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Bloodmoon:The Udyrfrykte

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The Udyrfrykte (BM_udyrfrykte)
Location Lair of the Udyrfrykte
Species N/A Soul Grand (250)
Level 11 Type Special Creatures
  • 5-50 pts melee plus "weapon"
Other Information
Health 1000 Magicka 250
Alarm 0 Fight 90
The dreaded Udyrfrykte

The Udyrfrykte is a beast regarded by the inhabitants of Solstheim as nothing more than a story to scare children, yet little to their knowledge, the beast exists, and is a terrifying foe. To further add to its horrifying image, it uses a Severed Nord Leg as a weapon. It is a very fierce opponent, and may kill you easily if you are not careful.

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  • The Udyrfrykte is almost undoubtedly a reference to the beast Grendel in the epic Beowulf, which attacked the mead hall of Heorot just like the Udyrfrykte attacks the mead hall of Thirsk. Continuing this parallel, and further suggesting the link to Beowulf, what might be the equivalent for Grendel's mother is found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as the Uderfrykte Matron, which is part of The Horror of Dive Rock quest (notice the spelling inconsistency, "udyr" becoming "uder").
  • The Udyrfrykte has a particularly large number of resistances, being immune to all elements and all normal weapons. This means that damaging it requires using either non-elemental magic attacks (such as Absorb Health or Damage Health), weapons of a suitable type (such as Ebony, Daedric, or Dwarven weapons), or enchanted weapons (note that some enchanted weapons are in fact 'normal' weapons; see the Normal Weapons page for details).
  • "Udyr" means "beast" or "monster" in Norwegian. "Frykte" means "to fear" in Norwegian.