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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Prevent a Harrowstorm from being unleashed on Solitude.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Svana, Maugh, Melina Cassel
Prerequisite Quest: The Gray Host
Next Quest: Daughter of the Wolf
Reward: Greymoor Skullcap
Wolf of Solitude Replica Sword (page)
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6464
Stop the Harrowstorm Ritual deep in the earth
High King Svargrim revealed his alliance with the Gray Host and their plans to unleash a harrowstorm over Solitude. I need to help Svana find a way to stop him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Go to the Temple of the Divines.
  2. Enter Greymoor Keep.
  3. Investigate the library.
  4. Find a way up with Fennorian.
  5. Speak with Rada al-Saran.
  6. Escape the Stone Husk Gallery with Lyris.
  7. Ascend Greymoor Keep and find a way up to Castle Dour.
  8. Enter the Tower of the Wolf and confront High King Svargrim.
  9. Talk to Svana.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Temple of the Divines has been taken

Speak with Svana. She's obviously upset by her father's betrayal, but she says that she needs to act despite her feelings. Suddenly, a soldier runs in, yelling about how the Gray Host is in the city. They've taken the Temple of the Divines and the Tower of the Wolf. Swordthane Uthlet runs off to help, and Svana orders the soldier to calm down and explain himself better. You need to get down to the Temple of the Divines and assess the situation.

Several soldiers lie dead in front of the gates leading to the Temple Courtyard. Swordthane Uthlet is despondent. Svana arrives on the scene and tells him to get it together for the good of the city, and he agrees. Speak with Uthlet, who tells you that the door is barricaded from the other side. The sacred oils are locked inside Castle Dour with the Gray Host. After a bit of talking, the group deduces that there are no witch pikes in the city, and that the Host must have entered through Blackreach. With the help of Blackreach, they could easily hide witch pikes beneath the city. You and your companions must travel to Blackreach and find the ritual site beneath Solitude.

A vampiric bastion beneath the world

The place you're looking for is in Greymoor Cavern, the northernmost section of Blackreach. You can reach it by heading down the Hjaalmarch Great Lift. Your companions have gathered northeast of the Greymoor Keep Wayshrine. The group is looking over the cliff at a massive castle, which Lyris surmises is directly beneath Solitude. Fennorian identifies it as Greymoor Keep. Speak with Lyris, who has been scouting while the group waited for you. Lyris says the ritual site must contain the ritual site. The keep is full of Gray Host soldiers, and as far as she knows, Svargrim and Rada al-Saran are both inside. Lyris suggests that you go on ahead first, as the Gray Host would swarm you if the entire group went in. You can cross the bridge to the main entrance, which is well guarded, or you can enter through the sluice gate in the eastern courtyard, against the eastern wall of the keep. Getting through the gate requires a key.

Your job is to find a way into the inner courtyard and find the keep's side entrance, east of the main stairs. The bridge is closest, but the sluice gate isn't too far. The sluice gate is located north of Bastion Sanguinaris, which lies northeast of your companions' location. Take the bridge if you don't mind fighting, and the sluice gate if you prefer to be stealthy.

Taking the Sluice GateEdit

Fennorian finds something

If you decide to take the sluice gate, head east once you're inside the walls and enter a fenced-in garden. There, you'll find a Gray Host Coffer containing the Greymoor Keep Inner Courtyard Key. Be careful, the area is patrolled by a Gray Host Bloodknight. Once you have the key, head north and enter the inner courtyard through the sluice gate.

Greymoor KeepEdit

Once you've entered the inner courtyard, head northeast (or just head up the hill and take a right, if you entered through the sluice gate) and enter the keep. Your companions are waiting for you by the keep's side entrance. Fennorian has given Svana two potions to "throw at danger", should she come across any. He's told her not to shake them, drop them or breathe on them too hard, so they must be quite volatile. The group is splitting up, as the castle is too big for one group to search quickly, and you're running out of time. Fennorian is coming with you to investigate what lies to the west while Lyris and Svana head south.

The ritual has already begun

Not too far into your search, you'll come across a library. Fennorian approaches a book on a podium, which looks important. The notes are in Tzinghalis's handwriting, and it talks about the harrowstorms, the netherroot brew, and how all of that benefits the Gray Host. As it turns out, the tower is a witch pike. All of Greymoor Keep is the ritual site you're looking for. Tzinghalis wrote instructions for placing runes all across the keep.

Enter the Keep's rotunda where you'll meet up with Svana and Lyris. Fennorian informs them of your findings. Suddenly, you hear Svargrim's voice from somewhere out in the hall. When you step on the balcony beyond the short hallway, you'll see Rada al-Saran attuning Svargrim to the harrowstorm, granting the high king control over the storm. Svargrim begins to levitate up the tower, prompting Svana to tell you to follow him.

