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Skyrim:Uttering Hills Cave

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Uttering Hills Cave
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Bandits, Summerset Shadows
Important Treasure
Linwe's Equipment
Mace Etiquette
Console Location Code(s)
UtteringHillsCave01, UtteringHillsCaveExterior01, UtteringHillsCaveExterior02
Southwest of Windhelm
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Ore Veins
# of Corundum 1
Uttering Hills Cave

Uttering Hills Cave is a small cave in the mountains southwest of Windhelm occupied by bandits. It has only one interior zone: Uttering Hills Cave.

It can only be reached from directly north or south. The easiest approach is to travel to Anga's Mill, cross the river to the south, and climb the path.

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Outside the cave is a small bandit camp, with two bandits guarding the entrance: one is an archer, and the other is a melee fighter. There are two small tents, both containing unowned bed rolls, and three food barrels and one food sack around the tents. In front of the tents is an old campfire, with a metal pot containing an ingredient hanging over it. A number of snowberry bushes are in the vicinity, and a wooden door marking the entrance to the cave is to the northwest.

Uttering Hills CaveEdit

Bandits by the fire

The entrance leads into an icy tunnel that descends to the north, passing a small table with a random poison and a random mace. The mined area turns into snowy cave tunnels and has a few corners. Just before the tunnel opens into a small chamber, there is a mammoth tusk on the ground beside some mammoth ribs. In the chamber, the path diverges into paths to the left and right, each patrolled by a single leveled bandit. Following either tunnel leads to two leveled bandits warming themselves by a campfire with a cooking pot hanging over it. There is an unlocked chest beside the fire, a wood chopping block to the southwest, and a corundum ore vein to the west.

A wooden door to the north leads to a circular tower room with stairs descending. At the bottom is a table with a built-in alchemy lab and a random potion. Hanging above the lab is a bunch of dried elves ear, a bunch of dried frost mirriam, and two pheasants. A leveled bandit is patrolling between the room and the next set of descending stairs, and another bandit is sitting at the far end of the passage below. To the left of the stairs is an adept-locked chest. At the far end of the passage down the stairs are three small cells that can be opened with pull chains, but these never seem to contain prisoners.

Partway along the passage is a room on the right containing a long wooden table holding a cabbage, some bread, and some cheese. Two barrels are in the southeast corner, one containing ingredients, the other foodstuffs. To the left, against the east wall, is a set of shelves holding many more pieces of cheese. There are wooden doors on both the east and west walls. During the related quest, there is a Summerset Shadow banner which can be burned hanging from the ceiling by the north wall (see the quest page for details).

The room to the west contains up to two bandits, one awake, and one sleeping. The room also features four unowned single beds, with two each against the north and south walls. Two sets of shelves against the west wall hold several bottles of alto wine, a bottle of wine, a salt pile, a knapsack, and a leveled invisibility potion. The room to the east contains the bandit chief, along with an unowned single bed against the east wall. Opposite the bed is a set of shelves holding six common books, an iron dagger, and a copy of the One-handed skill book Mace Etiquette. Against the south wall is a tall wardrobe containing clothes, with an unlocked boss chest to the right.



  • After the quest Summerset Shadows, members of the Summerset Shadows replace the bandits and follow the bandits' routines. If you have an objective to kill the bandit leader here after the quest, it will be impossible to complete it, as the bandit leader will be the corpse of Linwe, who is already dead. Similarly, in order to mark this location as cleared, the bandit chief must be killed prior to starting the quest Summerset Shadows.
    •   The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 1.3.3, fixes this bug.
    •   The first issue can be fixed by resurrecting Linwe with the console by targeting his corpse and typing resurrect 1, then killing him again. See the quest page for more details on this and other possible fixes.