: "We cannot be seen as weak and leaderless to the rest of the world. I shall uphold Kurog's dream but I will avoid his ambition. We shall stand together as the new Orsinium!"
Chief Bazrag: "Say your farewells, then return to the keep. We must put this darkness behind us and celebrate a new day!"

With those words, Bazrag retires to the keep.

Back in the keep, you'll hear:

If Solgra lives
If Solgra dies
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'd be honored, um, King Bazrag, your majesty."
High Priestess Solgra: "What a welcome surprise! Thank you, King Bazrag."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Thanks for the offer, but I … I can't. Not after everything that's happened."
King Bazrag: "I understand. Thank you for everything you've done, little Elf. I shall miss you."

As King Bazrag:

"Your courage and resilience in the face of adversity do you honor, my friend. If not for you, the clan chiefs and I wouldn't be standing here. And I certainly wouldn't be king.
Hmm, so this is all your fault, isn't it?
Don't you enjoy being king?
"I haven't been king long enough to form an opinion. I hope the crown isn't as heavy as Kurog made it look
You have a place here with the people of Orsinium, but as much as I'd like you to stay, I know there are others out there who need your help."
What if I don't want to go?
"Stay as long as you want, but as king I declare that your service to Orsinium has come to an end.
If anyone else in Wrothgar still needs your help, then by all means you should provide it."
What's next for you and Orsinium?
"I need to continue to meet with the clan chiefs and reach out to other influential Orcs in the city. We have a government to forge and alliances to foster.
There's a lot of work, but I think I finally understand what Kurog was trying to do."
I wish you well, King Bazrag.
"And I you.
Take this. It belonged to Kurog, but you earned it. I hope I can do as much for my people as you did for Orsinium. I will do my best to live up to the faith that you and the clan chiefs have seen in me."

You speak with him again after the quest.

"Your name will never be forgotten by the Orsimer. We will talk of your deeds for generations to come!
Now, we'll find a way for the clans to work together. To fulfill Kurog's original dream of a united and strong people. Orsinium will stand forever!"
What about the Vosh Rakh? Are they still a threat?
"There's enough of the fanatics left to be a pain in my side, but we have ways of separating the bad from the good.
It might take a while, but we'll put an end to the Vosh Rakh before too long."
How do you feel about this king thing?
"Never wanted to be a king. Still don't, really. But this is the best way to keep the clans from fighting or starving to death once winter sets in.
I'll wear the crown for as long as I have to. Set my people on the right path."
What's going to happen to Kurog's body?
"Orcs usually burn the bodies of chiefs and heroes. Mix the ashes into swords and shields.
But for Kurog? I think I'll have the seat of the throne recast. That way, he'll always be a pain in my arse. Help remind me what I should and shouldn't do."
I wanted to say goodbye.
"Orcs have no concept of goodbye. We just come and go as we please.
But you're always welcome in Orsinium, my friend. I'll be here, cleaning up the mess that Kurog left us with. Just try not to get killed without me, all right?"
I'll do my best.
"Good! I knew you would.
I wish you safe travels. I'll try not to get too jealous while I'm stuck here being a royal bureaucrat and you're out there being a hero."

Circus of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

A hostile version of Bazrag will appear instead of Kurog in the third act of Sheogorath's play in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter if you completed Long Live the King. He cannot be spoken to.

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

When you arrive at the Vault Antechamber, Mannimarco's projection will continue to gloat about his plan, and a projection of Bazrag will appear in his visualization if you completed the Orsinium storyline.

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of Bazrag and the other various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"
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Victory Through StrifeEdit

When you enter the Oathsworn Pit, you will find it is under attack and nearby you will see Oathsworn Murgubesha being threatened by a Recollection Rootstrider:

Oathsworn Murgubesha: "Please, I only just joined—"
Recollection Rootstrider: "I thought Oathsworn were mighty warriors."
<Chief Bazrag runs up and throws his axe at the Rootstrider and kills them.>
Chief Bazrag: "At least they don't gloat before a kill."
<Oathsworn Murgubesha gets up from the ground.>
Oathsworn Murgubesha: "It's the Recollection. They invaded and took the lodges. I only got out because Black-Glove Garm distracted them."