Head through the eastern gate and enter the central tower. You and Fenn need to go down the stairs; Lyris and Svana will take the side corridor. In the center of the room is a massive Gray Reliquary. Head across the room and take the stairs leading north. The corridor leads upwards, and should take you to Rada al-Saran and the high king. You'll meet up with Lyris and Svana further up the tower. Lyris says that the Gray Host appears to be preparing for war.

Rada al-Saran fuels the ritual

The hallway up ahead leads to the central overlook. Here, you'll find Rada al-Saran, channeling a spell inside a red barrier. Speak to him, and see if you can distract him. He has nothing but contempt for you, and insists that you will feel every death when you fail to stop the harrowstorm. After your conversation, he disappears. Fennorian explains that Rada al-Saran was infusing the power flowing through the keep with Svargrim. He and Svana will stay behind and attempt to undo the Ashen Lord's spell while you and Lyris climb the keep to find Svargrim.

Escape the Stone Husk Gallery

Enter the upper corridors and climb up the stairs to Greymoor Keep's Rear Gallery. There are thousands of Stone Husks being kept here. The keep shakes, and the Husks begin to awaken. Head north and escape the Stone Husk Gallery. You'll end up at a dead end. Svana and Fennorian approach from behind you, and inform you that they were unable to stop the attunement spell. Fennorian is going to try to unlock the door. Defend him while he works. A Gray Host Soldier and ravager will attack you first. Then, a Gray Host Nightblade and a Stone Husk. After these enemies have been defeated, three Stone Husks will awaken. Once the three husks are down, Fennorian will unlock the door.

As soon as you enter Greymoor Keep's upper level. The shaking gets worse, and Fennorian realizes that the attunement ritual is almost complete. Lyris notes that the air is starting to taste like copper: the harrowstorm is coming. Svana orders Lyris to take Fennorian while you and Svana keep heading forward. As you move through the halls, you'll hear Rada al-Saran and Svargrim again. The attunement is complete, and the Ashen Lord tells the high king that he's leaving the harrowing of Solitude up to him. Continue climbing; you're almost near the apex of the keep. Greymoor Keep is connected to Castle Dour. Svargrim has ascended to Solitude, and Rada al-Saran appears to be leaving. Lyris initially thought the Gray Host was preparing to attack the city, but now it seems as though they're preparing to move their forces elsewhere. Head towards the surface and enter Castle Dour to confront High King Svargrim.

The harrowstorm is brewing atop the Tower of the Wolf

An army of harrowfiends is being held in the Gray Host's tunnels beneath the castle. The tunnels will take you to the undercroft in the Temple of the Divines. Inside the Temple, there are shrines to all Eight Divines ... except for Arkay, whose shrine has been destroyed and replaced with a statuette of Molag Bal. Exit through the temple's front door.

Lyris and Fenn hold off the harrowfiends

Outside, you'll see two Solitude Soldiers who survived the Gray Host taking the temple. They recognize Svana, but before they can say anything, they evaporate into red harrowstorm energy, which is absorbed by the heart of the storm above the Tower of the Wolf. Your companions convene to form a plan of attack. Lyris and Fennorian are going to deal with the Harrowfiends and make sure they don't escape into the city streets and kill anyone. Meanwhile, you and Svana are going to climb the Tower of the Wolf and confront High King Svargrim. Citizens are cowering, trying to hide from the Harrowfiends. Several dogs can be seen running through the streets, barking at the invaders.

Climb up the ramp to the northwest and onto the walls and enter the Tower of the Wolf. High King Svargrim is at the top. He addresses his daughter, claiming that Rada al-Saran has granted him power far greater than Svana can comprehend. He then transforms into a vampire lord. Defeat High King Svargrim. When his health reaches 5%, he will transform into a cloud of red mist and bats, which coalesces in the center of the tower. Use the synergy that appears to toss one of Fennorian's volatile potions at the monster. This forces him into a corporeal form, which Svana destroys.

Confront High King Svargrim

Leave the Tower of the Wolf and talk to Svana about the death of her father. She reflects on what happened, and realizes that her father never cared about his people; he wanted to control all of Skyrim. Rada al-Saran, on the other hand, seemed to want something other than conquest. Svana doesn't know what to make of the Gray Host. She thanks you for your part in saving her kingdom, and rewards you in kind.

