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Derelict Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Skeleton, Small Slaughterfish
Console Location Code(s)
Derelict Shipwreck, Cabin
Derelict Shipwreck, Lower Level
Derelict Shipwreck, Upper Level
Sheogorad, [-7,18]
The Derelict Shipwreck

The Derelict Shipwreck is a large vessel that has run aground on the northern shores of Vvardenfell, west of the Urshilaku Camp and the Daedric ruin Assurnabitashpi. Unlike most of the other wrecked and abandoned ships around Vvardenfell, the Derelict Shipwreck sits on dry land and is easily explored.

The wreck can be found where the Foyada Bani-Dad flows into the sea, northeast of Khuul.

The Cabin



A couple bottles of skooma and an empty grand soul gem can be found on the floor of the locked (35) cabin. Two chests hold around 75 gold and two random arrows.

Upper LevelEdit

The Upper Level of the decks has a skeleton that guards five barrels. In four of these barrels are 20 random ingredients each, summing up to a total of 80 random ingredients, the other barrel contains 5 different types of common pants. There is also a chest but it is empty. A potion of water breathing can also be found in the corner of the room, under a small bit of water.

Lower LevelEdit

The Lower Level of the decks has a single small slaughterfish guarding the loot of this room. There are two crates and a barrel here, one crate contains a random iron weapon and the other contains a random weapon. The floating barrel contains nothing. There is also a bonemold cuirass hidden behind the crates. The cabin key is found on the floor.


  • The shipwreck is an important landmark when trying to locate the Urshilaku Camp based on the directions given to you during the quest Meet Sul-Matuul.