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Online:The Pride of Alkosh (quest)

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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Investigate the Order of the New Moon's invasion of Pridehome.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Dragonguard
Quest Giver: Sai Sahan, Sidura
Location(s): Dragonguard Sanctum, Halls of the Highmane
Previous Quest: Order of the New Moon
Next Quest: The Dragonguard
Reward: Charged Akaviri Staff
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6403
Retrieve the Mask of Alkosh
The Order of the New Moon plans to attack Pridehome, a reclusive temple dedicated to the worship of Alkosh. The Dragonguard is determined to stop the cult's assault and uncover the motives behind the attack.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Nahfahlaar and head over to Pridehome.
  2. Investigate the massacre at the temple and speak with Moon-Priest Nuziwa.
  3. Find Clan Mother Hizuni in Pridehome Temple.
  4. Speak with Clan Mother Tadali at Khenarthi's Breath Temple.
  5. Navigate to The Forgotten Mane and perform the ritual with the Clan Mother.
  6. Enter the Halls of the Highmane and pass the trials.
  7. Kill Ra'khajin and retrieve the Mask of Alkosh.
  8. Return to the Dragonguard Sanctum.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Gain entrance to the Halls of the Highmane

Head into Nahfahlaar's Chamber and tell him about the attack on Pridehome. He begrudgingly agrees to meet you there. Now that you have his assistance, travel to Pridehome, located east of Black Heights in the Tenmar Forest.

The cult has already begun their assault on Pridehome. Find Caska in the eastern portion of the grounds and see if she's found anything. She calls you over to read an excerpt from the Clan Mother of Pridehome's writings. Pridehome is home to the Pride of Alkosh, warriors born under the eclipse who protect Elsweyr when they're needed. Za'ji ran west when he heard the sound of bells. He's found a letter from his mother addressed to the Clan Mother of Pridehome, talking about a champion and a demon from the east. He can't tell you much, but he does know the story of an ancient warrior from the Pride of Alkosh whose corpse was cared for by his mother's temple long ago. Aeliah is in the northern section of the complex, tending to an injured Moon-Priest. Speak with Moon-Priest Nuziwa.

Nuziwa tells you that if the order came here for anything, they came for the Clan Mother. When the Order of the New Moon attacked, she hid in the main temple. If she's still alive, she'll be there. He begs you to find the Clan Mother before the cult can kill her.

Head west towards the temple and enter the greater complex. Cross the bridge and climb the stairs up to the temple. The Clan Mother is gravely wounded, and tells you about the Mask of Alkosh before she dies. Read the inscription on the statue of Ja'Darri, before speaking with Sai Sahan and heading outside. He will be delivering the grave news when Nahfahlaar lands nearby. Speak with him. When you ask him about Ja'darri, he tells you to speak with the Clan Mother of Khenarthi before flying off to deal with Laatvulon. Caska doesn't want to deal with Za'ji's moaning, so she sends Aeliah with you to talk to Clan Mother Tadali.

Clan Mother Tadali confirms that the clergy at her temple once interred the remains of Ja'darri long ago. When you tell her you seek the Mask of Alkosh, she tells you of a place called the Halls of the Highmane. The halls are located south of Khenarthi's Breath Temple. Head on down the hill and cleanse the bells the same way you did when you brought Za'ji's stolen bell back to his mother.

Pass the trials

To cleanse the bells, you need to ring them in the following order: red, yellow, blue, green. The red bell can be found on the lower section to your right (facing the Mane), yellow can be found on the upper left platform, blue on the upper right, and green on the lower left. When the bells are cleansed, the Clan Mother appears. Answer her questions and allow Clan Mother Tadali to perform the ritual to grant you passage to the trials, then enter the Halls of the Highmane.

Path of the Winged GoddessEdit

The first trial requires you to use the grappling bow to cross the chasm on the Path of the Winged Goddess. Step onto the central platform and grapple to the left. Grapple upwards, then follow the path across the chasm. Keep an eye out for grappling points over the cliffs. This path is fairly straightforward.

