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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
Antiphyllos ca. 3E 405

Antiphyllos is a region in northern Hammerfell and is part of the greater Iliac Bay area. The region's monarchy was once connected to the Phyllocid Dynasty, the Crowns family that ruled the province during its time under the Second Empire. Some of their last known descendants were Grandee Zizzeen of Antiphyllos and his relative, High King Fahara'jad of Sentinel.[1][2] The local Redguards of the region have the utmost respect for Divad Hunding, one of the great sword-singers of Redguard history. They observe the holiday, Divad Etep't on the 12th of Sun's Height, which is a day of mourning dedicated to the warrior.[3] The Anthotis clan of vampires and the Dust Witches are active in the region.


It is unknown when Antiphyllos was founded though supposedly, Divad Hunding was interred in a private tomb somewhere in the region.[3] And while sources suggest that he was actually kept in the Hall of Heroes in southern Bangkorai,[4] modern-day sources claim that his tomb in Antiphyllos is almost certainly genuine.[3]

The Grandees of Antiphyllos, specifically Zizzeen of the Crowns, were related to the Phyllocid Dynasty,[1][5] the family that ruled Hammerfell during the Second Empire's reign.[2] One of these nobles, Grandeya Fanesh married Grandee Makala, who himself descends from High King Ar-Azal. Their only issue was Fahara'jad, a former Prince of Antiphyllos that became the High King of Hammerfell after his predecessor, Ramzi died during the Knahaten Flu outbreak.[1][6] His son, the heir apparent, Prince Azah was known as the "Lion of Antiphyllos."[1]

By the late Third Era in 3E 405, the County of Antiphyllos was ruled by an unnamed Countess. It was neighbored by several other nations including Ayasofya to the northeast, Sentinel to the northwest, and the Alik'r Desert all around. When the province was incorporated in the Third Empire, the county's patron deity was Mara, who is represented through the Benevolence of Mara. The only other city in the region was Jalallaaria on the northern border.[7] When the Warp in the West took place on the 9th of Frostfall in 3E 417, the Kingdom of Sentinel took over the northern section of Hammerfell, including Antiphyllos. Under Queen Akorithi, they controlled everything from Abibon-Gora on the west coast to Satakalaam on the Bjoulsae River.[8]

Known RulersEdit

  • The Second Era
  • The Third Era
    • Unnamed Countess of Antiphyllos (ca. 3E 405)

City of AntyphyllosEdit

Map of Antyphyllos ca. 3E 405

Antyphyllos is the capital of the Antiphyllos region and it is located in the southern section of the area,[9] before it seamlessly merges with the Alik'r.[10] Prince Fahara'jad would often hunt for birds in a place called the Garden of the Grandees with his ivory bow. According to The All-Beneficent King Fahara'jad, he had a frightful encounter with a hagraven and after the resulting intervention from Onsi, he ran to the Holy Temple to consult with the Priest of Onsi, who realized it was the first part of the Prophecies of Monarchy.[5]

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