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ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Pursuit.png Pursuit
Line Werewolf
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 3
Rank II 2 7
Pursuit I: Increases your Movement Speed by 15%. Increases the Stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by 25%.
Pursuit II: Increases your Movement Speed by 30%. Increases the Stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by 50%.

Pursuit increases your Movement Speed and restores your Stamina by a greater degree each time you perform a Heavy Attack while in Werewolf form.

Patch NotesEdit

* This passive now increases stamina gained from heavy attacks.
* Fixed an issue with this passive which made Rank I of the ability only return an additional 50 Stamina per heavy attack, rather than 50%.
* Fixed an issue where this passive ability was being removed when your character died.
* This ability now also increases your Movement Speed by 15/30%.
* Updated the tooltip of this passive to better reflect the actual math behind how this passive interacts with other bonuses. Previously, the values looked to be much more impactful than you actually got, so we reduced the bonus to your Heavy Attack resource restore to 25/50% at Ranks I and II respectively, down from 50/100% on the tooltip, so the actual restore matches with it.
  • Fixed an issue where this bonus was not properly scaling with the Off Balance bonus, and it will now grant the intended return.