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Moon-Priest Nuziwa
Location Pridehome
Race Pahmar-raht Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Pride of Alkosh
Moon-Priest Nuziwa

Moon-Priest Nuziwa is a Pahmar-raht moon-priest associated with the clergy at Pridehome.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

You will find him in the northern part of the complex, having his wounds tended to by Aeliah Renmus.

Aeliah Renmus: "Just keep the pressure there and you should be all right."
Moon-Priest Nuziwa: "Thank you, young zha'al."

Speak with him.

"You are with the Dragonguard, yes? Do you know who attacks our temple?"
The Order of the New Moon, a Dragon cult. They're led by the Dragon Priest Ra'khajin.
"Ra'khajin? No.
He was raised in this temple. We were brothers in all but blood. And yet … he's the one causing all this death, all this destruction? It cannot be true!"
It's true. We're trying to stop him. Do you know why Pridehome was attacked?
"They seek the Clan Mother. Nuziwa does not know why.
Please, she cannot come to harm. You must find her. The last this one saw, she was heading toward the inner temple."

You can ask him more about Pridehome.

"To think that Ra'khajin would be the one behind this attack. It chills this one to the very bone."
Can you tell me more about Ra'khajin?
"We were both taken in by the temple at a young age. Together, we learned the ways of Alkosh and the tapestry of time.
But Ra'khajin was always different from this one. Special in some way."
Special how?
"He was isolated from the rest of us. He learned secrets from the Clan Mother that no one else learned. Trained to become a warrior.
As a cub, this one was often jealous. But now Nuziwa sees that such a life was not a blessing, but a burden."
Why do you think this special treatment was a burden to Ra'khajin?
"Over the years, Ra'khajin grew more resentful. Always questioning Alkosh's will and his place in Pridehome. Eventually, he left our temple.
And now he has returned to massacre us all. By Alkosh, how can this be?"

You can speak with him again in front of Pridehome Temple.

"The Clan Mother must be in the temple! Please, you must see if she's come to harm."

Sai Sahan delivers the news after Clan Mother Hizuni's death.

Aeliah Renmus: "The Clan Mother?"
Sai Sahan: "We were too late. She's dead."
Moon-Priest Nuziwa: "How could Ra'khajin do this? Hizuni was a mother to him. To both of us."
Sai Sahan: "Fate will catch up with Ra'khajin eventually. We'll avenge—"
Nahfahlaar: "Vengeance means little to the dead, Dragonguard."

Speaking with him after Nahfahlaar's arrival:

"It couldn't be. The Red Beast?"

After speaking to Nahfahlaar:

"Have you befriended the Red Beast?"
Who's the Red Beast?
"A Dragon! It helped Ja'darri defeat the Demon from the East.
The Clan Mother would often tell us the story. Two beasts, clashing. And brave Ja'darri, who befriended one to defeat the other."
What else can you tell me?
"Just legends.
Ja'darri wore a divine mask, filled with the power of Alkosh. But during her greatest battle, it failed her. She died and joined the Dragon King of Cats beyond even the Sands Behind the Stars."
Why did the mask fail Ja'darri?
"Only the Clan Mothers know.
Please, this one must make sure the bodies here are cared for. We can speak of the legends another time."