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Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting

Blacksmithing is a crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online. This profession's specialty is to create and improve heavy armor and metal weapons in various styles of different races. To create a weapon or a piece of armor you need to be at a blacksmithing station. Such stations are also used to conduct research on different kinds of heavy armor and metal weapons traits. The list of ingredients (ores, ingots, and tempers) used in Blacksmithing can be found here.

In addition to armor and weapons, the Blacksmithing skill allows you to craft furnishings for your home.


The Blacksmithing skill line is granted the first time you activate a blacksmithing station. You can increase your skill by crafting or deconstructing armor and weapons, researching traits, and by completing Blacksmith Writs or Master Writs. In addition, you can earn free levels in the skill line by reading Skill Books, which may be found randomly on bookshelves anywhere. The skill books which increase Blacksmithing are:

Blacksmith DialogueEdit

You can learn about this profession by speaking with some of the blacksmiths.

I'd like to learn more about blacksmithing.
"We put hammer to anvil to forge armor and weapons. This requires a lot of metal. We scour hills and caves looking for rare ores to work. Raw materials will only take you so far. You need style books and special ingredients for more advanced work."
I'm sure there's a lot to learn
"You bet. A true blacksmith can read the metal to determine its potential. During the forging process we can choose a trait that best fits the item—provided we've done our research. Additional sharpening, extra weight … these are just examples."
Is there more to it?
"Well, the piece can be augmented even more through the use of tempers. These elements can enhance the value and quality of your work. Of course, no worthwhile endeavor comes without risk. Trying to improve an item can result in breaks, so be careful!"

Skill PerksEdit

Blacksmithing has an associated skill line that is revealed through use of the Blacksmithing profession. Known abilities are listed below. Notes

  • The numbers displayed here are the base values for the skills. Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000. The actual numbers you see in the game may depend on a variety of factors, including skill line rank, your equipped weapons and armor, other skills, enchantments, etc. As such, they should only be used as a comparative reference.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Passive abilities are active all the time, and affect the outcome of Blacksmithing related activities.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Metalworking.png Metalworking 1 1 free Allows the use of Iron Ingots.
5 2 Allows the use of Steel Ingots.
10 3 Allow the use of Orichalcum Ingots.
15 4 Allows the use of Dwarven Ingots.
20 5 Allows the use of Ebony Ingots.
25 6 Allows the use of Calcinium Ingots.
30 7 Allows the use of Galatite Ingots.
35 8 Allows the use of Quicksilver Ingots.
40 9 Allows the use of Voidstone Ingots.
50 10 Allows the use of Rubedite Ingots.
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Keen Eye.png Keen Eye: Ore 2 1 Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
9 2 Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.
30 3 Ore in the world will be easier to see when you are 40 meters or closer.
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Miner Hireling.png Miner Hireling 3 1 A miner hireling will send you ore and possibly other items every day.
12 2 A miner hireling will send you more ore and possibly better items every day.
32 3 A Miner hireling will search for resources for you. A new delivery from your hireling can be claimed the next time you log in or change zones, provided it has been no less than twelve hours since the last bundle.
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Metal Extraction.png Metal Extraction 4 1 Improves the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful tempers from raw materials.
22 2 Greatly improves the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients and allows the refining of more powerful tempers from raw materials.
32 3 Maximizes the chances of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients and allows the refining of the most powerful tempers from raw materials.
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Metallurgy.png Metallurgy 8 1 Reduces research times by 5% and allows the research of two items at once.
18 2 Reduces research times by 10% and allows the research of two items at once.
28 3 Reduces research times by 20% and allows the research of three items at once.
45 4 Reduces research times by 25%, limits research time to 30 days, and allows the research of three items at once.
ON-icon-skill-Blacksmithing-Temper Expertise.png Temper Expertise 10 1 Increases the chances of improving items with tempers.
25 2 Greatly increases the chances of improving items with tempers.
40 3 More than doubles the chances to improve items with tempers.

Skill pointsEdit

The table below shows the amount of skill points required in order to max out the Blacksmithing skill line.

Order Progression Skill points required
1 Metalworking 9
2 Keen Eye: Ore 3
3 Miner Hireling 3
4 Metal Extraction 3
5 Metallurgy 4
6 Temper Expertise 3
Totals: All 25

Blacksmith StationsEdit


You can refine raw resources in batches of 10, obtaining 7 - 10 materials suitable for crafting. The materials refine into the following:

Raw Material Refined Into Used To Make... Level Ingots Required for Maximum Level
Iron Ore Iron Ingot 00Iron Armor and Iron Weapons 1 - 14 9-12?
High Iron Ore Steel Ingot 01Steel Armor and Steel Weapons 16 - 24
Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ingot 02Orichalcum Armor and Orichalcum Weapons 26 - 34
Dwarven Ore Dwarven Ingot 03Dwarven Armor and Dwarven Weapons 36 - 44
Ebony Ore Ebony Ingot 04Ebon Armor and Ebon Weapons 46 - 50
Calcinium Ore Calcinium Ingot 05Calcinium Armor and Calcinium Weapons Champion Points10 - 30
Galatite Ore Galatite Ingot 06Galatite Armor and Galatite Weapons Champion Points40 - 60
Quicksilver Ore Quicksilver Ingot 07Quicksilver Armor and Quicksilver Weapons Champion Points70 - 80
Voidstone Ore Voidstone Ingot 08Voidsteel Armor and Voidsteel Weapons Champion Points90 - 140
Rubedite Ore Rubedite Ingot 09Rubedite Armor and Rubedite Weapons Champion Points150 - 160


There are a number of achievements associated with Blacksmithing.

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Master Blacksmith.png Master Blacksmith 50 Attain a Blacksmithing rank of 50. Smith Steel BlueSmith Steel Blue
Blacksmith's Sign (page) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-achievement-Master Blacksmith.png Legendary Blacksmith 50 Improve Blacksmithing items to all available Qualities. Earthforge Iron GrayEarthforge Iron Gray
ON-icon-achievement-Regulus Harvester.png Regulus Harvester 5 Harvest your first unit of Regulus.
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Regulus Harvester.png Expert Regulus Harvester 10 Harvest 25 units of Regulus.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Regulus Harvester.png Master Regulus Harvester 15 Harvest 100 units of Regulus.
ON-icon-achievement-Novice Blacksmithing Furnisher.png Novice Blacksmithing Furnisher 10 Learn your first Blacksmithing Diagram.
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Blacksmithing Furnisher.png Expert Blacksmithing Furnisher 15 Learn 25 Blacksmithing Diagrams.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Blacksmithing Furnisher.png Master Blacksmithing Furnisher 50 Learn 100 Blacksmithing Diagrams.