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Morrowind:Azura's Quest

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Settle a bet between Azura and Sheogorath.
Quest Giver: Azura at the Shrine of Azura
Location(s): Sheogorad, Rayna Drolan's Shack
Reward: Azura's Star, Sheogorath's Signet Ring
ID: DA_Azura
Daedra sent by Sheogorath to torment Azura's faithful hermit

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Azura's statue to activate the quest.
  2. Travel to an island in the Sheogorad region.
  3. Slay the Golden Saint Staada.
  4. Return Sheogorath's Signet Ring to Azura as proof.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Azura's requestEdit

Activate the statue inside the Shrine of Azura to talk with Azura. You will find out that she has a bet with Sheogorath riding on a priestess apprentice living in seclusion in a hut in the Sheogorad Region, and that Sheogorath has sent some Daedra to disturb the priestess in attempt to secure the bet. Azura wants you to thwart his plans.

Travel to the remote islandEdit

Azura says that the island is north of Dagon Fel, but it is more accurately to the northwest. From Dagon Fel, travel west along the coastline until you encounter a large island.

Slay the offending DaedraEdit

You find the island occupied by a number of various Daedra, including some Ogrim, Atronachs, and Hungers. Kill as many or as few of the Daedra as you like; you really only have to kill the Golden Saint named Staada near the priestess' shack, who also carries Sheogorath's Signet Ring. Take it from her corpse as proof that Sheogorath has been meddling. DO NOT enter the priestess' shack, as this will anger Azura and you will fail the quest.

Claim your rewardEdit

Travel back to the shrine to receive your reward: Azura's Star, an extremely useful, reusable soul gem. You also get to keep Sheogorath's ring.


  • Before the quest starts, you can freely enter Rayna Drolan's Shack and even kill her without affecting the quest. In fact, if she is dead before the quest, the shack can be entered without making Azura angry.
  • You must remain in the shrine's interior and listen to Azura's entire (admittedly lengthy) speech, or your journal won't be updated and the quest won't start. If you left before hearing the full speech, activating the statue will update the journal and allow you to continue with the quest.
  • According to page 29 of The Morrowind Prophecies, the isle the shack is located on is known as the Isle of the Daedra.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Azura's Quest (DA_Azura)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have spoken with Azura, Queen of the Night Sky, at her shrine. She has tasked me to travel to and [sic] island near Dagon Fel and rid the island of the daedra Sheogorath has sent, and to bring back proof that he sent them. I may not disturb Rayna Drolan, the woman living there. If I can do this for her, she will reward me well.
20 I've killed the Golden Saint Staada, the most powerful of the daedra I found on the island.
25 I've disturbed Rayna Drolan. Azura will not be pleased.
30 Finishes quest  I returned to the Shrine of Azura to let it be known I have cleared the island of the daedra there and returned with proof that Sheogorath was behind the problems. Azura was grateful, and rewarded me with her Star, a magical soul gem of immense power.
40 Finishes quest  I returned to the Shrine of Azura. She was not pleased that I had disturbed the solace of Rayna Drolan, for she now must forfeit the wager.