Path of the Moon PrinceEdit

The second trial is on the Path of the Moon Prince. Light the four braziers; there is one in each corner of the room. When you light a brazier, portals from the Dark Behind the World will open up, sending dro-m'Athra to contest you. Light the four braziers and defeat the dro-m'Athra that appear to progress through the Path of the Moon Prince. Pass through the Inner Halls once the second trial is finished. The Highmane Guardians protect the Inner Halls. Kill them as needed and pass into the Path of Pride, where the third trial awaits.

Path of MendingEdit

The third trial is a puzzle involving sliding stones. There is a Sliding Stone on the entrance platform. Push it east through a gap in the wall then give it a tap to the north to push the panel down. The northern gate below will open. Jump down and pass beneath the arch the open gate was guarding to find another sliding stone. Push that stone south, west across the hall and south again to a panel to open the southwest gate. Past that gate is yet another sliding stone. Push it west through the gate then north onto another panel. Aeliah will remind you of the stone up top. Look upwards and use the grappling bow to get back up to the entrance platform. There is a panel next to the grappling point you used to get back up. Use the Stone Reconstruction synergy on the spot next to Aeliah that's glowing blue, or push the top cube back to where it was before you moved it. From there, push it north towards the ledge, then push it west onto the panel obscured by a wall. That will open the western gate on the lower level. Previously, you pushed a sliding stone close to that gate. The stone is south of the now open doorway. Walk over to that panel and push that Sliding Stone north, then push it west through the gateway. When it's through the gate, push it north onto the final panel to open the way to the Hall of Guardians.

Hall of GuardiansEdit

Defeat Ra'khajin

After you read the inscription on the statue, Ja'darri appears. She says that only one of you can claim the Mask of Alkosh before disappearing. Aeliah says she should probably leave as a result. Instead of reporting to Sai Sahan, she's going to go to Senchal and recruit the Shields of Senchal to aid you in your efforts. Walk past the statue and enter the Walk of Ancient Kings.

Walk of Ancient KingsEdit

Laatvulon is here, and he summons frozen boneflayers, skeletal archers, and soldiers to combat you as you climb up towards the Mask of Alkosh's reliquary. Ra'khajin is already here. When he sees you, he engages you in combat, claiming to be the true heir of the mask. Kill Ra'khajin, and Laatvulon decides that you've been enough of a problem. Before he can kill you, Nahfahlaar swoops in and hits Laatvulon with a blast of fiery breath, issuing him a challenge as he flies off. Laatvulon flies away in pursuit of Nahfahlaar, leaving you to take the mask from its reliquary. Report back to Sai Sahan with the Mask of Alkosh in your possession.

