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Greymoor Keep
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Bloodknight, Death Hound, Gargoyle, Giant Bat, Harrowfiend
Bone Flayer, Gray Host Battlemage, Gray Host Berserker, Gray Host Darkblade, Gray Host Shadowcaster, Gray Host Skullguard
Vampire Bloodarrow, Vampire Darkblade
Greymoor CavernBlackreach
Northern Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns
Greymoor Keep

Greymoor Keep is a massive fortress and home of the Gray Host. Residents include the Ashen Lord and Lady Essenia.

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West WingEdit



West WingEdit

Greymoor Keep UndercroftEdit

Greymoor Keep Undercroft
Greymoor Keep Undercroft

The ceiling is lined with hanging cages, containing Harrowfiends. Many alchemical apparatuses, bottles full of unknown substances and bloody operating tables line the halls. Skavengers scuttle across the floor. Bleeding corpses hang from hooks, dripping onto the floor.

Greymoor Keep KennelsEdit

Greymoor Keep Kennels
Greymoor Keep Kennels

Death Hounds patrol the hallways. The main chamber is lined with massive kennels filled with vampire Captives.

Greymoor Keep Living QuartersEdit

Greymoor Keep Living Quarters
Greymoor Keep Living Quarters

Greymoor CommonsEdit

Greymoor Commons
Greymoor Commons

This portion is a library. Two mindless thralls, Lughnahf and Hishga, are tidying up in here. Several books can be found on the bookshelves in this chamber, including Bloodfiends of Rivenspire, Confessions of a Vampire Devotee, The Rebirth of the Blood Masters, Research Notes: Chaotica Vampiris and Vampires and their Hunters. A note titled Words of Entry can be found on a side table to the right. A Reanimated Cat is wandering around on the floor.

Greymoor LaboratoriesEdit

Greymoor Laboratories

Lady Essenia's laboratory. A lush garden can be found here, including several plants from Murkmire. A stack of notes titled Research Notes: The Heir of Verandis can be found on a table in the garden. A weak woman named Nonradil is hanging on the wall.

Experimentation HallsEdit

Experimentation Halls

A hallway featuring a pool of blood. Fountains spilling blood line the tops of the pillars in this chamber. Gwendis stops to speak with you here.

Cathedral of BloodEdit

Cathedral of Blood

A lone bloodknight can be seen feasting near the back of the room.

Ritual ChamberEdit

Ritual Chamber

Adusa-daro is being held prisoner by the Blood Queen here.

Greymoor Keep Outer CourtyardEdit

Greymoor Keep Inner CourtyardEdit
Greymoor Keep Inner Courtyard

You enter this part of the courtyard after exiting the ritual chamber.


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