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Beasts of the Gallery
ID 7620
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Collection Apocryphal Pages
Needed for Escape of the Sane
Found in the following locations:
Beasts of the Gallery
A guide to the occupants of the Feral Gallery

A collective work contributed to by all the Ciphers of the Eye who tend to and care for the occupants of the Feral Gallery.


Natural Habitat: Sotha Sil's Workshops.

Preferred Climate: None.

Description: This spider is a prototype of the firepot spiders found in Clockwork City. It contains the usual flammable liquid but the propulsion method differs from the final versions. Additionally, it is significantly larger than the final version, and because of this, cannot reliably pull off the acrobatic maneuvers that the final version can do.

Additional Notes: WARNING. Attempting to light the spider's firepot with an external source has a very high chance of causing the firepot to explode. We lost several original prototypes and more than one enclosure wall to open flames. Do not let it happen again.


Natural Habitat: Solstheim, Mundus.

Preferred Climate: Snowy mountaintops and temperatures well below freezing.

Information: The fur along their spines is barbed and stiff, lending to their name. They are often used as work beasts and battle mounts by the Riekling and are hunted for their flesh by the other occupants of Solstheim. Despite the Riekling's success in molding bristlebacks to be useful in their daily lives, no Cipher has been able to curb the bristleback's aggressive temperaments.

Care notes: The bristlebacks are aggressive and territorial. They do not appreciate anyone intruding into their enclosure. Use the walkway to distribute any necessary items or be sure to dose them with sleeping vapors to them before attempting to enter.

Additonal Note: The Imperial, Morian Zenas, is under the impression that these bristlebacks are nobility. Most cipher's laughed at his insistence but there is rumor that Head Cipher Frielvi once bowed to the bristlebacks and now they pay no attention to her when she walks by. Clearly this is a nonsense rumor, but she refuses to prove it either way.


Natural Habitat: Hew's Bane, Mundus.

Preferred Climate: Scorching heat and shade-providing sandstone rocks.

Information: The Blue Oasis Dragon Frog's striking color and unique flame color make it a spectacle to behold. Some Dragon Frogs are kept as pets and trained to perform tricks, but this one is left alone as much as possible to preserve its instincts and mannerisms.

Care Note: This frog does not need much enrichment and seems to find fulfillment in exploring its enclosure and springing into the air. It does breathe fire, but the spray is short and easy to avoid. It does not care much for handling and will ignore any cipher who enters the enclosure.


Natural Habitat: The Reach, Mundus.

Preferred Climate: None. These constructs were built to withstand all manner of underground climates. As constructs, they display no preferences.

Information: Created by the Dwarves presumably for the purpose of transport and bearing heavy loads from one section of their expansive tunnels to the other, these creatures are technical marvels. They have a central system not unlike the brain of a creature of flesh, but no one has conclusively proved whether they think as we do.

Care Note: This construct often becomes bored and agitated without tasks to keep it occupied. Whenever possible, see that there is a heavy rock placed in its enclosure. It will spend the foreseeable future picking up the rock and putting it down again and will cause no problems.


Natural Habitat: Across Tamriel.

Preferred Climate: Coastlines and shores.

Information: As social creatures, we have placed several mudcrabs in this enclosure together. The floor of their enclosure is enchanted to allow the crabs to dig without allowing them to escape the bounds of the enclosure itself. These mudcrabs seem to practice a strange form of dance display wherein they gather in a circle and sway rhythmically to either side. They practice this dance several times a day.

Care Note: Do not, under any circumstances, allow these mudcrabs to surround you and start dancing. They have already reduced several ciphers to incomprehensible raving messes.