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Bloodmoon:Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd

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Ettiene in the Gloomy Cave
Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd (glenmoril_witch_cave / glenmoril_witch_altar / glenmoril_witch_altar_2)
Location Gloomy Cave
Altar of Thrond
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 30 Class Witch
Other Information
Health 154 Magicka 172
Alarm 0 Fight 30 / 100 / 50
Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd (glenmoril_raven_cave / glenmoril_raven)
Location Gloomy Cave
Altar of Thrond
Species N/A Soul Petty (10)
Level 4 Type Special Creatures
Other Information
Health 10000 Magicka 10
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Ettiene as large raven

Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd is an Imperial witch located inside the Gloomy Cave. She wears a Glenmoril Witch Robe and a pair of Common Shoes. She carries a note in her pockets.

Ettiene and her two sisters Isobel and Fallaise have traveled to Solstheim to help the unfortunate souls who are infected with a certain disease. When you first meet Ettiene at the Altar of Thrond, she is masked as a raven, offering help.

Related QuestsEdit


"Greetings, %PCName. Does my form surprise you? As a witch of Glenmoril Wyrd, I have the ability to change my shape as suits my needs. But then, you know something of shapechanging, don't you? That is why the Coven has come here to Solstheim. We have been watching events unfold, and are well aware that lycanthropy is spreading. For some this is a blessing. For others a curse. For those who wish, we offer a cure, one that forever stops the change into wolf form. Does such a thing interest you?"
No, I'd like to keep my gift of lycanthropy.
"An interesting choice. Most who are offered the lycanthropy cure take the opportunity, without question. Very well. If you find the burden of the wolf too much to bear, return to me here at the Altar of Thrond and ask once more for my help."


Yes, I'd like to rid myself of lycanthropy forever.
"Very well. You have chosen to cure your lycanthropy and forever end the call of the wolf within. The road before you is a difficult one, for ridding oneself of lycanthropy is not so easy as merely sipping a potion. But first, you must meet my sisters, and together we shall tell you of the Rite of the Wolf Giver. Come."

If you refuse her offer, you can speak with her again at any time to accept it. If you stand near her, she will occasionally make raven noises.

Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd: "Krr- AWWGH! Nevermore!"
Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd: "Krr- AWWGH!"

If you attack her after declining her offer, she transforms into a human and forces you into a dialogue window:

"Fool! I offer you a chance at purity, a chance to rid you of your curse, and this is how I am repaid?! You shall know the power of the Witches of Glenmoril Wyrd!"

If you accept her offer, she teleports the two of you to Gloomy Cave and transforms into a human. When you take a step forward, she speaks to you.

"Your cure begins here, %PCName. The Rite of the Wolf Giver is a complex ritual of dark magicka, requring the sacrifice of both flesh and innocence. My sisters and I will begin the preparations, but there are certain items that must be gathered. My sisters Isobel and Fallaise will tell you what is needed. When you have completed your errands for them, come speak to me again."

If you speak to her again before completing her sisters' tasks, she says:

"Complete the two errands for my sisters Isobel and Fallaise. When you have done this, return to me."

When you approach her, she may speak to you using voiced lines.

Ettiene of Glenmoril Wyrd: "My sisters and I must make our brew before the Rite can proceed."

After completing the sisters' tasks

"So, you have completed your tasks for my sisters. Excellent. We will use those ingredients to concoct a certain potion. But it is not for drinking, no, no. It is for something...else. Meet me at the Altar of Thrond and I will tell you what you must do next. Certain preparations have already been made. The cure is within your grasp, %PCName, but the final and most difficult steps lie ahead."

If you speak to her again, she orders you to meet her at the Altar of Thrond.

"Meet me at the Altar of Thrond, %PCName. There we will continue the Rite of the Wolf Giver."

When you arrive at the Altar of Thrond, you'll see Etiene beside the altar with an innocent woman on top of it.

"Greetings, %PCName. The Rite of the Wolf Giver is almost complete. Behold the innocent on the Altar of Thrond. Beautiful, isn't she? One of the locals, a very nice specimen. She still lives, but barely. Your next step is simple. You must kill the innocent, remove her heart, and bring it to me. There is a dagger on the altar, but any weapon will do. Did I not tell you the Rite of the Wolf Giver requires the sacrifice of both innocence and flesh? He he he he he he he he he he!"

If you speak to her again, she reminds you of what you need to do.

"Kill the innocent! Bring me her heart! Do this, or you shall be cursed to walk the earth as a werewolf for all time!"

Once you bring her the woman's heart, Ettiene praises you.

"That's it! Now, I will pour the Glenmoril brew over the innocent's heart. The heart must get wet...soaked. Yes, there we go. Now, to recite the proper incantation.... [The Witch of Glenmoril Wyrd utters a long, shrieking series of arcane words. The heart pulses in her hand, as if infused with new life.] There! It is done! The heart has been properly bewitched. Now, place it back in the corpse of the innocent. Do this, and then speak with me again. You are almost free of your curse. Almost...."

If you speak to her again:

"Put the Heart of the Wolf inside the innocent's corpse! Do it now! He he he he he he he he he he!"

After you place the heart back inside its corpse:

"Yes! Yes! There is just one last step, %PCName. I must now recite the final incantation.... [The Witch of Glenmoril Wyrd utters another series of arcane, unintelligible words.] Behold, the innocent lives again! The woman has been given a part of your lycanthropy! Kill the werewolf, and your curse will be ended forever! He he he he he he he he he he!"

If you speak to her again before killing the werewolf, she says:

"There is nothing more I can do, %PCName! You must kill the werewolf to cure your lycanthropy!"
"Congratulations, %PCName. You have survived the Rite of the Wolf Giver and have been cured of your lycanthropy. Never again will you turn into a werewolf, and never again will you contract the disease."


  • There are three versions of Ettiene that appear at different times. The glenmoril_witch_altar version appears at the Altar of Thrond until stage 30 of the related quest is complete. The glenmoril_witch_altar_2 version appears during the ritual itself, and glenmoril_witch_cave appears with her sisters in Gloomy Cave.
  • Ettiene and her sisters reappear in the Dragonborn add-on for Skyrim as hagravens.