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Krish (krish)
Location Castle Karstaag, Caverns of Karstaag
Species Riekling Soul Common (100)
Level 15 Type Beasts
  • 1-5 pts melee plus weapon
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 50
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Follower During The Castle Karstaag

Krish is a Riekling found in the Caverns of Karstaag beneath Castle Karstaag. Formerly a servant of Karstaag, he has decided to rebel and become master of the castle in his absence.

If you sided with the Skaal, you will encounter Krish when entering the castle via the underwater entrance. He will follow you and help you kill the Grahl that ate his men. He will then help you gain access to the Throne Room to speak to his fellow Riekling Dulk. If you sided with Hircine, you will be sent to the castle as a werewolf to kill Krish and his rebels.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

  • The Castle Karstaag: Investigate the ominous signs which have foretold the Bloodmoon Prophecy by investigating Castle Karstaag.
  • Siege of Castle Karstaag: Stop a rebellion in this castle far to the north on the island.


  • Greetings:
    • "Whoa! A %PCRace. Ugly thing, aren't you. Too tall. What business you got at Castle Karstaag? And make it quick. No time to talk."
    • "Hey! You killed off all the trolls! Look, let me tell you what's been going on here, and then we can talk about how I can help you out now."
    • "I was telling you how I've got my own problems."
    • "Look, if you want to get upstairs, you've gotta help me out. We've gotta get rid of these grahl. All of them. Must be about eight. I'm not leaving them here in the basement for when I run this place."
    • "Okay, that's all of them. You can talk to that annoying little Dulk if you want. I'll be right behind you."
    • "Just gotta get to that passage upstairs now. My sense of direction isn't the best. You lead the way."
    • "I got nothing more to do with you. Finish your business and get outta here. I've got work to do."

  • death of the horkers:
    • "Dead horkers? Mmmmm...rancid horker meat. You're asking the wrong guy. I know someone who might be able to help, though. But I've got my own problems!"
    • "I told you what I know, %PCRace. And I've got my own problems."
  • my own problems:
    • "The master...Karstaag that is...has taken off. Gone. Don't know why, don't know where. Didn't seem like he was coming back. So, some of the boys and I figured we'd take over the place. Dulk has been running the show upstairs. Moron. Toady. Master's pet."
    • "I told you. I was trying to take over once Karstaag took off. It hasn't gone well so far."
    • "Things are looking up."
  • take over:
    • "Right. Sneak attack. From below. Very clever. We even made a deal with a pack of grahl to act as muscle. Didn't work out so well. See, these grahl aren't the most trustworthy. Turned on my guys. Ate them, actually. I'm the only one left. And I can't even get upstairs now."
    • "That's right. Place will be mine. If I can only get upstairs."
    • "I figure I'm in good shape now. I'll have to redecorate a bit, but it'll work."
  • get upstairs:
    • "Right. And neither can you. See, no one can enter the castle without the mast...Karstaag's blessing. Which I have. I figure, you help me get past the grahl, I'll get you into the castle. Then you can ask little Dulk anything you want. So, c'mon. Let's move it."
    • "Right. Well, I couldn't until you took out those grahl. And you couldn't because no one goes up there without Karstaag's mystical blessing...which I have. Now, shouldn't be a problem for either of us. I'll follow you up there, and you can talk to little Dulk about whatever you want."
    • "Just gotta take care of these grahl. I'm not leaving them down here. Wouldn't do when I'm running this place."
    • "Figure we can get up there now. I'll stick with you until you talk to that little weasel Dulk. What a suck-up."
    • "Taken care of. Obviously. I'm that good."