Speak with Bazrag to see what is going on, his dialogue and very title he goes by will depend on if you previously completed the Orsinium storyline or not:

King Bazrag (Completed Orsinium):
Chief Bazrag (Otherwise):
"Under better circumstances, I'd sit you down and talk until we drank an alehouse dry.
Unfortunately, the Recollection has put a stop to our plans. If you help me out here, I can pay you enough to buy your own drinks."
What's going on here?
"Are you one of those Recollection? No. I don't know who you are, or if you're trustworthy, but you look like you can fight.
How do you feel about fighting for me if I pay you?"
"Orc clans know better than to attack the Oathsworn Pit. It goes against our codes. Some Elves don't know to respect the codes. I want to show them why they should. Violently.
The Oathsworn are renowned warriors, but they'll need our help here."
If the Oathsworn are such good warriors, how did the Recollection beat them?
"Skill and luck go as far as a thrown spear. Only death wins every battle.
It's been a while since I trained here, but I think I can show the Recollection the meaning of Malacath's vengeance. What about you?"
I'll help you fight the Recollection.
"Look for Black-Glove Garm, the leader of the Lodge of the Fist. If the Recollection overpowered him, the rest of the pit is in real trouble.
Follow the path there. I'll be along as soon as I get this youngster sorted."

You can then ask Bazrag some questions:

How do you know so much about the Oathsworn Pit?
"I thought about taking the oath once, but my life went in a different direction.
Still, I got to know the warriors who now lead the lodges."
Life took a different course? I believe that.
"There are times when my crown feels heavy and I think back on my time in the pit. I wouldn't give anything up. You and I did good work when we fought King Kurog. But still, I could have been happy here."
What are you even doing here, King Bazrag?
"Just because I'm a king doesn't mean I have to stay in one place. I'm here on a diplomatic mission.
The Oathsworn are not dissimilar to the rest of the Orc clans. I was going to meet with Dulzush Forgefire, same as I meet with other chiefs."
You went on a diplomatic mission alone?
"What sort of a king would I be if I can't defend myself? Besides, the Oathsworn serve Malacath. We get along just fine."
Why didn't you stay with the Oathsworn?
"It wasn't the right time for me. I didn't want to be in the pit fighting mock battles, I wanted to prove myself in real combat. And I did."
Who's Black-Glove Garm?
"He's the leader of the Lodge of the Fist. His gloves are permanently stained with the blood of all who fought him. Including mine.
Garm never figured out how to punch his own temper."
The Lodge of the Fist? How many lodges are there?
"Every initiate starts out with Garm in the Lodge of the Fist. Show him that you're not an idiot and he moves you up to the Lodge of the Axe. Once you master weaponry without cutting your fingers off, you go to the Lodge of the Forge."
And Black-Glove Garm leads all those lodges?
"If Garm was in charge of everything, the Oathsworn would have crumbled years ago. No, there are different leaders for each lodge, with Dulzush Forgefire serving as the Pitmaster."
Why does the leader of the Lodge of the Forge get to be the Pitmaster?
"With enough practice, anyone can master the skills of war. Not everyone can master the forge.
Malacath takes us all into the fire. If you're strong enough, you emerge as a weapon. Dulzush knows how to forge weapons."
What do you know about the Recollection?
"Not much. I'm not even sure if they're a new cult or some political group. Their ranks are growing though. Alarmingly quickly.
If I find any Recollection snakes in my territory, I'll cut their heads off."

After defeating Packmaster Rethelros, you will find Black-Glove Garm who is injured but alive, Bazrag will speak with him:

Black-Glove Garm: "I had them right where I wanted them."
King Bazrag: "Were you waiting for them to trip on your insides?"
Black-Glove Garm: "As grateful as I am, Bazrag. Axeborn Khurga could use your help in the Lodge of the Axe."
King Bazrag: "That sounds like you're not coming with us. Good, you need to recover. We'll get Khurga."

