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Sister Tharda
Location Kagnthamz
Race Reachman Gender Female
Health 254940 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Icereach Coven
Sister Tharda

Sister Tharda is a Reachman witch of the Icereach Coven who can be found in the dwemer ruin Kagnthamz. She is skilled in frost reach magic and necromancy.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you have disrupted the harrowstorm ritual which was targeting the nearby Dusktown, Sister Tharda will flee with Pentarch Khorb to the ruins. You, Lyris and Fennorian will need to enter Kagnthamz to hunt them down.
Once you have killed Khorb who assassinated Queen Gerhyld, Tharda can be found down the passage in a large open chamber. However, when you reach her she will not be alone.

Fennorian: "You listen in. I'll unlock the door."
"Rise exarch and be reborn!"

While he picks the door's lock, Lyris will go over to the opening to watch the scene below. Sister Tharda and an unknown man stand before a stone construct with a large urn between her and it.

<As she performs the ritual a blue Reach sigil forms beneath her.>
Sister Tharda: "Rise exarch and be reborn!"
<The construct goes one knee and blue lights from the urn enter it.>
<A wolf howls is heard.>
<The stone construct shatters and a Werewolf Behemoth emerges from it.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Tzinghalis? Where is this place?"
<The man walks towards the werewolf.>
Exarch Tzinghalis:"The Ashen Lord commands it, and so we live once more, Ulfra."
Exarch Ulfra: "Alive again? How?"
Sister Tharda: "You have the Icereach Coven to thank for that, werewolf."
<Tzinghalis jabs his finger at her.>
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Using my recipes, witch."
Sister Tharda: "I meant no disrespect, Exarch Tzinghalis."
<Ulfra starts sniffing the air.>
Exarch Ulfra: "We're being watched, brother."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Next time, Tharda, the Ashen Lord will expect more than the restoration of a single reliquary. Now deal with the intruders or I'll toss you to the harrowfiends."
<Exarches Tzinghalis and Ulfra leave the chamber.>
Sister Tharda: "Come out, little skeevers. Come out and play with Sister Tharda!"
Lyris Titanborn: "How many of your sisters am I going to have to kill before you give up?"

You can then head downstairs to face Sister Tharda, she cry vengeance once she sees you.

Sister Tharda: "Is it you who's killed my dear sisters? Our vengeance will plague you beyond the grave!"
Sister Tharda: "You cost us a great harvest. Perhaps your souls will suffice?"
Sister Tharda: "These stone husks would have all bore fruit if not for your interference!"
Sister Tharda: "You think to kill me? The Ashen Lord will see us all reborn!"


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Sister Tharda with her invulnerability shield

During the fight Sister Tharda will use Frost Magic and Necromancy to fight you. The fight itself has three phases after her opening attack and the abilities used will depend on the phase.

Ice Arrow
Basic ranged magicka attack. Causes frost damage.
Ice Wall
Similar to the Reach Mage ability, Flames, except it deals frost damage. Tharda will move here arm and mini frost cyclones will radiate from her.
Bone Armor
After teleporting to a corner Tharda will create a shield of bones around her, making her invulnerable.
Necrotic Winds
While invulnerable, she will summon a green cyclone which will move around the map. Each time she becomes invulnerable, another cyclone will be added to the field.
Cyclone Focus
During the last phase Tharda will make the cyclones focus on you.
Summon Bone Flayers
The first time she casts Bone Armor, Tharda summons a group of Bone Flayers.
Bone Shield
Summons a minor shield around herself, can be burnt through.
Summon Icy Skeletons
The second time she casts Bone Armor, she summons a squad of ice themed skeletons consisting of a Skeletal Frost Knight, Skeletal Hunter, Skeletal Icehurler
Summon Flesh Colossus
The third time she casts Bone Armor, Tharda will summon a powerful Flesh Colossus.
Ice Barrier
Summons an Ice Barrier.
Summon Ice Pillar
Summons Ice Pillar on field.


First Phase

After casting Ice Wall and some health loss, she will teleport to the northeast corner and use Bone Armor to shield herself while she does some conjuration. First she will summon a cyclone to move around the map and secondly she will summon several Bone Flayers in the center of the room. Tharda will remain invulnerable while the Bone Flayers are alive.

Second Phase
She may cast Bone Shield which shields her slightly. When her health drops to a certain point she will teleport again and cast her vulnerability shield once more. This time she will summon another cyclone and some ice-themed skeletons which must be defeated first.
Third Phase
The third time she becomes invulnerable she will summon a Flesh Colossus and the cyclones will become focused on you.

She will also cast basic frost spells such as Ice Arrow and Ice Barrier.