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This article is about the boss. For the armor set, see Archdruid Devyric (set).

Archdruid Devyric
Location Earthen Root Enclave, Path of the Salt Wind
Race Breton Gender Male
Health Normal5,051,957Veteran8,120,255
Veteran(?) (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Firesong Circle
Archdruid Devyric

Archdruid Devyric is a Breton archdruid of the Firesong Circle. He has the ability to shapeshift into an Ursauk at will. Devyric came to Earthen Root Enclave to steal the Stonelore Circle's sacred seed. You must chase him into the Deeproot and all the way to the Path of the Salt Wind, where he will absorb the island's Spirit of Air and attack. He serves as the dungeon's final boss.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you arrive in the Earthen Root Enclave you will find several Storelore Circle druids dead and Archdruid Devyric taunting Druid Laurel and Druid Lyam:

Archdruid Devyric: "We'll kill anyone who gets between us and our prize. That's your last warning, Laurel."
Druid Laurel: "We invited you in. We welcomed you!"
Druid Lyam: "The seed, we can't let him take it!"

When you are at the Dais of Stonesight, Druid Laurel will arrive, only to discover Archdruid Devyric leading the corruption of the Spirit of Stone.

Druid Laurel: "The Dais of Stonesight! It's wrong, like a gale offshore."
Archdruid Devyric: "Keep the corruption going."
<Archdruid Devyric leaves.>
Druid Laurel: "Corruption? Stop this! Firesong, what are you doing?"
Druid Laurel: "Spirit! Stop. Please stop!"
Druid Laurel: "We can't let this corrupted spirit do more damage."

After Druid Laurel fails to calm down the spirit, you will be forced to fight the Corruption of Stone. You can then chase after Devyric into the Deeproot, where you find he has blocked the pathways and you will need to destroy the Trellis Sentinels to proceed.

After destroying the second Trellis Sentinel, Druid Laurel will confront Archdruid Devyric near the Corruption of Root:

Druid Laurel: "It's down! Archdruid Devyric, stop right where you are!"
Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Devyric, stop this madness!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Laurel, you know where the seed is, don't you? Come with me."

At this point, she will be taken away by the Archdruid and you will first need to defeat the Corruption of Root before you can chase after Druid Laurel by entering the Path of Salt Spray.

After defeating the Corruption of Root, you give chase after Devyric. He can been seen holding Laurel hostage while crossing a bridge:

Archdruid Devyric: "Look down, Laurel. Do you see your rescue?"
Archdruid Devyric: "I don't. All I see is myself squashing your hope beneath my boot."

He will taunt you as you progress the cliffs:

Archdruid Devyric: "Still down there? Why won't you give up?"
Archdruid Devyric: "I was personally sent by my leader. I will not fail her."

Druid Laurel will call out, as Archdruid Devyric will be "questioning" the Spirit of Air:

Archdruid Devyric: "Stay up here, Laurel. This spirit will tell me what I want to know."
Druid Laurel: "Think you'll find the seed? Your ego is blinding."
Archdruid Devyric: "Blinding? The seed is here. Well, there's no reason to keep you or the spirit now."
Devyric as an Ursauk

When you confront Archdruid Devyric:

Archdruid Devyric: "I have the Air's sight. I have the seed. You failed and all that's left to do is die!"

During combat:

Archdruid Devyric: "You won't keep me from my goal!"
Archdruid Devyric: "I will bring you down!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Fall before me!"

When he calls out stone attacks:

Archdruid Devyric: "Laurel's not the only one who can move rock."
Archdruid Devyric: "I'll bury you in stone!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Temble before my mountainous power!"

When he transforms in his Ursauk form:

Archdruid Devyric: "You won't survive this form!"
Archdruid Devyric: "I'll snap your neck with my paw!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Hear that? You're being hunted!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Feel my power!"
Archdruid Devyric: "Your blood will coat my snout!"

When he changes back to human form:

Archdruid Devyric: "This form is too good for you."
Archdruid Devyric: "The bear is too powerful, this can't end yet."

When you have slain Archdruid Devyric, his final words will be:

Archdruid Devyric: "But I was chosen."


There are several achievements associated with this NPC:

Achievement Points Description
   Earthen Root Enclave Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone, Corruption of Root, and Archdruid Devyric in Earthen Root Enclave.
   Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone, Corruption of Root, and Archdruid Devyric in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
   Earthen Root Avenger 50 Defeat Archdruid Devyric after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
   Demolition Delegation 10 During the Archdruid Devyric encounter, make sure he destroys at least 3 Earth Pillars during a single Malicious Mauling charge while you are his target in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
   Scourge of Archdruid Devyric 50 Defeat Archdruid Devyric after placing the Challenge Banner and without gaining any benefits from completing optional content in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.