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Not to be confused with Inguya, the Nordic miner located in the Greymoor Caverns.
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"Do my intentions puzzle you, Outlander?"

Location Coldharbour, Vvardenfell
Race Daedra Gender No Gender
Health Varies
Reaction Neutral
Other Information
Faction(s) Primeval Seekers, Clutch of Nisswo
Guilds Psijic Order, Antiquarian Circle
This user performed with distinction in the Online Quest Project This user performed with distinction in the Image Cleanup Project

Ingura is a Daedric entity who has wrested control of multiple pawns in Tamriel. Uncharacteristic of many Daedra, they find a great joy in all creatures of Nirn, especially the Human, Mer, and Beastfolk. This normally involves observing them from afar, but not always. This entity is a Daedra, after all...

In reality, I (Ingura) was driven to make an account to fix the Online:Making Money page, as it was "not on par with the current state of the game" and left much to desire from a new player of The Elder Scrolls Online (myself). Currently suckered myself into the Online Quest Project, because it makes my completionism useful.

In ESO, I take screenshots and do quests almost religiously; hit me up on my talk page if you're on NA and want to either quest or photo-collab. Outside of ESO, I world-build, draw, and conlang. Below are my ESO characters, as well as my own personal undertakings on this Wiki.

Current ProjectsEdit

Current PawnsEdit

Ptaiaa Dövi-Taal


"Need a hand, Traveller?"

Race Argonian Gender Unknown
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact, Psijic Order
Role Healer, Jack-of-All-Trades
Playstyle Mid-Range Bruiser

Ptaiaa Dövi-Taal is an Argonian Nightblade hybrid healer who formerly hailed under the flag of the Dominion, but has since joined under the flag of the Pact after feeling a need to return to their roots in their age.

Born away from the Hist, in Greenshade, Ptaiaa got the attention of the cunning Razum-dar, who trained them to become an Eye of the Queen. Holding great allegiance for Queen Ayrenn, they did things to further the goals of the Dominion— but at the cost of seeing their own people get slaughtered at the hands of their superiors. They were able to claim housing nearby Longhaven due to their undying loyalty, but after a while Ptaiaa started to feel... un-whole. This un-wholeness would soon be equated to their disconnect from the Hist.

When they became one of Brackenleaf's Briars, the Argonian saw their alignment with the Snake as an omen: although the Snake struck down Wolves with great fervor, a Tiger's fierceness is able to dispatch them quickly. A swap in allegiance did not come easily, however— it caused identity issues that led to a lot of frustration. Their path became shadowed, and they started to embrace the chaos when it wore a familiar face.

Ultimately, Ptaiaa believed that, to beat the Tiger, they must become the Wolf themselves. This only made their identity issues worse, and succumbed to a violence they still regret to this day. One positive thing came from it, however: they were forcibly discharged from the Dominion. Persuasion kept Razum-dar a friend to them, and Intimidation allowed them to keep their home. A lot of behavior had to be unlearned, but once they swapped Allegiance and moved to Shadowfen, they reconciled with the Hist. Ptaiaa swears to never strike an Argonian ever again, unless survival depends on it.

Ptaiaa "attempting fire magic"

Currently, Ptaiaa finds a lot of joy in The Mages Guild, obtaining large troves of knowledge and literature at their disposal, and within The Antiquarian Circle, unearthing artefacts for similar thirsts. They've learned many Crafts as well, and spend many of their days collecting resources for Writs. When a less sedentary way of life itches their scales, however, they delve into Dungeons to support those in need, and find unsightly bits of knowledge untold by many a tome.

Ptaiaa is my first character, and primary character for a large majority of things that I do— photography, questing, you name it. A large majority of my focus on this character is completionism. This means Lore Books, Achievements, and Traits. I am working on getting all Cloth and Wood Traits Researched on them; I'm currently doing Blacksmith traits as well, because I like straining for Skill Points. Once I get my Blacksmither up to par, I'll need to do the whole process over again... but at least I have all Training (but one) researched on this character so I don't have to hunt for pieces.

M'aliq Silver-Moons


"This one lends you his blade."

Race Khajiit Gender Male
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion, Fighters Guild

M'aliq Silver-Moons is a Khajiit Warden tank who currently hails under the flag of the Dominion, and is both a friend and former ally of Ptaiaa.

[This character profile is a stub and will eventually be filled as they get additional playtime.]

M'aliq doing something cool

In his downtime, M'aliq spends most of his days at the Forge, crafting weapons and armor to those who call for his commission. He also dabbles in Jewelry Crafting as a side hobby, as he is told by both his partner and companions alike that he needs a more... gentle approach to things. Due to this Khajiit's spiritual beliefs, he abstains from alcohol, and prefers to eat meat dishes to satiate his appetite for carnage.

M'aliq is my second character (unfortunately made a second time due to getting timed out in character creation). Initially, he was going to be my secondary character, but I got more invested on Ptaiaa and left him in the dirt. I didn't even get him to Level 15 before his 'foil' (also a Khajiit, and of course a Nightblade) hit roughly 2 times his level. Definitely need to play the class more cuz Warden's early feels... bad. Doesn't help that Ptaiaa's a weird 'tank' build, either. M'aliq is my dedicated metalworker— Blacksmith and Jewelry maker. He is currently camping in Summerset with an inventory full of ores.

Naevius Indoril


"What is it that you require?"

Race Dunmer Gender Unknown
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact, Mages Guild

Naevius Indoril is a Dunmer Daedric Sorcerer who currently hails under the flag of the Pact due to social ties and ease of entrepreneurship; if they had the choice, however, they would rather stay unaligned.

Despite their surname, Naevius didn't adopt the House Indoril name by trials, membership, or any other method that required effort. Instead, they adopted the name through heredity. Though this House isn't known for either slavery or overt bigotry, and the traditionalist lifestyle has its comforts, Naevius doesn't understand their unquestioning loyalty towards the Tribunal and feels detached from it. This isn't to say they aren't religious— after all, they worship the very Daedra that drove them down the path of sorcery.

[This character profile is a stub and will eventually be filled as they get additional playtime.]

Naevius in complete concentration

Naevius finds combat to be quite boring, and spends most of their time at the Apothecary, making potions and poisons for those who find a delight in life-or-death situations. As they find "the exploitation of unconsenting individuals" despicable amongst "those who have rational thought", this Dunmer rejects any food or drink that directly takes from animals— honey included. As they see bones and hides as by-product items from fearsome beasts, however, they do not mind using them. Suffice to say, they don't like gathering their own materials.

Naevius is my 'rebellious teen' archetype character, made fourth (after my Orc Nuvensha). Their whole character is supposed to look and act like an edge-lord: somewhat self-important and hyper-critical on anything that seems irrational. Of the three Good Daedra, Naevius chose Mephala due to her association with knowledge and purposefulness. Boethiah would have been their choice of Daedra, but she's associated with deception and violence. This is my token Alchemist— in the character-weave, they and Ptaiaa are acquaintenced because the Argonian provides materials to them.

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