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Exarch Tzinghalis
Location Kagnthamz, Tzinghalis's Tower
Race Reachman Gender Male
Health 146590 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Gray Host
Condition Vampire
Exarch Tzinghalis

Exarch Tzinghalis is a member of the Gray Host and is known for both his genius and sadistic nature. His base and laboratory is a tower found in the Lightless Hollow in Blackreach.

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Dark Clouds Over SolitudeEdit

Once you have killed Pentarch Khorb who assassinated Queen Gerhyld, you will need to find Sister Tharda who can be found down the passage in a large open chamber. However, when you reach her she will not be alone.

Fennorian: "You listen in. I'll unlock the door."
"Rise exarch and be reborn!"

While he picks the door's lock, Lyris will go over to the opening to watch the scene below. Sister Tharda and an unknown man stand before a stone construct with a large urn between her and it.

<As she performs the ritual a blue Reach sigil forms beneath her.>
Sister Tharda: "Rise exarch and be reborn!"
<The construct goes one knee and blue lights from the urn enter it.>
<A wolf howls is heard.>
<The stone construct shatters and a Werewolf Behemoth emerges from it.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Tzinghalis? Where is this place?"
<The man walks towards the werewolf.>
Exarch Tzinghalis:"The Ashen Lord commands it, and so we live once more, Ulfra."
Exarch Ulfra: "Alive again? How?"
Sister Tharda: "You have the Icereach Coven to thank for that, werewolf."
<Tzinghalis jabs his finger at her.>
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Using my recipes, witch."
Sister Tharda: "I meant no disrespect, Exarch Tzinghalis."
<Ulfra starts sniffing the air.>
Exarch Ulfra: "We're being watched, brother."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Next time, Tharda, the Ashen Lord will expect more than the restoration of a single reliquary. Now deal with the intruders or I'll toss you to the harrowfiends."
<Exarchs Tzinghalis and Ulfra leave the chamber.>
Sister Tharda: "Come out, little skeevers. Come out and play with Sister Tharda!"
Lyris Titanborn: "How many of your sisters am I going to have to kill before you give up?"

When you chase after Tzinghalis and Ulfra, they will have escaped.

The Vampire ScholarEdit

While searching for the missing Fennorian, you will encounter the werewolf Edjar who explains that Fennorian was probably captured by Tzinghalis' people and brought to his tower to be tortured and experimented on. Enjar himself was experimented on but escaped but will help you get into the tower if you rescue his pack.

Once you make it into his laboratory, Exarch Tzinghalis voice can be heard echoing through the pipes in the corridors as he casually discusses his experimentation on Fennorian with Rada al-Saran.

Exarch Tzinghalis: "It fights against its nature, Rada al-Saran. A weaker breed."
Rada al-Saran: "No, Tzinghalis. Just the deceived son of an estranged brother, forced to deny his nature."
"The machine will finish him momentarily, my lord."

After you bypass the Netherroot Garden, you will hear Rada al-Saran tell Tzinghalis to dispose of Fennorian.

Fennorian: "Ahh! No! Why are you doing this to me?"
Rada al-Saran: "We have what we need. In his last moments, let him truly understand the power of the Gray Host!"
Fennorian: "Arrgghh!"
Rada al-Saran: "A shame he could not be recruited to our noble cause."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "The machine will finish him momentarily, my lord."
Rada al-Saran: "Finish your work here, Tzinghalis, then join me in the keep. You must bear witness when we make our move."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Of course, Rada al-Saran. I am eager to see the power of our ultimate harrowstorm."
<Rada al-Saran vampire-teleports away.>
Fennorian: <Tortured sobbing.>
<Tzinghalis notices Lyris.>
Exarch Tzinghalis: "New test subjects? Just in time. This one is about spent."

As you fight him, he'll use a variety of alchemical tricks. He will also tell you what he will do to you in that emotionless tone of his.

Exarch Tzinghalis: "I cannot wait to cut open your skull."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "You will do well in my machine."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "There's an art to pacifying uncooperative specimens."

When he is killed, you can then free Fennorian from the machine.