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Dulk (dulk)
Location Castle Karstaag, Throne Room
Species Riekling Soul Common (100)
Level 15 Type Beasts
  • 1-5 pts melee plus weapon
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 50
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Dulk is a Riekling found in the Throne Room of Castle Karstaag. He is the last remaining servant of the castle still loyal to Karstaag. In his master's absence, his fellow Rieklings have besieged the castle under the command of Krish.

If you sided with the Skaal, Krish will enlist you in taking over the castle and you will need to speak to Dulk to ask him about the dead horkers along the cost and learn of his master's fate. If you sided with Hircine, you will be sent to the castle as a werewolf to kill Krish and his rebels, and Dulk will direct you to them upon arrival.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

  • The Castle Karstaag: Investigate the ominous signs which have foretold the Bloodmoon Prophecy by investigating Castle Karstaag.
  • Siege of Castle Karstaag: Stop a rebellion in this castle far to the north on the island.


  • Greetings:
    • "You are here! The master told me there would be one coming! You must help. Krish is trying to take control of the castle. He has found nasty grahl to help him! You must kill them all! My master will be pleased! Your master will be pleased. Go now, through the Banquet Hall to the caverns. They wait down there! Go now or the master will not be happy!"
    • "You stopped Krish, and that is good. Grahl are gone. Krish is gone. Nasty grahl. Nasty Krish. The master will be pleased when he comes home. Your master will be pleased you have helped Dulk! Good good! Now go. Dulk has much to do before his master comes back. Go!"
    • "You go now! Master will be back soon. I am sure of this! And I must keep things right for him. Back soon. He will be back soon."
    • "What are you doing here? The master will not be pleased! And you come with Krish! Evil, evil Krish! Krish is bad, and you are bad for helping him. What is it you want? You should leave."

  • death of the horkers:
    • "No time for your questions! Krish must be stopped!"
    • "This was not our doing. Not even Krish could have done this! He was too busy here. I was too busy here! The master is gone, gone with the wolves! Big wolves! Evil wolves! Wolves that walk like men! Took the Master days ago! No time for the fat horkers! And Dulk did none of this!"
    • "No more to say. No more to say. The fat ones are dead, but we know nothing of it!"
  • master is gone:
    • "No time to talk now! Not with Krish still on the loose!"
    • "Yes, yes, the master is gone. He must return soon. The wolves came and took him away. Big wolves, evil wolves! Wolves that walk like men! Left Dulk all alone! But the master will be back soon. The master must come back soon!"
  • revolt:
    • "Many of them are. Not me, though. Not loyal Dulk. I serve the master still. But Krish and the others have surrounded the castle. I am but one, and he is many! He says he is the master now. You must help. You must make Krish stop! The master will not be pleased."
    • "Yes! Krish is in revolt!"
    • "That is done. Master will be happy."