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Location Zazaradi's Quarry and Mine
Halls of the Highmane
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 15,000 (when friendly)
535374 (when hostile)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Friendly (Uneasy Alliances)
Hostile (The Pride of Alkosh)
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the New Moon

Ra'khajin is the Khajiit leader of the Order of the New Moon. He serves as Laatvulon's Dragon Priest, hoping to give rise to the Dark Aeon that could fulfill his desire to make him Mane. Several documents written by him can be found in different locations, including the third, twelfth and twenty-fifth pages of his journal.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Ra'khajin raises Yahgrondu

Uneasy AlliancesEdit

Laatvulon: "Intruders. Worthless pests. Deal with them, Ra'khajin."
Ra'khajin: "With pleasure, my master! Rise, Yahgrondu. Demonstrate your loyalty!"
Aeliah Renmus: "He's turning Yahgrondu into some sort of monster! We have to stop him!"

Once Yahgrondu's reanimated body has been struck down, Ra'khajin will sneer and walk away, but not before saying:

Ra'khajin: "Persistent fools! Soon all of Elsweyr will bow to my master. You will serve Laatvulon—if not in life, then if death."

The Pride of AlkoshEdit

Face Laatvulon's Dragon Priest

During the quest, it is revealed by Moon-Priest Nuziwa that Ra'khajin was a member of the Pride of Alkosh. He was isolated from the other members, burdened with being their champion, who would one day be able to wear the Mask of Alkosh. He was greedy and ambitious, however, and when took the opportunity to align himself with Laatvulon. He left the Pride and formed the Order of the New Moon. He leads an assault on Pridehome during your journey through Southern Elsweyr, having many of the clergy members killed and gravely injuring Pridehome's Clan Mother. He then moves on to retrieve the Mask of Alkosh from the Halls of the Highmane. You will encounter him at the end of the path after you've passed all three trials.

He says several things throughout the fight. At the beginning of the fight:

Ra'khajin: "I shall claim my birthright!"

At around 85% health:

Ra'khajin: "Laatvulon, help me!"
Laatvulon: "I am with you, my champion!"

Ra'khajin disappears, and Laatvulon circles around the Mask of Alkosh's resting place, breathing frost. Ra'khajin reappears after Laatvulon reclaims his perch on top of the hourglass.

At around 70% health:

Ra'khajin: "As the New Moon rises, I shall rise with it!"

At around 60% health:

Ra'khajin: "Master, lend me your power!"
Laatvulon: "Suleyki hin!"

Ra'khajin disappears again so Laatvulon can aid him.

At around 55% health:

Ra'khajin: "This mask is my destiny!"

At around 40% health:

Ra'khajin: "It can't end like this! Laatvulon!"
Laatvulon: "Very well."

Ra'khajin disappears again so Laatvulon can aid him.

Upon death:

Ra'khajin: "I was to be ... the New Moon's Mane ...."

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Dual-wield ability
Ra'khajin leaps into the air and throws several daggers to the ground, indicated by many small aoes that linger for a few seconds. After he throws them, he somersaults backwards to put distance between the two of you.
Teleport Strike
The enemy teleports to you and does moderate physical damage. A nightblade skill.