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Oblivion:Black Rock Caverns

Black Rock Caverns
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# of Zones 3
Bandits, Black Rock Pirates
(1 boss-level Bandit, 1 Black Rock Captain)
Important Treasure
Black Rock Chest
Console Location Code(s)
BlackRockCavernsExterior, BlackRockCaverns, BlackRockCaverns02, BlackRockCaverns03
Colovian Highlands
Northwest of Chorrol
Black Rock Caverns

Black Rock Caverns is a medium-sized cave northwest of Chorrol containing bandits. It contains three zones: Black Rock Caverns, Black Rock Main Chamber, and Lost Black Rock Chasm.


  • The third zone, Lost Black Rock Chasm, is accessed by activating two handles, one of which is initially invisible and the other is not in plain view.
  • This cave contains 19 Cairn Bolete plants.


  • The Black Rock Chest in Lost Black Rock Chasm was supposed to contain a minimum of 1,766 gold (a fixed amount combined with a leveled amount) but due to an engine bug the 1,766 never appears, only the leveled amount.


Key to Map
Map of Black Rock Caverns, Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel -19, 26
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Black Rock Caverns (editor name BlackRockCavernsMapMarker). The entrance door is WNW of the marker, 40 feet away.
  • 1 Wilderness Creature (Forest variety) is near the entrance
  • 2 Chests are located behind the top left and right waterfall
  • 1 Nirnroot is at location N on map
  • The following plants can be found near the entrance: 5 Clouded Funnel Cap plants, 1 Steel-Blue Entoloma plant, and 1 Tiger Lily plant

Zone 1: Black Rock CavernsEdit

Black Rock Caverns

Black Rock Caverns contains one of the best-kept secrets in Cyrodiil, and as such, requires an unusual amount of exploration before the hidden path to it is revealed. Upon entering from door Out, head down the long corridor, and notice the tunnel to the right leading to door D, one of two entrances to the second zone, Black Rock Main Chamber. Ignore it for now and continue to the first room, dispose of the two bandits, then proceed east to the second room, which contains more opposition and three chests with minor loot. Two choices are available; either backtrack to door D, or enter Black Rock Main Chamber through door C. Using door D is slightly more convenient for completionists, but will land you near a Tripwire in the next zone, so do not rush.

When you return to this zone (after activating the handle at I in the second zone), the handle at G will have spawned, along with two ghostly Black Rock Pirates. Kill the ghosts, then locate the initially non-existent handle and turn it. When you are done, reenter Black Rock Main Chamber through door C.



Doors and Gates:


Zone 2: Black Rock Main ChamberEdit

Black Rock Main Chamber

If you arrive to the Chamber from door C, you are most likely detected by the residing enemies, including a boss-leveled Bandit at A. If you arrive from door D, make sure to avoid the Tripwire (G) and the corresponding Swinging Log at F. Regardless of your choice of entrance, loot the chest near the trap and search the large camp for valuables. When done, search the southeastern wall for a turn handle (I) cleverly hidden behind a rock jutting out of the wall. Activating this handle makes an initially invisible handle appear in the first zone, and it also raises the nearby rock wall at H, making door C the only available option. Additionally, turning the handle also spawns two Black Rock Pirates in the first zone, so be prepared for a surprise attack.

After turning the initially invisible handle in Black Rock Caverns you will return to this zone through door C. Check out your map and notice that a trap door leading into Lost Black Rock Chasm has spawned at E, visualized by a blue mist rising from below. The secret is revealed and will net you loads of treasure protected by hard-to-kill ghosts, so equip yourself accordingly before entering the Chasm.


  • 1 boss-level Bandit at location A on map
  • 0-1 archer Bandit
  • 0-1 melee Bandit



Doors and Gates:

  • There are three doors in/out of this zone
  • 1 Rock Wall (initially open) at H (will close permanently after activating the handle at I)


  • 1 Turn Handle (first) at location I on map
  • 1 bedroll at b

Zone 3: Lost Black Rock ChasmEdit

Lost Black Rock Chasm
A secret hidden deep inside Black Rock Caverns

The ladder (E) leads right down to a Dead Bandit (H), lying in a pool of his own blood. As you make your way down through the spiraling tunnel, you will have to step over three additional dead bandits and a few skeletons until you arrive near the Rock Wall at G, lowered by the nearby turn handle (cyan dot on map). The rock wall reveals the incredible sight of a landlocked pirate ship docked in knee-deep water and three ghostly pirates wandering about chatting to each other, like nothing has happened. They will attack you on sight, so be prepared. In the eastern alcove, the Black Rock Captain (A) guards the Black Rock Chest, and two additional chests, all three worth fighting for. In the unlit brazier, a selection of jewelry is halfway hidden under the sack. Another chest is located on the ship itself, near the steering wheel, while the last chest can be found in the narrow space southwest of the ship. Make sure to examine all of them as they can contain a considerable amount of gold. When you are done, backtrack to the Rock Wall and lower it using the push button then make your escape via the ladder at E.



  • Black Rock Chest (contains enchanted light armor, enchanted weapon, leveled gold, 25% chance jewelry, 10% soul gem, 25% stealth potion; non-respawning)
  • 3 Chests (contains healing potion, 5% chance magic weapon; non-respawning; 2 locked)
  • 1 Chest 04
  • The other following items will always be found: 1 Flawed Emerald, 1 Flawed Topaz, 1 Pearl, 1 Ruby, 1 bottle of Tamika Vintage 399, and 2 Steel Cutlasses
  • Some of the above items are clustered at location F: 1 Chest (contains healing potion, 5% chance magic weapon; non-respawning), 1 Chest 04, 1 Flawed Emerald, 1 Flawed Topaz, 1 Pearl, 1 Ruby, and 1 Steel Cutlass

Doors and Gates:

  • There is one door (at E) in/out of this zone, leading to the zone Black Rock Main Chamber
  • 1 Rock Wall (opened remotely) at G


  • 5 Dead Bandits (wearing light boots and cuirass, 25% chance poison) at locations H on map