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Oblivion:Unmarked Roads

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Map showing the routes of the various Unmarked Roads

In addition to the roads shown on your map, there are several unmarked roads that criss-cross Cyrodiil. These roads provide convenient access to many forts, mines, caves, and shrines. They are particularly useful in mountainous regions (often having steps and bridges to allow easy climbing) and if you are traveling by horseback. Although you won't come across any friendly Imperial Legion soldiers, these roads seem to have fewer enemies than the main roads (although you will still encounter animals and bandits).

Chorrol to BrumaEdit

This road diverges from the Orange Road right next to the Chorrol North Gate: when the Orange Road turns east, just keep heading north. Landmarks along the way are (in order):

  •   Black Rock Caverns — A medium-sized cave northwest of Chorrol containing bandits. (map)
    • Take the westward side fork; the main road runs north/south.
  •   Nonwyll Cavern — A medium-sized cave north of Chorrol containing monsters (quest-related). (map)
    • Take the northeastward side fork; the main road runs northwest/southeast.
  • Three flights of wooden steps leading to a bridge.
  •   Cloud Top — A mountain and ruined fort northwest of Chorrol (quest-related). (map)
    • Take the westward side fork (marked by a half-fallen-down, stone, imperial-style archway); the main road runs north/southeast.
  • A bridge.
  •   Lipsand Tarn — A medium-sized Ayleid ruin north of Chorrol containing vampires. (map)
    • A short ways north of the previous bridge is an uphill westward fork, clearly of Ayleid construction. The main road runs downhill in both directions (south and northeast).
  •   Hermaeus Mora's Shrine — A Daedric shrine west of Bruma. (map)
    • The fork leading to Hermaeus Mora's shrine is somewhat tricky: traveling east to west, it is easy miss that there is a side path; traveling from west to east, it is easy to miss the main road.
    • The fork is located just uphill of the stone steps that lead to Sancre Tor (see below). The side road splits off to the northwest and the main road runs southeast/southwest.
    • This side road is actually a long loop that eventually joins the main road on the far side of Sancre Tor.
    • You will encounter four flights of stone steps (all uphill, when going west to east), a flatter section (where an Oblivion Gate can appear; even without the gate it is possible to meet daedra here), then one more flight of stone steps (downhill this time).
    • A side road off the side road leads uphill (you should see the shrine marker on your compass at this point; the "main" side road runs northwest/southeast) to one last set of stone steps and you've reached the shrine.
    • If you continue along the "main" side loop from this fork (southeast) you will cross three bridges, go down two flights of stone steps, and then be returned to the path (see below).
  • Two flights of stone steps, each built into a stone terrace.
  •   Sancre Tor — A large fort north of Chorrol containing undead (quest-related). (map)
    • The path near Sancre Tor is somewhat overgrown and harder to pick out, but Sancre Tor itself is hard to miss.
    • If you are traveling east to west, head northwest from Sancre Tor up the valley, and you should find the stone steps/terraces.
    • If you are traveling west to east, the road continues east out the main entrance of Sancre Tor.
    • If you are just passing by Sancre Tor, it is safest to skirt the north side of the ruins to avoid all of its inhabitants.
  •   Ninendava — A small Ayleid ruin northeast of Chorrol containing vampires (quest-related). (map)
    • Take the northward fork (after a few steps you will be at the foot of a hill on top of which Ninendava is clearly visible). The main road runs southeast/southwest.
  • A fairly long stretch without any places of note, except for two bridges with high probabilities of being guarded by bandits.
    • At the west end of the eastern bridge it is possible to turn north (main road runs east and southwest) onto a long loop road that leads to Hermaeus Mora's Shrine (see above) and then rejoins the main road.
  •   Echo Cave — A medium-sized cave west of Bruma containing necromancers (quest-related). (map)
    • Take the northward fork; the main road runs east/southwest.
  •   Boreal Stone Cave — A small empty cave west of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
    • This cave is right on the road, on the north side.
  •   Applewatch — A farm west of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
    • This hamlet is right on the road, on the south side.
  •   Capstone Cave — A medium-sized cave west of Bruma containing bandits. (map)
    • The section between Applewatch and the Bruma North Gate has multiple branches. The most direct route leads fairly straight east/west, and goes right past Capstone Cave (on the north side of the road).
  • If you are starting from the Bruma North Gate, follow the road that leads west.

Bruma to CheydinhalEdit

This road winds through the Jerall Mountains. It connects to two other roads, described in the following sections: Bruma to Temple of the Ancestor Moths and Cheydinhal to Aerin's Camp.

