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Home Settlement Senie
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Walks-in-Ash is an Argonian living in the remains of Senie. She is the egg sister of Soft-Scale and Sees-Many-Paths. Spellwright Girvas suspects her of kidnapping his daughter, Morvani.

She is a veteran of the Akaviri War, and was instrumental in convincing the Argonians to join the Ebonheart Pact alongside another important figure, Heita-Meen.

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Proving TrustEdit

"This is not a goody day for Senie, traveler."
Are you Walks-in-Ash?
"Yes, I am. I heard the cries of the mountain, and I have come to speak to the earth. Stubborn Girvas would not heed my warning. He blames my people for the darkness of the past. Sees shadows where none exist."

An alternate dialogue is:

"Yes, I am. Look at this. This is no natural run of lava. These are footprints. A spirit of wrath came through here.
Stubborn Girvas will not hear my warning. He thinks the eruption caused this."
Girvas thinks you've taken his daughter.
"As you can see, his daughter is not here.
I did see Morvani earlier. The flow of her life takes her to the base of Ash Mountain regularly."
Is that where she is?
"I don't know for certain, just that I saw her walking west out of town. Find her. Then perhaps Girvas will listen to me.
If you succeed, use this."
What's this?
"A signal. It's colorful, but harmless.
If you find Lady Morvani, use it, and I will come to you."
Can you speak to the mistrust between the Argonians and the Dark Elves?
"Truth falls like a cool rain, carving many channels in the mud. My truth is different from the Dunmer's, yet both are still true."
Do you hate the Dunmer?
"I have no love for them. Do you hate fire for burning down your hut? The fire acts as it must. They saw our huts, and their nature required them to act. I trust a Dark Elf to act as a Dark Elf must."

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll tell you:

"Until Girvas finds his daughter, there will be no trust. Look for her to the west.
Perhaps the wind that blows is pushing us to what must be."

After you use Walks-in-Ash's signal, Grivas and the argonian appear and you hear the following exchange:

Walks-in-Ash : "You found Girvas' hatchling? Good."
Spellwright Girvas : "I've caught you bloody-handed, Argonian!"
Spellwright Girvas : "Morvani, are you … Lord, Mother, and Wizard! Are you all right?"
Morvani : "I'm going to be fine, father. Thanks to this traveler. Can we get me off of this rock now?"
Spellwright Girvas : "Hold on Morvani. I've got you."

Speak to her before speaking to Girvas, she'll say:

"The hatchling has been found, unhurt. This is good.
Girvas speaks like an angry wind. Perhaps you should calm his blustering."

Speaking with her further:

"Can you feel it on your snout? The thunder is building. I believe there are others in the Ashlands who could use my skills. May the cool rain touch our scales again, traveler."

Restoring the GuardiansEdit

You will meet her next at Ash Mountain, where she is helping the Garyn Indoril and the Pact contain Balreth. Speak with her to end the quest after you've called and defeated the guardian atronachs.

"The wind has carried you here with your scales unburnt.
What do we do now?"
I've defeated the guardian atronachs. I should be able to call them to us.
"Cool rain on my scales. We'll reforge the shackles Garyn and his father destroyed. The Brother of Strife will be returned to his rest."

The Death of BalrethEdit

"This is magic I do not understand, far from the waters of my home. You are brave to walk the river's edge."
We should be ready. Is there something else I need to know?
"You are wise to ask. Yes. I have brought you a focus, a totem, that should help you in the trial ahead. It is a storm totem that will bring pure waters down on his blistering skin."
What will that do?
"Balreth is an engine of fire and death. You'll need something to slow him down, and your task should be much easier.
But first, as you said, you'll need to summon the guardians. Sun on your scales, my friend."
Thank you, Walks-in-Ash.

Speaking with her after this exchange, before summoning Blaze and Ragebinder:

"Repeat the past. Summon the guardians.
We must see this done."

After summoning the guardians, the spirit of Mavos Siloreth appears. Speaking to her before Mavos:

"I thought you would talk to Mavos. I didn not expect you to bring him along."

After speaking with Mavos:

"Enter Ash Mountain and find Balreth. Garyn will be right behind you. Meanwhile, the troops and I will hold the portal.
Good luck."

After defeating Balreth:

"You've done the impossible. I was wise to see the stone in your spirit.
Then again, I'm known for being wise."
We defeated him together.
"Yes, Balreth is defeated. Argonians, Dunmer, and Nords working together—one might almost think we had formed a Pact!"

In With the TideEdit

"Victory is like a cooling rain, yes? But still the storm rages on."
What would you have me do?
"Balreth is bound, but the Covenant still threatens the Ashlands. We've received word that a major offensive has washed up on the shore to the west of Ebonheart. Pact and Covenant troops now fight to hold the land coral maze that is Vivec's Antlers."
Vivec's Antlers?
"The Dark Elves see the coral as a gift from their living god, Vivec. He saved them, they say, in the Akaviri war. Now, that does not matter. The Pact military could use your skill and prowess in their fight.
Go well along the river, my friend."
You too. I'll make for Vivec's Antlers.

