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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
A typical view of the Sheogorad region
Ald Daedroth circa 2E 582

The Sheogorad region is a wild maritime province consisting of about 28 islands extending into the Sea of Ghosts off the northern coast of Vvardenfell, Morrowind.[1] The high pillar-like menhirs characteristic of the area also result in hundreds of rocks, either just exposed, or lying just below the surface, which makes marine navigation almost impossible.[2] The only accessible port, Dagon Fel, is on the main island of the archipelago, reached by skirting the region and coming in from the north. The region is largely hostile and uninhabited,[1] and has a more northern climate compared to the rest of the island.[3]

Ancient Nord maps show that the coastline of Vvardenfell extended much further north during the early First Era, when the island was part of the mainland, suggesting Sheogorad was once much larger than its current scope.[UOL 1] In the Third Era, Sheogorad was politically non-aligned in the conflicts of Morrowind's Great Houses.[4] However, the wilds were home to plenty of smugglers,[5] bandits,[6][7] vampires,[8] and necromancers.[9] There are many ancient Velothi buildings, Dwemer ruins, and Daedric shrines throughout the region that provide ideal lairs for those who seek to skirt the eyes of the law,[2] and the perilous nature of the uninhabited islands[1] serves as a buffer against those who would seek to drive them out. The Aundae Clan, believed to have ties to House Dres,[10][11] are a group of vampires lairing in Ashmelech in the southeast part.[12]


The port town of Dagon Fel is the only real settlement visited by ships in the region.[13] It is a fishing village whose population skews more heavily Nord than most of Vvardenfell. The village was founded by Nords thousands of years ago, and was inhabited by them until the Dunmer drove the Nords from Morrowind.[14] The local ruins extend into the town itself. The main body of the Dwemer ruin of Mzuleft is south of the town, separated by walls and a steep range of hills, but the Dwemer towers and ruins are virtually part of the eastern town and extend to the island to the north.[15]

On the far south of the main island, also called Sheogorad,[1] is the ancient stronghold Rotheran. The small Shuran Island can be found off the south coast of the main island, west of Rotheran. Shuran island lies between Vvardenfell and the island of Sheogorad.[16] The region is home to two very large Daedric shrines: Ald Daedroth to the far east (sometimes considered part of Azura's Coast), and Assurdirapal on a long island in the west of the chain, which also holds the Velothi ruin of Ald Redaynia.[17] One of the northern islands due west of Dagon Fel is home to the Sanctus Shrine, the site where Archcanon Saryoni did his meditations and wrote his famous sermons.[18] Positioned mid-north to the rest of the region is the Isle of the Daedra,[19]:29 which is where a wager was carried between Sheogorath and Azura, on if a person in isolation for a century would be able to prevent themselves from going mad through meditation.[20]


The eponymous largest island of the Sheogorad archipelago
Tucked into the southwest corner along the main island west of Rotheran
A long island which stretched from Ald Redaynia to Assurdirapal
The isolated home of the Aundae vampire clan
Isle of the Daedra
An island once home to a priestess of Azura, who remained isolated there for a century as part of a wager between Sheogorath and Azura


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