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Skyrim: NPCs
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Guards are NPCs who are usually found in towns and cities in Skyrim. If you commit a crime, they can arrest you and will attack if the arrest is resisted. Under some conditions, guards can be bribed; see the crime page for details.

Guards by RegionEdit

All of the guards below will pay attention to your bounty in the hold that they are patrolling for, and only attack you if you resist arrest when they try to arrest you. Note that it is possible for a guard in the wilderness to wander into a different hold, usually because of combat, but you will still only be arrested if you have a bounty in the hold that the guard is from.

In some quests, there are NPCs called guards who do not obey these rules, and may attack you despite not having tried to arrest you; most of those NPCs are in the Reach.

Eastmarch Falkreath Hold Haafingar Hjaalmarch The Pale The Reach The Rift Whiterun Hold Winterhold SolstheimDB
Windhelm Guard Falkreath Guard Haafingar Guard
Solitude Guard
Stormcloak Guard
Hjaalmarch Guard
Morthal Guard
Stormcloak Guard
Dawnstar Guard
Pale Hold Guard
Roadside Guard
Markarth City Guard
Reach Hold Guard
Silver-Blood Guard
Wizards' Guard
Imperial Guard
Ivarstead Guard
Rift Guard
Riften Guard
Shor's Stone Guard
Whiterun Guard Winterhold Guard Redoran Guard




  • A number of city, town, and hold guards fail to respawn due to missing respawn flags in the game data. This can potentially lead to depopulation of the entire guard force in the affected areas over time.

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