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Saint Coellicia
Race Unknown Gender Female
Born 1st Era
Died 1E 242 – 1E 243
Resided in Cyrodiil

Saint Coellicia was a minor martyr of the Alessian Slave Rebellion, which took place between 1E 242 and 1E 243.[1][2][3] She died by torturous starvation, and was later canonized as an Imperial saint by the Church.[1]

Saint Coellicia is typically honored in the closing days of Last Seed with a fast. The only food that was traditionally allowed to be eaten during these fast days was bread crumbs. Usually only a single spoon of crumbs would be eaten after the local bishop's recitation of the Creed of Crumbs. At the end of each fast day, an unadorned religious wafer would be eaten to signify the end of the fast.[1]

Coellicia is most often remembered for an infamous banquet known as the Feast of Saint Coellicia, which took place under the reign of Emperor Brazollus Dor at some point prior to 1E 2877.[1][4] Known for his debauchery, Brazollus sought to rekindle the adoration of his subjects by replacing Coellicia's fast with a feast. This resulted in a twelve-hour marathon of forty dishes, held at the Emperor's autumnal estate in Leyawiin. The description of this feast's many courses counts among the most famous mid-Second Era culinary texts of the southeastern Niben watershed. An apocryphal account suggests that Brazollus had Coellicia's bones disinterred, ground, and mixed in with the flour as an ingredient in his feast, although the practice of saint-eating had been banned almost a decade earlier.[1]