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The following is a list of the various sizes of soul gems and the creatures exclusive to Bloodmoon that will fit in them (creatures will fit into higher quality soul gems as well if you don't have the correct type). All but grand soul gems can be bought or found on random monsters throughout the world, while grand soul gems can only be purchased from a character added by the Tribunal expansion, Elbert Nermarc, a vendor in the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. Note that not all variants of monsters are included in the table below. Creatures that have no soul are excluded as well.

Petty Soul Gem Misc_Soulgem_Petty

Max Soul strength: 30

Lesser Soul Gem Misc_Soulgem_Lesser

Max Soul strength: 60

Common Soul Gem Misc_Soulgem_Common

Max Soul strength: 120

Greater Soul Gem Misc_Soulgem_Greater

Max Soul strength: 180

Grand Soul Gem Misc_Soulgem_Grand

Max Soul strength: 600

  1. ^ a b These creatures do not appear to be in-game.
  2. ^ This creature appears to have been replaced by an innocent female Nord.
  3. ^ These grizzly bears have a 10 percent chance of spawning when resting while the Totem of Claw and Fang is in the player's inventory.
  4. ^ This Riekling only appears during The Ritual of Trees, which is part of The Skaal Test of Loyalty.
  5. ^ These draugr only appear near the Missing Supply Ship, and in Kolbjorn Barrow which is visited during The Sad Seer quest.