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Lore:Hilbongard Rolamus

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Hilbongard Rolamus
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Skyrim

Hilbongard Rolamus was a legendary weaponsmith of Skyrim, known for his skill in creating powerful and enchanted weapons. Along with the enchanter Dorach Gusal, he crafted the amazing warhammer known as the Skull Crusher. This weapon was created in the forge of Anudnabia during the Skyrim Captivity,[1] in the early First Era.[2]


The Forge of Hilbongard

Little is known of the past of Hilbongard. He hailed from Skyrim, and at some point, during the First Era, created the Skull Crusher together with Dorach Gusal. The creation of the Skull Crusher was shrouded in magic, with the steel being magically hardened and the fires in which it was forged being magically fueled by Dorach Gusal. This made the warhammer incredibly light yet deadly in its blows, with some accounts stating that it was even more powerful than the weapons of Daedric Princes.[3]

Despite its intended use as an attraction for a local festival, the Skull Crusher was stolen before it could be displayed. As a result, Hilbongard and Dorach placed a curse on the warhammer, causing it to betray any unlawful possessors and search Tamriel for its creators.[1][4]

Hilbongard and Dorach lived in Anudnabia well after the Nords were pushed out of Resdayn and became well-known throughout the region. It is unknown when Hilbongard Rolamus passed away, but he was present at the wake of Mordrin Hanin several years after the creation of the Skull Crusher, during the reign of High King Wulfharth. At this event, many attendees died from Hanin's deadly drink, although it is unclear if Hilbongard was among them.[2]


Skull Crusher

Regardless of his fate, his legacy lived on through the legendary weapon he created. Eventually, the Skull Crusher found its way back to the forge of Anudnabia. In 3E 427, an acolyte of the Imperial Cult was sent to retrieve the warhammer. Since the lower levels of Anudnabia had been closed off for some time, the acolyte had to traverse through the Omaren Ancestral Tomb to enter the forgotten vaults of Anudnabia, protected by the Daedra who served Dorach Gusal in his enchantment rituals. They eventually found the Skull Crusher in a chest above Hilbongard's forge and returned it to the representatives of the Imperial Cult in Castle Ebonheart.[1][5]

Later that year, the Skull Crusher was sold to Torasa Aram and put on display in her Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[6]

Centuries later, Almalexia worshippers on Solstheim built a hidden temple called Ashfall's Tear north of Raven Rock and stored various relics there, including Skull Crusher. The Last Dragonborn discovered the temple in 4E 201 and retrieved the warhammer and other artifacts.[7][8][9] These were used to defeat remnants of the Sixth House led by the Dunmer Erden Relvel, who had been corrupted by Dagoth Ur's mask.[10]

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