Bloodmoon:Hircine's Aspect of Strength

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Hircine's Aspect of Strength (BM_hircine_straspect)
(lore page)
Location Mortrag Glacier, Huntsman's Hall
Species N/A Soul Common (100)
Level 100 Type Special Creatures
  • 100-140pts melee
Hircine Resists
Other Information
Health 2000 Magicka 350
Alarm 0 Fight 100
Hircine's Aspect of Strength

Hircine is a Daedric Prince and the main antagonist of the Bloodmoon expansion. He is responsible for the Hunter's Game that occurs near the end of the Bloodmoon Prophecy. After you pass his challenges and reach him in Mortrag Glacier's Huntsman's Hall during Hircine's Hunt, you will face him yourself. As he considers fighting you at his full power unsporting, he allows you to choose choose one of three of his aspects to fight, which represent his Guile, Speed, and Strength.

The largest danger with Hircine's Aspect of Strength is its phenomenal strength, giving it a melee attack that will have even high level characters in trouble after a few hits. It pays a price for the strength in its speed, which is only 20, and should ensure most characters should be able to stay out of range and attack from a distance. This, combined with the weakest set of abilities of the three aspects, make the Aspect of Strength, ironically, the weakest of the three.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Hircine's Hunt: You are now irrevocably involved in the Hunter's Game and it's a fight for survival.