You can speak with Bazrag before leaving:

"It's a good thing we found Black-Glove Garm when we did. A few moments later and there'd be nothing left to save. Let's hope we have the same luck with Axeborn Khurga."
It sounds like the Recollection want the Oathsworn to join them.
"The Recollection aren't the first to want Oathsworn to join them. I wonder why they killed so many initiates?
The Oathsworn aren't defeated. Garm is still alive and the other lodge leaders may be too. We can still take the pit back."
Is Black-Glove Garm always this obstinate?
"He's a rock in every way. Push him and he won't budge, but there's no one better to hold on to when things get tough."
Who's Axeborn Khurga?
"The leader of the Lodge of the Axe.
I thought about asking her to join my clan the second I became chief, but she never would have agreed. She loves being Axeborn."
It sounds like you know her pretty well.
"I knew her. Time changed both of us. I don't regret it, but I missed her. Especially in those early years.
Still, if Garm thinks she's in trouble, he's probably right."

When you reach Anthelmir and their construct, Bazrag will assist with the fight explain in more detail and will shout the following during the fight:

Anthelmir: "Show them your real power, construct!"
King Bazrag: "Not this time."
King Bazrag: "I just want to kill you more."
King Bazrag: "Blast it, the axe!"
King Bazrag: "The axe! Look out!"
King Bazrag: "It's nearly dead!"

Once the construct and Anthelmir are defeated, Bazrag will run up to the dying Axeborn Khurga:

King Bazrag: "Khurga!"
Axeborn Khurga: "Dulzush. Help Dulzush."
King Bazrag: "I can't leave you like this—"
Axeborn Khurga: "Don't get sentimental. If we lose Dulzush, we lose the forge. Please."
King Bazrag: "All right. You fought well, Axeborn."

When you enter the next room, a poison trap will be triggered:

King Bazrag: "Do you hear that hiss?"
King Bazrag: "Poison? Out. Out!"
<Several Recollection members arrive.>
King Bazrag: "Ambush!"

After you have fought off the ambush, Bazrag decide to split from you:

King Bazrag: "I need to make sure the Staff of Many Paths is really missing. Go help Dulzush Forgefire."

You can talk to him before you continue:

"So, the Recollection think their poison is strong? I've inhaled worse concoctions from our wise woman.
The Staff of Many Paths though, maybe it dropped. I have to find it. Those Wood Elves can't take that, too."
What's the Staff of Many Paths?
"A polearm put under the Oathsworn's protection by Malacath eons ago. Beyond that, it's a mystery.
If the Recollection took it, killing everyone in the pit would be a good way to hide the theft. This may be more important than we know."
How will I recognize Dulzush Forgefire?
"You won't miss her. If I know Dulzush, she'll be fighting the Recollection in any way she can.
I'd look for her in either the loudest or bloodiest room in the Lodge of the Forge."

While Bazrag checks on the Staff, you will search for Dulzush and find her fighting Aradros the Awakened. While you fight Aradros, Bazrag will tend to Dulzush's wounds:

King Bazrag: "Dulzush isn't as strong as she once was. I'll guard her, you deal with the Elf."

Once you killed Aradros, you will have successfully fought off the Recollection:

Dulzush Forgefire: "Those brittle Recollection warriors thought they could burn the Oathsworn."
King Bazrag: "They tried to kill the Oathsworn, but this adventurer doled out the pit's revenge."

Speak with Bazrag to complete the quest:

"That was the last of the Recollection. Now the Oathsworn can rebuild. It will be difficult, especially without Axeborn Khurga, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. Dulzush and Garm will get the pit straightened out in no time."
You sound so sure about that.
"We fought through the entire Oathsworn Pit. If any Recollection remain in there, they'll be scattered and leaderless. Just the way we want them to be.
Here, you spilled enough blood to appease Malacath's need for revenge."