"It's done. We killed my father and ended the harrowstorm. The city still stands. Skyrim still stands.
Although the Tower of the Wolf may have been damaged beyond repair."
Are you all right with all this, Svana?
"No, of course not. My father was the high king of Western Skyrim. I always thought he had the best interests of our holds and our people in his heart.
But there was a darkness there. Jealousy. Bitterness. He wanted to control all of Skyrim."
So, joining the Gray Host was just about power?
"For Svargrim, yes, I think it was. As for Rada al-Saran and the Gray Host … I'm not entirely sure what they're after.
Enough of this. I need to get to work. With my father gone, someone has to pick up the pieces and restore the holds."
Is there something you need me to do?
"First, on behalf of Western Skyrim, take this with my thanks. We would have been lost without you. Then rest. Check on our friends. Injuries must be tended to, buildings repaired. Other wounds … will take longer.
We'll have more to do soon enough."

Quest StagesEdit

Greymoor Rising
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to go to the Blue Palace in Solitude and talk to Svana.
Objective: Talk to Svana
  A soldier arrived with a report of trouble in the city. I should listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to the Soldier's Report
I need to go to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and see what the situation is. According to the soldier, the Gray Host has taken the temple and sealed it off.
Objective: Go to the Temple of the Divines
Swordthane Uthlet seems to have more information about the situation in the Temple of the Divines. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Swordthane Uthlet
My companions are discussing options with Swordthane Uthlet. I should listen to what they have to say.
Objective: Listen to the Exchange
I need to enter Blackreach and find the site of the harrowstorm ritual beneath the city of Solitude.
Objective: Find the Ritual Site in Blackreach
Optional Step: Talk to Your Companions
We reached a point in Blackreach that's approximately underneath the city of Solitude. I should talk to Lyris and see how she wants to proceed.
Objective: Talk to Lyris
Two paths lead into Greymoor Keep. I can cross the bridge to the main entrance, or I can sneak inside through a sluice gate on the eastern wall, provided I can acquire a key.
Complete one: Cross the Bridge to Greymoor Keep or Use the Sluice Gate to Enter Greymoor Keep
(Appears once you have accomplished one of the choices)
Objective Hint: Enter the Inner Courtyard
I made it through the outer courtyard and into the inner courtyard. Now I need to find a way into the keep.
Objective: Enter Greymoor Keep
Lyris wants us to split up and explore Greymoor Keep. We need to find the ritual site and disrupt it before the harrowstorm strikes the city above. I'll take Fennorian with me.
Objective: Find the Ritual Site
Fenn noticed something as we made our way up into Greymoor Keep. I should ask him what he found.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
Fenn thinks the entire structure serves the same purpose as the witch pikes—it's a focus for a gigantic harrowstorm! We need to continue exploring the keep to find a way to stop the coming storm.
Objective: Explore Greymoor Keep
Svana heard her father scream out in pain. We need to find him and see what's happening.
Objective: Find High King Svargrim
High King Svargrim and Rada al-Saran are ascending through the tower of Greymoor Keep toward the city of Solitude above. We need to find a way to follow them.
Objective: Find High King Svargrim
I found Rada al-Saran protected by a magical barrier. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Rada al-Saran
Svargrim is ascending through Greymoor Keep to Solitude, where he plans to unleash the harrowstorm. I need to follow him through the upper levels of Greymoor Keep.
Objective: Ascend Greymoor Keep
Lyris and I entered a gallery full of stone husks. We need to make it through here before any of these things come to life.
Objective: Escape the Stone Husk Gallery
Svana and Fenn caught up to us. I should listen to what Svana has to say.
Objective: Listen to Svana
Fennorian needs time to open the way to the keep's upper levels. I should help Lyris and Svana defend his position.
Objective: Defend Fennorian
Fennorian opened the way. Now to ascend to the keep's upper levels.
Objective: Enter the Upper Keep
Svana wants me to help her locate her father, High King Svargrim, on the upper levels of Greymoor Keep.
Objective: Find High King Svargrim
The tunnels ahead should lead up to the surface. I should follow them.
Objective: Reach the Surface
Svana is discussing strategy with Lyris and Fenn. I should listen to their exchange.
Objective: Listen to Your Companions
Svana and I need to reach Svargrim at the top of the Tower of the Wolf in Castle Dour.
Objective: Go to the Tower of the Wolf
To stop the harrowstorm and save Solitude, I need to kill High King Svargrim.
Objective: Kill High King Svargrim
I should check on Svana and then we need to get back to Lyris and Fenn.
Objective: Leave the Tower of the Wolf
I should speak to Svana about the death of her father.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Finishes quest  Now that the immediate threat to Solitude is behind us, I should talk to Svana and see what else we need to do.
Objective: Talk to Svana
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