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Unicorn (Oblivion)

The Unicorn is a mythical creature that is native prey to the Hunting Grounds, the Daedric Prince Hircine's plane of Oblivion.[1] They resemble a white horse with a sharp horn, which curves slightly and has a delicate spiral pattern. It is commonly described as made of pure alabaster ivory, however in some cases, it can be identified as silver.[2] Although they can be found in the Hunting Grounds, an aspect of Hircine known as Alrabeg the Hunter brings these creatures into the mortal plane of Nirn, to hunt them in new forests.[1] It is said that the Unicorn possess great agility, with the ability to jump over nine-feet and fly in the air, despite lacking wings.[3] They are also described as the "brothers of the wind", wielding great speed that is faster than a Dragon.[4]

The Unicorn is a very rare creature whose very existence is constantly doubted.[5] Hircine has described the creatures as the first named, but last tamed.[6] In a sense, creatures like this are considered the antithesis of the Daedra. It is believed that the death of a unicorn strengthens the elements of darkness, while the death of Fire Daedra strengthens the aspects of light.[7] While the Unicorn wields immense agility, they are considered rather powerful, too quick to damage in physical combat, wielding dangerously strong hooves and a piercing horn. However, after the horn is used, it disintegrates, but can be regenerated within moments by the most powerful unicorns.[8] Because of its supernatural nature, the unicorn can only be harmed by magical weapons such as silver, daedric, and the enchanted.


In 3E 405, the Dowager-Queen of Daggerfall, Nulfaga was in possession of the Great Unicorn's Horn, which was later used to free Medora Direnni from her prison on the Isle of Balfiera.[9] During the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, one of the last unicorns was hunted by the Champion of Cyrodiil who sought the favor of Hircine. It was last sighted at Harcane Grove in the Great Forest of Cyrodiil, guarded by a pack of Minotaurs. The Champion claimed the unicorn's horn and offered it to Hircine, who in turn, gifted them with the Savior's Hide.[6]

By 4E 201, the Unicorn were thought to have gone extinct on Nirn and were shrouded in legend, but they would remain a favorite subjects for poets and artists.[10]. A Dunmeri Dark Brotherhood assassin claims to have met a Unicorn on a moonlit night, and proceeded to "stab [it] in the throat with a crochet needle," though this statement was likely in jest.[11] That same year, there were reportedly sightings of a Unicorn had begun to circulate in the province of Skyrim, in the fall forest of the Rift. It was theorized by Tolfdir, Master of Alteration at the College of Winterhold, that the Psijic Order had transported one of the very last unicorns into the future, to prevent their utter extinction.[12] It was later discovered by the Last Dragonborn near the Lost Prospect, who managed to tame the beast as their own mount and bring it to the College of Winterhold.[13]


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