Quest StagesEdit

The Pride of Alkosh
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Though Sai Sahan has no idea why the Order of the New Moon would attack Pridehome, Nahfahlaar might have more insight into the cult's motivations. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Nahfahlaar
With a few cryptic words and a hasty exit, Nahfahlaar wasn't able to reveal much about the cult's motivation. I should head to Pridehome and meet up with the rest of the Dragonguard.
Objective: Go to Pridehome
The cult has already attacked Pridehome, killing many and searching the grounds. I should see if I can find the rest of my companions.
Objective: Search the Area
I found Caska, as well as a note written by the temple's Clan Mother. I should speak to her about the note.
Objective: Talk to Caska
Clan Mother Hizuni may help shed light on the cult's motivation for attacking Pridehome. I should search the area for more clues on her whereabouts.
Objective: Search the Area
I found Za'ji next to a letter written by his mother, Clan Mother Tadali. I should speak to him about the letter.
Objective: Talk to Za'ji
I found Aeliah tending to an injured Moon-Priest. He may know more about why Pridehome is being attacked. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Moon-Priest Nuziwa
The Clan Mother made her way to a temple farther inside the compound. I should speak to Sai Sahan about all that I learned.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
The Clan Mother of Pridehome has locked herself in a temple farther in the compound. I should head to the temple with Sai Sahan and see if she can answer our questions.
Objective: Search for the Clan Mother
We reached the temple. I should go inside and search for Clan Mother Hizuni there.
Objective: Enter the Temple
The Clan Mother is mortally wounded, but she might still be able to tell me why the Order of the New Moon has attacked Pridehome. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Clan Mother Hizuni
Clan Mother Hizuni spoke of a divine mask that the Order of the New Moon seeks. A nearby statue depicts a warrior wearing the mask. I should examine the statue more closely.
Objective: Examine the Statue
The statue depicts a warrior named Ja'darri. Its inscription speaks of a Red Beast and Mask Divine. Could this warrior be connected to Nahfahlaar? I should speak to Sai Sahan about what I discovered.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
Sai Sahan suspects that Nahfahlaar is somehow connected to the warrior Ja'darri and the divine mask the cult seeks. I should search for the Dragon so I can question him about the mask.
Objective: Find Nahfahlaar
Hidden Objective: Nahfahlaar Arrives
Nahfahlaar has arrived. I should ask him about the divine mask the Order of the New Moon seeks.
Objective: Talk to Nahfahlaar
Nahfahlaar remains cryptic about his connection to Ja'darri and the mask, but he did reveal that Ja'darri's remains were taken to Khenarthi's Breath Temple when she died. I should head there and see what I can learn about the mask.
Objective: Go to Khenarthi's Breath Temple
Clan Mother Tadali already knows about the Clan Mother's death. I should see what she knows about this divine mask.
Objective: Talk to Clan Mother Tadali
Clan Mother Tadali told me to go to a nearby statue of a Forgotten Mane surrounded by bells. I should check in with Aeliah first.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Aeliah is determined to help find the divine mask. I should meet her by the Forgotten Mane statue, southeast of Black Heights.
Objective: Meet Aeliah Renmus at the Statue
I found another bell stand, but every bell hanging on it is tarnished. I should press the pedal and see what happens.
Objective: Press the Pedal
The bell stand played a short song and its brightly colored lanterns glowed. I'll need to hit the larger bells in a specific order to cleanse the smaller bells.
Objective: Cleanse the Bells
Clan Mother Tadali appeared just as the bells were cleansed. I should speak to her about what happens next.
Objective: Talk to Clan Mother Tadali
The divine mask is in the Halls of the Highmane, but I have to prove myself worthy of the relic first. I should head inside.
Objective: Enter the Halls of the Highmane
We entered the Halls of the Highmane only to be stopped by a large chasm. I should talk to Aeliah about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
Aeliah gave me a Dragonguard grappling bow to help me cross the chasm. I should be able to open the way for her if I can make it across.
Objective: Pass the First Trial
We managed to overcome the first trial of the Halls of the Highmane. We should continue our search for the mask.
Objective: Reach the Second Trial
The next door is blocked, surrounded by four unlit braziers. It seems this trial is about overcoming darkness. I should search the chamber and see how I can open the door.
Objective: Pass the Second Trial
Hidden Objective: Enter the Trial Room
Hidden Objective: Cleanse the Southeastern Shrine
Hidden Objective: Cleanse the Northeastern Shrine
Hidden Objective: Cleanse the Northwestern Shrine
Hidden Objective: Cleanse the Southwestern Shrine
With another trial passed, Aeliah and I can continue exploring the Halls of the Highmane in search of the mask.
Objective: Reach the Third Trial
Our path is blocked by another trial. I need to figure out the solution so we can move forward and continue our search for the mask.
Objective: Pass the Third Trial
With another trial completed, I need to continue searching for the mask.
Objective: Search for the Mask
The spirit of Ja'darri appeared and warned that only one of us can claim the mask. I should speak to Aeliah about this new development.
Objective: Talk to Aeliah Renmus
The door to the chamber holding the mask has been opened. Now I just need to claim it.
Objective: Find the Mask
Ra'khajin seeks the mask for himself. I have to defeat him to keep it out of the cult's hands.
Objective: Kill Ra'khajin
I defeated Ra'khajin, Dragon Priest of the Order of the New Moon. Now I should claim the mask.
Objective: Claim the Mask of Alkosh
With the mask in hand, I should return to the Dragonguard Sanctum and let Sai Sahan know that I found it.
Objective: Return to Dragonguard Sanctum
Finishes quest  I should talk to Sai at the Dragonguard Sanctum and let him know of my victory.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
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