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Morrowind:Soul Gems

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Soul Gems are used to capture Souls in order to use their energy to recharge magical items or to create your own. For more information on this process, see Enchant and Soultrap. The gold values given on this chart are for empty soul gems. Once filled, the value will be higher, depending on the size of the soul.

Name ID Weight Value Max Soul
Petty Soul Gem Petty Soul Gem Misc_SoulGem_Petty 0.2 10 30
Lesser Soul Gem Lesser Soul Gem Misc_SoulGem_Lesser 0.5 20 60
Common Soul Gem Common Soul Gem Misc_SoulGem_Common 1.0 40 120
Greater Soul Gem Greater Soul Gem Misc_SoulGem_Greater 1.5 60 180
Grand Soul Gem Grand Soul Gem Misc_SoulGem_Grand 2.0 200 600
Azura's Star Azura's Star* Misc_SoulGem_Azura 2.0 5,000 15,000

* Azura's Star is a special soul gem, given as a reward for Azura's Quest, and is fully described on the Azura's Star article. Unlike other soul gems, it will not be destroyed when used, so you can use it again and again.

The price of a filled soul gem is: soul size × value of empty gem.


Many vendors sell soul gems. Two vendors have restocking supplies:

Another way to get them is to search bandit caves, as soul gems are often found in random loot. They can also be looted from undead creatures:

Filled grand soul gems can be found in the following locations:

Balmora, Guild of Mages
This soul gem has the soul of a Winged Twilight
This soul gem has the soul of a Flame Atronach; it is on a plate in the final chamber
Maelkashishi, Shrine
This soul gem has the soul of a Bonelord; it is on top of a pillar on the first floor
Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn: West Wing
This soul gem has the soul of a Hunger

Finally, empty grand soul gems can be acquired in the following locations:

Ald Redaynia, Tower
On the altar next to the Bittercup
Ald Sotha, Shrine
On the altar
Bal Fell, Inner Shrine
On the chest beneath the statue of Sheogorath
Derelict Shipwreck, Cabin
Next to the skeleton
Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa (×2)
In the small chest on the shelf in the basement
Next to a skeleton in the southernmost section of the cave
Behind a barrel near a skeleton in the central chamber
Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Great Hall
On a table in an alcove
Salmantu, Shrine
In a trough in the southernmost room
Tel Branora
Felen Maryon has two grand soul gems
Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr (×2)
Both on Divayth Fyr's shelf
Tel Mora, Tower Services (×3)
One on a shelf and two hidden on a high ledge, all in Salama Andrethi's room
Tel Uvirith, Menas' House
On a desk, upstairs
Tel Uvirith, Omavel's House
Next to the bed, upstairs
Tel Uvirith, Seleth's House
On a desk, upstairs
Tel Vos, Aryon's Chambers
Hidden on a ledge above the tapestry in the upper area
Ules Manor
Nevena Ules has a grand soul gem
Venim Ancestral Tomb
Goris the Maggot King has a grand soul gem
Vivec, Redoran Trader
On a shelf in the back room; also available for purchase
Vivec, Telvanni Enchanter
Complete a quest by Audenian Valius
Vivec, Telvanni Vault
On a table next to a pile of gold
On a desk in a hidden area to the southwest