Speaking with her after accepting the quest:

"We are fortunate to walk the river's edge with you, my friend. I do not know how we would have fared without you here."

Restoring OrderEdit

You can find her inside the manor at Ebonheart alongside Tanval and Garyn Indoril, as well as Holgunn. She is not instrumental to the quest, but you can speak with her.

"Sun on my scales! Welcome. You have seen my cousins in the Argonian quarter, I hope?"
Does the district suit you?
"Are you asking if we're comfortable? None of us are comfortable outside Black Marsh. Too dry, too open, too bright.
Still, at the moment we are treated well, and the Hist Tree will soon be cleansed."
How are you dealing with your new position?
"Before I was here, I cared about the rain only when it fell on my tribe. Now I must worry about Stonefalls and this Pact.
The reeds can bend to the wind, but I must not."

Breaking Fort VirakEdit

"I've gathered some of our most skilled fighters here. We're poised to infiltrate the fort as soon as the way is open.
You're the perfect fit for my plan, my friend."
What's your plan?
"My grandsire was a powerful shaman. He passed down an ancient formula for an elixir that allows a traveler to walk in the "otherworld" between the living an the dead.
It works on those who've become attuned to the realms beyond."
And you think I'm already attuned?
"You're different. You must know that. Not all of you is with us, yes? That makes you the perfect candidate for the elixir.
Using the elixir, you can pass through the catacombs beneath Fort Virak. Find the door, open the way, and end this siege."
Do you want me to drink the elixir?
"Yes, drink it. Then you'll be able to go where we cannot.
Of course, not all in the otherworld will welcome you. Contact with the beyond could be unpleasant, so avoid any creatures you see there. Good luck."

Speaking to her again before drinking the elixir:

"Be wary of those who walk in the otherworld. They won't take kindly to your presence."

Speaking with her after drinking the elixir:

"Make your way through the broken wall, my wispy friend. Find a way to unlock the door from the other side."

Speaking to her on the other side after unlocking the door:

"Like eels through seagrass, we're inside. Well done! As we speak, my troops are attacking the fort's main yard."
So the fort is ours?
"We still have plenty of work to do. Without reinforcements, these troops won't last long. And I'm sure Serien won't give up without a fight.
The real battle has just begun."

Evening the OddsEdit

Before accepting the quest, she has a line of ambient dialogue to share:

Walks-in-Ash: "We need to unbar the gate!"
"It's time to finish off General Serien and his abominations. Then we can reclaim Fort Virak for the Pact.
Holgunn and Tanval have rallies the Nord and Dark Elf troops. They're just waiting for the signal that the gates are unbarred."
I'll remove the bars. Where should I look for Serien?
"The Covenant smells the storm on the air. Are you ready to bring down the sky on General Serien?"
How can I help?
"It's time to finish off General Serien and his abominations. Then we can reclaim Fort Virak for the Pact.
Holgunn and Tanval have rallied the Nord and Dark Elf troops. They're just waiting for the signal that the gates are unbarred."
I'll remove the bars. Where should I look for Serien?
"After the gates are unbarred, look for Serien in the fortress keep. We think he's holed up inside, studying his spellbooks.
Blood for the Pact!"
I'll unbar the gates and then go looking for General Serien.

Speaking to her after this conversation:

"Go into the fort and unbar the gates, my friend. The might of the Pact is going to wash over these invaders like a wave."

After taking the courtyard:

"The thunder is stilled for now. But another storm is in the offing."

The General's DemiseEdit

Walks-in-Ash plays no great part in this quest, but she has some dialogue throughout certain stages in the quest. Before confronting General Serien:

"Serien waits nearby, listening to the storm of our coming. He wonders and worries."

After defeating General Serien:

"Poor Garyn. He did not deserve this. The current in the maelstrom pulled him under."

After The General's Demise:

"The storm is broken, and the sky is clear. But another cloud looms on the horizon.
You must find Tanval. You must stop what he plans."

Climbing the SpireEdit

You will find her northeast of where you ended up when you entered the spire:

"The storm rages, but here I am, out of the rain.
How goes the battle, my friend?"
It goes well. What have you learned?
"The old protective wards have been restored. We swim against a current that is too strong."
I know how to lower the wards, Walks-in-Ash.
"Xuth! You're the sun on my scales. The first ward is just beneath the ruins just ahead."
Where are the rest of the wards?
"Other wards are in other ruins, along the approach to the spire.
Go swiftly. And may the wind be at your back."
I'll get it done.

Speaking to her after this conversation:

"Activate the wards while I find Tanval."