However, after this you will learn of a complication, the Staff of Many Paths is missing:

Black-Glove Garm: "I thought I saw a Wood Elf leave the pit with something. But I was trying to help the Initiates."
King Bazrag: "We saw some Recollection in the vault. One of them must have gotten away with it."
Dulzush Forgefire: "Ogre dung! All right, we'll deal with that problem later. For now, I'm just grateful that those Wood Elves are gone."

You can also speak with Bazrag again to find out his future plans:

"I suppose now all that's left to do is figure out why the Recollection attacked. Was it to steal the Staff of Many Paths? Recruit the Oathsworn? Too many Orcs died to leave this a mystery.
I know someone who might have answers."
Who has the answers you're looking for?
"If you share my need for answers, maybe we'll find the same individual. I need to travel quickly and if you're the curious sort, you may want to join me.
But I can't have that, not when there are Orcs to avenge."
Why does the Staff of Many Paths matter?
"If you're asking why the Recollection wants the staff, that's what I'm hoping to find out.
Malacath tasked the Oathsworn with protecting the staff. I never thought to ask why, but now it seems that the staff is important."

Prisoner of FateEdit

King Bazrag

After receiving word from Leramil the Wise to meet with her at one of the Outlaw Refuges, you will find her with two companions, Bazrag and Fa-Nuit-Hen. They will be in conversation with each other:

Leramil the Wise: "Thank you for bringing the Echonir. We will need this relic."
King Bazrag: "Speaking of relics, thieves stole an old staff from the Oathsworn Pit. I want to know why."
Fa-Nuit-Hen: "Indeed. How did my unwelcome guests find their way to Bedlam Veil? I am … curious."
King Bazrag: "Good Orcs died, little prince. I'm not curious. I'm angry."

You have the option of speaking with him before Leramil, his dialogue will differ if you met him previously and if you have completed Oathsworn Pit. If you have completed Orsinum he will be called King Bazrag, if not he will be Chief Bazrag instead.

Completed the Oathsworn Pit:
Met King Bazrag, not completed Oathsworn Pit:
First time meeting:
"You're here, too? I wondered why Malacath told me to find this mage and tell her about the old staff stolen from the Oathsworn Pit. Now I understand. He means for you to punish whoever sent the Recollection to enlist our lodges."
"It is good to see you again, friend. Still, I have no liking for any of this. I have troubles enough in Wrothgar without new enemies ready to spill blood over old relics.
I didn't even know there was a staff worth stealing in Oathsworn Pit."
"Old relics, new enemies … I have no liking for any of this. Malacath instructed me to find this strange mage and tell her about the staff stolen from the Oathsworn Pit. I have done so. My part in this is done."
You said someone stole a staff from Oathsworn Pit?
"The Staff of Many Paths, or so it's called. No one seems to know exactly how or when it came to be locked up in the Oathsworn Pit, but it must have been there for a long time.
The Recollection escaped with it when we fought off their attack."
The Recollection?
"Mercenaries? Cultists of some kind? Most of them were Wood Elves. They came to the Oathsworn Pit to recruit new members from the warrior lodges there, or so they said. When our people refused to join up, they attacked!"
Completed Orsinium Questline:
First time meeting:
King Bazrag? What are you doing here?
"I may be king in Orsinium, but I'm also a loyal servant of Malacath. When the Furious One puts a dream in my head, I listen.
Besides, it's not good for Orcs to get mixed up in ancient Elf cults. I want to make sure this doesn't happen again."
Who are you?
"Bazrag gro-Fharun. Clan chief of Fharun Stronghold, a loyal servant of Malacath.
It's not good for Orcs to get mixed up in ancient Elf cults. We keep our tusks out of their business. They should do the same for us!"

After you have spoken with Leramil, she will open some portals leading to places around Tamriel to investigate. Speaking with Bazrag before you leave:

"The more I hear of this, the less I like it. A forgotten Daedric Prince? No wonder Malacath took an interest in this.
The last thing anyone needs is another power in Oblivion meddling with our world."




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