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Ules Manor
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# of Zones 3
Hlaalu, Slaves
Console Location Code(s)
Ules Manor
Ules Manor, Slave Shack
Ules Manor, Slavemaster's Shack
Ascadian Isles, [5,-7]
Ules Manor

Ules Manor is the home of Councilor Ules, just west of Suran.

Nevena Ules is one of House Hlaalu Councilors. You'll need her vote to become Hlaalu Hortator, however you will have to deal with Orvas Dren first.

Loot here includes the books Poison Song IV and Poison Song VI, clothing and minor ingredients. Nevena Ules has a grand soul gem and a glass dagger that you can pickpocket.

There is no slave key for the Ules Manor slaves, however, if you take the slaves to a place with a key, such as the Dren Plantation, using Command Humanoid, you can free them using the Dren Plantation Slave Key.


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Drolora Salen   Dark Elf Drillmaster House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 4 55 104 20 30 Outside
Fruscia Abitius   Imperial Noble House Hlaalu Oathman(Oathman) 13 111 118 90 30 Manor House
Grey-Throat   Argonian Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside
Morning-Star-Steals-Away-Clouds   Argonian Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside
Nevena Ules   Dark Elf Noble House Hlaalu Councilman(Councilman) 21 154 144 90 30 Manor House
Ri'Zaadha   Khajiit Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside
Serer Andrano   Dark Elf Noble House Hlaalu Hireling(Hireling) 6 69 96 30 30 Outside
Tsalani   Khajiit Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside
Tul   Argonian Monk 12 129 100 0 30 Outside
Twice-Bitten   Argonian Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside
Unjara   Khajiit Slave 2 46 82 0 0 Outside

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