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Castle Moorwing
Name Type Dungeon Modules
Ruins of Old Elyzolda's Hovel Barbarian Stronghold 13
The Tower of Ashham Barbarian Stronghold 11
Hearthford's Hold Spider Nest 10
Tower Kingham Giant Stronghold 8
The Fortress of Hearthfield Spider Nest 8
The Greenfield Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Moorwing Human Stronghold 11
Ruins of Old Elayne's Farm Spider Nest 8
Castle Coppercroft Laboratory 11
The Roost of Hezirrog Harpy Nest 8
Ruins of Buckingcroft Palace Vampire Haunt 10
Ruins of Copperhouse's Guard Giant Stronghold 8
The Fortress of Woodton Vampire Haunt 8
Lord Stadezon's Barrow Crypt 10
The Mastering Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Ashham Hall Harpy Nest 12
Ruins of Hawkhart Grange Spider Nest 10
Dunywyr Laboratory Laboratory 10
The Rodistair Quarry Mine 8
The Graves of Buckingsley Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Citadel of Greenham Ruined Castle 11
The Gromdon Aerie Harpy Nest 11
Ruins of Yeomwing Palace Vampire Haunt 8
Ruins of Mastercroft Manor Giant Stronghold 10
Ruins of The Wicking Cabin Ruined Castle 12
The Hold of Buckingsmith Giant Stronghold 8
The Laboratory of Edwywyr Laboratory 12
The Fortress of Ashsley Harpy Nest 8
The Vermphang Mews Harpy Nest 13
The Gaering Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Wickfield Mine 12
The Laboratory of Mordyval Laboratory 13
Ruins of Moorcroft Manor Coven 13
The Stronghold of Ashfield Coven 8
Ruins of Moorford Manor Giant Stronghold 13
Ruins of Old Chrystorya's Place Vampire Haunt 10
The Citadel of Moorston Ruined Castle 10
The Stronghold of Hawkcroft Ruined Castle 13
The Tower of Coppersly Barbarian Stronghold 13
The Stronghold of Kingston Mine 8
The Citadel of Hawkfield Human Stronghold 8
The Greenton Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5