  • Starting from Bruma, follow the marked northern side road that leads to Dragonclaw Rock.
  •   Dragonclaw Rock — An unusual rock formation northeast of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
    • When you reach Dragonclaw Rock, the road continues (it is just no longer shown on your map). The road runs eastward, just to the south of Dragonclaw Rock.
  • The road runs through the middle of an unmarked bandit camp, containing two small tents and a campfire with roasting rat; just to the south (uphill) is a large tent (with one locked chest and one barrel).
  •   Gnoll Mountain — A mountain and campsite east of Bruma (quest-related). (map)
    • A side fork to the south leads eventually to Gnoll Mountain; the main road runs north and east.
    • A bridge crosses above the main road.
    • Frostcrag Spire (The Wizard's Tower of the official download) is located along this side road.
  • A bridge.
  • The fork where the road to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths diverges; the main road runs north/southwest.
  •   Fort Horunn — A medium-sized fort between Bruma and Cheydinhal containing monsters. (map)
    • The fort is located just northwest of the road. There is a fork leading to it, starting at a clump of monkshood flowers. The side fork leads west at this point; the main road makes a 90 degree turn around the large rock (running north and east from the rock).
    • Finding the road on the bare rock south of Fort Horunn. The road is actually a slightly lighter shade than the surrounding rocks on your map. If you lose it, either head toward Silver Tooth Cave (which is actually on the road to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, but is clearly visible on your compass), or head south (and a bit east) and the road shortly becomes visible again.
  •   The Beast's Maw — A medium-sized cave between Bruma and Cheydinhal containing monsters. (map)
    • This cave is located just west of the road, but there is no clear trail leading from the road to the cave.
  • A long empty stretch punctuated by one bridge.
  •   Harm's Folly — A farm between Bruma and Cheydinhal (quest-related). (map)
    • This settlement is located a short way west of the road (it will appear on your compass), but there is no trail connecting it with the road.
  • A side fork leads north to meet up with the road to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths; the main road runs east/southwest.
    • The start of this fork is overgrown by plants, but once you start on it, it becomes clear that there is a road. You will know you are in the right place when you pass under a log propped up on two boulders on either side of the road.
    • This fork leads over a bridge and up two flights of wooden steps.
    • This fork can be hard to notice, and also hard to follow, especially in the area near the steps and bridge.
  • A long four-flight set of wooden stairs.
  •   Desolate Mine — A small mine northwest of Cheydinhal containing goblins (quest-related). (map)
    • The road runs right past the front door of Desolate Mine; you will usually meet two goblins standing guard here.
  • Lake Arrius — A lake north of Cheydinhal. (map)
  •   Wind Range Camp — A campsite north of Cheydinhal containing bandits. (map)
    • The road runs right through the middle of this camp (and whatever bandits are currently living there).
    • East of Wind Range Camp the road can be difficult to see; it basically runs due east/west for a short distance then becomes visible again.
  •   Quickwater Cave — A medium-sized cave north of Cheydinhal containing monsters. (map)
    • This cave is south of the road; there is no trail connecting the cave and the road.
  • The fork where the road to Aerin's Camp diverges, heading north (the main road runs west/southwest).
    • You may have a hard time here picking out the main road when heading west; it is easiest to just head towards the campsite (Wind Range Camp) that is visible on your compass.
  • Cheydinhal
    • The road ends (starts) just east of the Cheydinhal East Gate. It diverges from the road shown on your map just as the road curves to the south and you lose sight of the East Gate behind a section of hillside. The unmarked road heads due north from that point.

Bruma to the Temple of the Ancestor MothsEdit

The first section of this road is the same as the Bruma to Cheydinhal road, going past Dragonclaw Rock, Gnoll Mountain, and Frostcrag Spire before diverging. The split occurs just east of Fort Horunn, halfway between Fort Horunn and Silver Tooth Cave (both are clearly visible on your compass at the fork). From this fork, the road towards the Temple of the Ancestor Moths runs southeast.

Cheydinhal to Aerin's CampEdit

This road starts out of Cheydinhal on the same side road as the Bruma to Cheydinhal road, but diverges from it before any landmarks are reached. By taking advantage of a connector road to the Bruma to Temple of the Ancestor Moths road it is also possible to reach several other places, e.g., Temple of the Ancestor Moths, Azura's Shrine, Gutted Mine, etc.

Malada RoadEdit

This road starts at the Yellow Road, roughly halfway between the Corbolo and Silverfish Rivers, at a point due west of the unnamed lake on the map. There is a signpost on the west side of the Yellow Road; the Malada road heads east opposite the sign.