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Grandee Zizzeen
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Antiphyllos

Grandee Zizzeen was a prince of Antiphyllos during the Interregnum.[1] Zizzeen was often called a meritorious man of "most august memory", and the poet Behrouz said that his rectitude was so high that when he accidentally entered a womens' bath house, he "forthwith put out both his eyes, lest he commit an indecency".[2] He was related to Fahara'jad and his mother Grandeya Fanesh, who both were Forebears, whereas Zizzeen was a member of the Crowns.[1][2] When Hammerfell's High King Ramzi the Distrait died during a time when the province was being ravaged by the Knahaten Flu,[3] Zizzeen attempted to usurp the throne and was supported by the Crowns, but later lost to Fahara'jad.[4]