Speaking to her after finding Tanval:

"There's nothing here but withered roots and dead earth, but it's too soon for Tanval to join the dust. He still has a part to play."

Opening the PortalEdit

Speaking with her before talking to Genvis Faledran:

"It's as though the storm still blows, but I can see the sun on the horizon."

Sadal's Final DefeatEdit

Before entering Sadal's Prison:

"We must reforge the links in Sadal's chains, or we'll all be ashes in his inferno."
Walks-in-Ash in Sadal's Prison

Walks-in-Ash laments the death of the Vanguard troops that are destroyed by Sadal after you step off of the Daedric platform.

Tanval Indoril: "Hold the portal. We don't want to be trapped here."
Sadal: "Weaklings. You think to enter my realm?"
Holgunn: "Pretty confident, isn't he?"
Sadal: "Burn! Burn in flames."
Tanval Indoril: "Get clear."
Walks-in-Ash: "Those poor creatures. May their souls find soft mud-wallows."

The final ward is down.

Tanval Indoril: "Looks like it's just us. Stay close."
Walks-in-Ash: "Lovely."

After Sadal's shield is destroyed a second time:

Tanval Indoril: "Glory for the Pact!"
Walks-in-Ash: "The storm breaks. Let the lightning strike."

After Sadal's physical form is defeated, and his spirit is vulnerable, she commands you to summon the guardians of the Tormented Spire.

Walks-in-Ash: "Summon the guardians."

After Sadal is sealed away, she opens a portal to allow you to return home.

Walks-in-Ash: "I'll open a portal. Time to get out of here."

Speak with her back on Tamriel.

"We're safe. I would prefer not to do that again."
Is it over?
"The Brothers of Strife are imprisoned. The storm has passed. The spire is silent again. It is over, at least for now."
Tanval told me he planned to resign his position.
"He returned to wisdom at the end. Holgunn will grumble, but he will lead, at least until the Great Houses choose another.
As for me, I must return to my tribe. I will bask in the sun and try not to think of storms. Stay moist, my friend."

The RiftEdit

She and Holgunn One-Eye can later be met at the Pact's camp near Honrich Tower. She is in the healer's tent, tending to Injured Soldiers.


Speaking to her after Thallik Wormfather has been defeated:

"Many more would grieve by the river today, if not for you. Thank you, my friend."
It seems Holgunn was worried for you.


Hollow City Mages GuildEdit

She resides in the Hollow City Mages Guild after Vanus is rescued.

"I am a long way from Ash Mountain and the warm climate of Stonefalls.
But I have committed my time and talent to helping the Mages Guild here in Coldharbour. Hopefully, this soon will be over and we can return to our homes."

Crossing the ChasmEdit

Walks-in-Ash tends to the wounded

When you head to The Chasm, Walks-in-Ash will be tending to the wounded fighters. You can ask her about the Chasm or how she's been if you met her previously in Tamriel.[verification needed — ebonheart pact get additional dialogue?]

"If you can destroy the four focus stones, then we'll be able to control the portal and hold the first segment of the Chasm."
Can I ask you a few questions?
"You can always ask. I may have the answers. Or I may not.
What is it you wish to know?"
What can you tell me about this place?
"Clearly Molag Bal created the Chasm to defend his sanctum.
The first tier is a rocky bridge that spans the nothingness below. The second tier, higher up, can only be accessed by a sealed portal. And finally, a fortified gatehouse. Most impressive!"
missing replies if you met her previously

After you have destroyed the four focus stones, an exasperated Walks-in-Ash will enter the portal to the next tier, while explaining to Gathwen and Cadwell.

Walks-In-Ash: "Darien has rushed on ahead, as usual. I shall proceed with caution and see if I can keep him focused on the task at hand."
Closing the portal

While on the second tier, Walks-In-Ash will be accompanied by the Fighters Guild member, Halana as she attempts to shutdown the western portal. Once there is a lull in the waves of Daedra, she will do so.

Walks-In-Ash: "These creatures do not frighten me. Let us close this portal."
<The Argonian channels green energy into the portal and it closes.>
Walks-in-Ash: "The portal is closed! We make a most effective team, my friend."

The Reaver CitadelEdit

Walks-in-Ash and Holgunn outside the Reaver Citadel

Walks-in-Ash can be found with Holgunn, looking out over the bridge just outside the Reaver Citadel.

"You will help us find a way to forge these dangerous waters and get our troops past the Reaver Citadel. I have total confidence in you."[verification needed — does she have additional dialogue for EP]missing later stuff

After you have taken the Citadel and obtained the Labyrinth Key, she can be found with Holgunn, inspecting the Guild fighters and mages.

"I am proud of the Guilds and what we have accomplished thus far, but it isn't over yet. I hope we can continue this unprecedented cooperation a while longer, for I fear our greatest challenge is yet to come."
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