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(RefID: 0007D67A)
Location Uttering Hills Cave
Race High Elf Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Class Thief
RefID 0007D67A BaseID 0007D679
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×6.7
Primary Skills Light Armor, Sneak, Archery, One-handed
Perks Bladesman (rank 1); Critical Shot (rank 1); Custom Fit; Fighting Stance; Power Shot
Class Details CombatThief
Morality No Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Voice Type MaleElfHaughty
Faction(s) dunLinweFaction

Linwe is a High Elf thief and the leader of the Summerset Shadows in Skyrim. He resides in Uttering Hills Cave, from where he conducts the business of the Shadows around Windhelm. He uses Niranye in Windhelm as the fence for the group, but rarely sees her personally. He wears a special set of armor that has similar properties to the Thieves Guild set of armor. It is made up of Linwe's armor, boots, gloves, and hood.

His style of thievery differs from the Thieves Guild in that he prefers stealing from the recently deceased in the Halls of the Dead, but like the Guild he does not kill them himself. He is not averse to robbing the graves of the more long-term dead.

He is also the author of two letters, the First Letter from Linwe and the Second Letter from Linwe.

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  • It is possible to obtain unlimited copies of Linwe's unique armor set. This can be exploited by using The Ritual Stone Power or Dead Thrall, and Fast Traveling to a nearby location (prior copy must be obtained from his corpse beforehand).