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Lore:Mordrin Hanin

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Mordrin Hanin
MW-npc-Corpse (Mordrin Hanin).jpg
Mordrin Hanin's remains
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind

Mordrin Hanin was a revered figure in Morrowind, yet little is recorded about his life in the present day. What has been recorded was the events that transpired after his death that was a notable spectacle, and the vast treasures he was buried with had sparked the interests of treasure hunters seeking to unearth his tomb.[1] This led to scholarly journals such as the book Hanin's Wake being published.[2]


In the midst of High King Wulfharth's reign in Skyrim, the revered Mordrin Hanin met his end at the hands of traitors. In light of his passing, representatives from Ashalmawia, Maelkashishi, and Ald Sotha, as well as the creators of Skull Crusher, Dorach Gusal and Hilbongard Rolamus, gathered in Ashurnabitashpi, located in the northern tip of Vvardenfell. Many slaves and enemies were sacrificed, and on the ninth day of mourning, the Cup of Passage was mixed with a lethal concoction and passed to every guest that attended. The drink killed most of the attendees and provided Hanin with companions for his trip to the next world.[2]

Mordrin Hanin was entombed in close proximity to Ashurnabitashpi, southwest in the cave of Ibar-Dad. Among the notable treasures he was buried with was the legendary Bretonic shield Eleidon's Ward, and various Daedric armaments. Physically, his tomb was guarded by various powerful Daedra. Spiritually, his tomb was guarded by the souls of traitors, represented by the various sacrificial skulls with silver daggers stabbing through them that surround his crypt.[3] This is made further apparent by the inscription "...wrapped in crystalline embrace, the silver pierced brow of the Traitors shall ward his sleep."[1]

In 3E 427, in the cave of Palansour within the seaside hills of the West Gash, a group of smugglers sought to emulate Mordrin Hanin's commemoration ritual, but it required the use of ingredients obtained from Daedra. They put a wizard by the name of Inwold up to the task to summon the creatures, but their hold over the creatures was lost, and the Daedra slew the smugglers and stripped them of their belongings. The conjurer was also stripped of his clothing and then thrown into a cage in a ledge to mock him. An adventurer encountered the site of the failed ritual and sent the Daedra back to Oblivion, and released Inwold from his prison.[4]

That same year, Elante of Alinor and her Mages Guild colleague Badama Andarys uncovered Mordrin Hanin's tomb within Ibar-Dad. The expedition reached difficulties when their summoning failed to conjure anything more than scamps to aid their excavation, and then Elante began hearing voices.[5] While the Nerevarine may have killed Badama, Elante managed to survive the encounter,[6] and the notes she left behind were used to locate the tomb deep within the depths of Ibar-Dad. There, the Nerevarine defeated the Daedric guardians, put to rest the souls of traitors that were forced to guard the tomb, and plundered Mordrin's tomb of Eleidon's Ward and the rest of his valuables.[3]


  • Environment artist Mark Bullock stated in an interview that the name Mordrin Hanin originates from the first character he created in order to play-test Morrowind, and that it belongs to one of his old Dungeons & Dragons characters.